Virgo and Aries Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


Aries is a Fire and Virgo – an earth sign. While Aries is volatile and impulsive – Virgo is extremely practical and grounded as well. They judge and assess all possibilities before deciding to move ahead. On the other hand, Aries jumps right in, without bothering to do any thinking about the matter at hand. This trait is applicable – both in professional and personal relationships and this could well become a problem. Just assume that an Aries has decided on a Virgo as a future partner. They might become very frustrated while Virgo decides what is the correct decision to take!

The sheer dynamism of the Aries is exciting and refreshing. Their bravery is outstanding and unhesitatingly they venture into new territory. Aries believe in living in the present. They might be impetuous and hasty which in turn could result in major problems; willingly they take the responsibility for that. Alongside there is an acute restlessness that does not like any delay – for any cause or anybody. The precautions taken by the world at large is of no importance to them – and more than intellect, it is emotion that rules them. So far as the Aries is concerned, they are unbeatable and are prone to neglecting their health. Amazingly, they manage to remain healthy most of the time and pretty attractive too!

In the initial stages of their romance Aries and Virgo perfect the art of fault finding. In the opinion of Virgo Aries is far too slapdash, while Aries believes firmly that Virgo is too nitpicking. But, instead, if they focus on each other’s strengths, Aries will discover what tolerance and attention to detail is all about; at the same time Virgo will lean about fun and excitement. Aries teaches Virgo to be less serious and Virgo educates Aries about the importance of hard and etiquette.

The motivation of an Aries and a Virgo in lending a helping hand to others is quite different. While both have the truth as their base, Aries cannot but help feeling the eye of disappointment and disapproval on them when they act impulsively, irrationally or are late. Virgo’s criticism stings very strongly because they work on the assumption that they are perfect! According to a Virgo Aries is wasteful without any reason. However they remain polite even when they are aggravated. The irritation that they feel is somewhat mitigated by their consideration – which helps the Aries not to feel small or humiliated.

Even as they fall in love Aries and Virgo both feel that there is nothing in common between them, nothing fresh to know. There has to be a continuous learning process. On the surface they appear to be diametrically opposite. Aries is somewhat rough and ready, has an acute lack of patience and jumps into new ventures at the drop of a hat. On the contrary Virgo likes to focus on details, reticent, somewhat of an introvert and plods in the direction of his long-term plans. The energy that runs through Aries is temptuous and impulsive. Virgo on the other hand moves on a much more even pace and is more pragmatic. These apparent contradictions offer great lessons to these two signs – if only they just care to look beneath the surface.

There is a strange kind of compatibility whenever there is any kind of budding relationship between Aries and Virgo. There is a mingling of business and professional elements coupled by a desire of both to help each other. No matter what the relationship had begun with, an element of business is bound to creep in somewhere along the way – this stems from a desire of both signs to reach the peak of success. Even in family relationships – if this pair of Aries and Virgo is involved, it is bound to be a positive blending. Both feel confident enough to share their most personal secrets and information – secure in the knowledge that they will never be betrayed. So far as a romantic liaison is concerned, elasticity will bring a blending of confidentiality and passion. Both these signs take parenthood very seriously. This step is taken after a lot of thought, but commitment brings about parents who truly care.

Mars rules Aries and Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo. Aries tends to leap forth into battle without wasting any time in reflection or planning beforehand. Directly in contrast Virgo prefers to analyse first and understand everything before coming to any decision. There is bound to be some discord when there are such opposite points of view. A conscious effort will have to be made by both – so that no break of either Aries or Virgo is the unfortunate result.

The practical way of living that Virgos prefer is primarily because of a dependence on intellect. They nurture grave doubts about whether emotions can truly be of any help. It is their nature to don their thinking caps and use their wits to sift through any matter in hand, no matter how lengthy or detailed. If the situation so demands Virgos can be extremely critical too about the matter they are reflecting on. They are also alert to their physical well-being and try to keep as healthy as possible. There is no rush that a Virgo feels to reach success – they move slowly, precisely and accurately in the direction of success. Their feelings are not vented very easily and they tend to keep emotions bottled up not just from the world at large, but from themselves too.

Virgo is a Mutable and Aries a cardinal sign. Aries just has to make suggestions every now and then – but a Virgo doesn’t feel any urgency to assume the mantle of being a leader. He is more than happy to follow suggestions – once he has decided that worth pursuing. In a situation where both these signs are working as a team, it is indeed a very positive combination.

Of course it must be admitted that this is a tough combination. Both have very modest needs, but they are both very different. Virgo looks for safety and unhurried movement forward; Aries on the other hand looks for fervour and all the excitement possible. At the same time it must be admitted that both these signs can be very active and honest with each other – right to the very end.

The relationship between and Aries and a Virgo can be very patchy and troublesome because they are intrinsically very different. Aries believe that Virgos are insensitive. Virgos at the same time are convinced that Aries are silly and thoughtless. In matters of finance too their points of view are poles apart. This could lead to serious differences between them. There is the possibility of smooth sailing, but for that there has to be very good understanding between the two. Sorting out differences is a bad idea as it can only lead to open confrontation. If both take the time to appreciate the other’s strengths, their association is bound to be successful. Aries can learn all about patience while Virgo can give learning the art of trusting instincts and gut feeling a good shot. They have to learn to believe in themselves as well as others.

To the Aries Virgos might seem rather unfeeling and fussy – because they want matters to be crystal clear all the time. But, Virgos are emotional – but they are that much better at hiding their feelings. They are born introverts and reticent to boot. There is a feeling of nervousness when a Virgo has to be around an Aries – because they are a little wary about the Aries spontaneity and openness. There is bound to be a need to be firm with an Aries at time – and that strong stance is too much for them to stomach. If a Virgo feels that the situation is slipping away beyond his control, they cover that feeling of inadequacy by being nit-picking and judgemental. This becomes a stumbling block for an Aries who lacks the time and patience listening to a person detailing all his faults and mistakes. Practicalities bore them. There is a far better response when there is positivism, which the Aries regards as being truly beautiful.

In the Aries – Virgo relationship, it is the team work that can make the most positive contribution. Since they are so different, they make a good foil for each other.


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