Taurus and Virgo Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


By and large a Taurus is unassuming, laidback and pleasant to spend time with. They are generally easy going and do not fly into a rage at the drop of a hat. Taureans are very grounded, but also those who can dig in their heels once in a while. Their extreme down to earth manner sometimes even makes them appear pessimistic. Taurus usually prefers to avoid arguments and unpleasantness of any sort. When this becomes positively unavoidable and he is pushed too hard does the Taurus fly into a rage. If the matter has gone so far, then there is no stopping the virtual tornado. A sense of humour and narrating jokes is just as uncommon for the Taurus. Conservatism comes naturally to the Taurus and they are not particularly comfortable with modern easy going life-style. It causes them to become anxious and worry.

Virgo is naturally very alert and cautious and hence any relationship takes time to grow. However, once it has been established that there is a relationship, there is no turning back. There is a lot of similarity between a Taurus and a Virgo. Common sense is highly valued by both as they are practical to say the least. Virgo and Taurus are both prepared to work hard for the luxuries they enjoy so much. Taurus is more earthy and has a thorough enjoyment of the physical desires; Virgo is more restrained and prefers not to get involved in all the tumultuous emotions that could result from too many choices. Virgo is for a major portion of the time too analytical and too critical, which in turn the Taurus could take too seriously. In a vicious cycle Taurus could be too set in his way, which can irritate the Virgo so much that in turn she becomes even more critical. Taking matters too seriously is a fault that both these signs must avoid. The plus factor in this is that both these signs are very similar and hence learning to be patient is not that difficult a task. Virgo is very appreciative of Taurus’ leaning towards being a gourmet and of course living well.

The manner in which a Virgo’s mind works is very systematical and accurate. A sense of worry is always working in them and being carefree are not words they are familiar with. Virgos are grounded and pragmatic people, holding on to a certain set of values. They can be extremely critical and tend to nag quite a bit too; at the same time they are very caring and protective about their loved ones. Virgos tend to take on the problems of the world, besides issues that they have to tackle themselves. Their positive qualities are usually well hidden and they could give the impression of giving people the run around or making it seem that they are supremely uninterested in maintaining in ties or relationships.

If there is a blossoming of love between a Taurus and a Virgo, it can also be said to be a bonding of true practicality. To them it appears to be the most proficient means of solving a majority of glitches. Their feelings are genuine and without any falsehood – both having oodles of integrity. The Taurean strength holds great appeal for the Virgo, while Taurus is very favourably impressed with the speed at which Virgo thinks.

Though the approach to relationships is very different for both the Taurus and Virgo, the term holds a great deal of meaning and impact for both. Pointers in the right direction to proceed is no big deal for both these signs. Any business venture generally turns out to be favourable because not only do they have a common interest, but they also end up making a lot of money as well. Bonds of love between a Taurus and Virgo makes very slow progress, though fulfilling. This is because both tend to take a lot of time in making up their minds. Parenthood is of the essence to both – Taurus is caring, while Virgo is a perfectionist.

Virgo and Taurus are both Earth signs and hence steadfast and down to earth. Both share a love of beautiful things and usually surround themselves with paintings, classy cars and also that create an ambience of luxury. Wanting an ambience of luxury, they ensure that they are financially secure and do not indulge in extravagant spending just for the sake of it.

Taurus and Virgo mutually admire each other, both possessing strength of purpose. While Virgos are not very happy about the Taurean obstinacy when a mistake has been made, Taureans find little patience for the fussy and nit-picking habit of the Virgos. However, this is no cause for major concern. Their compatibility far outweighs whatever causes any discord between the two. What causes the problems is the Virgo habit of fault finding with practically everything; to their way of thinking this helps to bring about a positive change in the world all around. The Virgo looks to security for the future and does not mind working very hard to bring that about. The Taurus Virgo pair might be a little stodgy and dull, but they are certainly very compatible.

Venus, the epitome of Love and Money is the ruler of Taurus, while Virgo is ruled by Mercury, signifying communication. Their proximity to the Sun makes for a rather similar outlook on most matters, though they might appear rather different. Physicality and sensuality is the name of the game for the zodiac ruled by Venus. Taurus finds that both mean a lot to him. Communication is what Mercury is all about and thus Virgos can assume whatever mode they choose to. Getting a grasp of people is child’s play to the Virgo. Should they be so interested Virgos can easily turn into the romantic and sensual partner that Taurus is so keen on. Since romance is on a high priority list for both, no problems will stem from this issue at least.

If a relationship between Taurus and Virgo is to be viable, their outlook and attitude to relationships and life have to reach a compromise or better understanding. The tendency of Virgos to always pinpoint faults does not sit very well with the Taurus, since they are normally quite confident about any move they make or the reasons for doing so. Additionally, Virgos are not demonstrative in the least. This upsets the Taurus who wants constantly to be reassured by expressions of care and love. Virgos too are greatly irritated by the Taurean obstinacy and find them immature and too laid back with the people around them. They are likely to have marked differences of opinion, but with just a little patience and flexibility in listening to the other person, the relationship between a Virgo and a Taurus is more likely to succeed.

Being a Fixed Sign Taurus is obstinate and being a Mutable sign, Virgos are somewhat more flexible. They can thus teach Taurus the worth of a little elasticity, of course taking into count the practicality of the matter.

In a slight masochistic manner, Virgos might even appear to savour being hurt, probably because it keeps them differently occupied. Though Taureans can be hurt in much the same manner, they are not at all fond of raking up old injuries. They regard it as an unnecessary waste of time and energy. Despite a lot of positive qualities, both are somewhat inert and not very lively. It is a surprise to many when they get together as a team for any project. Virgos need something to make them cheer up – and Taureans are extremely patient in this regard. Though apparently serene and composed, inside they are constantly worrying and questioning; this is their inner frustration talking. This is more pronounced when things don’t happen fast enough for them.

In their general attitude and perspective Virgos and Taurus are quite similar and hence perfectly comfortable with each other. Solidity and safety are very important to them and hence it is a mutual admiration society! But Virgo tends to pine while Taurus more often than not digs in his heels. This can cause quite a few problems.

The most positive factor about a Taurus-Virgo relationship is their devotion in working to reach the same objective. Both enjoy opulence and Virgo takes pleasure in helping Taurus to reach his goal. Since they have a lot in common, this relationship has the potential to be very compatible.


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