Taurus and Taurus Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


When a couple consists a pair of Taurus, proportionately the characteristics are also doubled. They are that much more genuinely devoted, faithful and truly worried about doing justice to protecting all their loved one – and that is inclusive of the country too. Of course, according to some critics, they can carry the unity bit a tad too far. There also has to be the flip side and in this instance it is – if any one of the couple gives cause for offence to be taken, the balance or parity can be greatly disturbed. If the tendency to dig in the heels and be stubborn is not so pronounced, the laid back and desirable virtues are permitted to come to the fore. Both have to keep in mind that compassion and tolerance are far better than pelting each other with insults – and that is what will strengthen the relationship. Belonging to the same sign, both get along just fine as long as the ambience remains serene. If either one of them attempts to push too hard, there could be problems.

A Taurus is extremely rigid about keeping his word and has that much of an abundance of will power. In the throes of romance, when they are courting a member of the opposite sex, they themselves enjoy the process so much that it tends to become somewhat prolonged. Taureans are slow to commit, but when they do so, it is usually for a life time. A Taurus couple both demand pure and unadulterated devotion and commitment. This leads to a tendency of excessive possessiveness. Infidelity is the dirtiest word ever; but, keeping in mind the utter devotion both have for each other this is not at all a common problem.

A Taurus relationship has a plethora of ups and downs. When a bond develops between the two, there is a safety zone, based on an emotional and more mundane level too. Of course there are bound to be battles of sort between them, but the basic similarities keep them firmly bound together.

Venus rules Taurus – and thus there is an abundance of energy. This more often than not results in love at first sight. Love and a high degree of romance go hand in hand and there can never be too much of physical contact. Taurus are known for their high degree of stamina and can carry on for prolonged periods with what they are doing. Sensuality is the name of the game and there are few things a Taurus likes more than being pampered. If a Taurean can be assured about emotional security, they are more than happy to somewhat dissolute and permissive. There are instances where a Taurus can become too indulgent and laidback and wallow in luxury. However, by and large they work very hard to maintain their style of living.

The relationship between a Taurus couple is tranquil, peaceful and offers mutual support. This assurance is the result of the unquestioned loyalty and stability. When there is some untoward fluctuation or unaccountable change, they are restless and uncomfortable. There is a feeling of discomfort at any unplanned change. The logic behind it is – without proper organization there is always the possibility of a mistake being made or a looming disaster. When a Taurus willingly makes any change, it is always done in a patterned fashion and in a manner that will result in what he is used to. In the course of a relationship that two Taureans have come to share, they are cuddly and warm-hearted; this gets them through any glitches that might arise.

A love affair between two Taureans is stable but sensual at the same time. This is thrilling to both the partners involved. These are factors which are of extreme comfort to the Taurean – just as much as they love good food and other creature comforts. This relationship is supremely satisfying and both enjoy spoiling the other. There is an understanding between the two because both the partners concerned have the same needs. Both involved in the relationship have dignity, charm and grace. On the flip side Taureans can be rather dogmatic and wilful; at the same time they can suffer from pangs of envy and remain close guarded about their secrets. A lesson that the Taurean couple has to learn is to agree to disagree and at the same time realize that petty differences should not cause any damage to such a positive relationship.

If the relationship between two Taureans is that of a colleague, sibling or friend, the bonds remain precious right through their lives. There is no feeling of rivalry and both would love it if the other half moves ahead. If the bonds shared happen to be commercial, even better – because one labours just as hard as the other and both understand finances well. The romance is very physical and full of laughter; should the Taureans concerned be successful in decreasing the degree of stubbornness or choosing to follow a middle path, it can make their coming together even more sweet. Taureans are very family oriented and parenthood is taken in just the right spirit.

Being a Fixed Sign, in a Taurus-Taurus relationship both partners move steadfastly towards their goals. Both are just as adamant in the opinions they hold. Changes are not something they are particularly fond of – preferring the steady and predictable. If they decide the relationship is worth it, they will go any length to preserve it; however, if the movement is in the other direction, there can be frequent ego clashes. Working towards a common goal will really take them places.

A Taurus is normally a calm being. However, they can also dig in their heels and be somewhat prejudiced about the people and environment around them. If two Taureans happen to disagree with each other, the situation can turn rather patchy. Taurus needs frequent and prominent displays of love and affection. When this happens, there is much more amity and the intensity of stubbornness dies down no matter what kind of relationship they share. A sense of humour can also surface unexpectedly when matters are most troubled. When this happens, it becomes an even more fun relationship.

Taurus is an Earth sign. Both pairs in this relationship enjoy gardening – an intrinsic part of their love for beauty. It is this that prompts them to surround themselves with beauty in every form – a beautiful home, expensive cars and things like that. Since they are also very fond of rich food – an exercise regime will do them a world of good in the long run.

When times get tough, a Taurean couple know how to channelize their energy and sail through without too much wear and tear. They are usually unruffled and self-contained and very practical in whatever they choose to undertake. Taurus is a strange combination of sentiment and practical about all things material and money matters too. They know how to work very hard and by and large are very modest.

There is an extremely stubborn streak in the Taurus and they are so grounded that at times they seem pessimistic. This tendency to dig in their heels stems from a resolve and self-assurance about all that they are passionately convinced. It is very infrequently that they change their minds and are not in the least bit flighty in work or thought. On the rare occasions that they are provoked enough to lose their cool, the ensuing fireworks are certainly a sight to behold. Oodles of affection and love are needed to help them retain their cool-headed demeanour.

The question might arise – what is the best angle to this Taurus-Taurus relationship? Their unstinting loyalty and dedication is the answer. Theirs is almost a long lasting relationship; contributing factors to this is their mutual love for romance and comfort.


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