Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


Taureans are far from being hyper-active and are by and large steady and very pleasant to interact with. Though normally very pleasant, if pushed too hard they display a temper which can compel people to step back. They are grounded to the level of appearing pessimistic. Peace is more important to them than entering into a raucous argument. When this becomes virtually impossible, there is a royal display of temper. While material possessions and luxury is dear to them, underlying it all is a strong streak of sentiment. Financial security also plays a very important role in their lives. They are certainly not masters in the art in the art of cracking a joke every now and then; but once they make up their minds about any issue, it is very uncommon to find them changing it once again. A Taurus can be called anything but flighty.

Scorpions are symbolic of authority and valour; these qualities are accompanied by farsightedness and intellect and the freedom which is a natural accompaniment. The good things in life and creature comforts are a natural longing for them. Scorpios are very ardent while remaining highly intelligent, but somewhat reticent too. So far as capability is concerned, they can take care of most issues and are usually tolerant about most matters. Even as they are moving towards the objective they have set for themselves, generally they are not seen to be losing their cool. Humane values and the inviolable truth are at the top of the list; if the Scorpion feels that these norms are about to be violated or some problem is likely to be befall those whom they care about, ruthlessly they raze them to the ground. This can give the world at large the impression that they are ruthless.

Mars is the overlord of Scorpio and is symbolic of Passion. On the other hand Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is symbolic of Love and Money. Due to the influence of Pluto it is a very powerful combination but balances perfectly masculine and feminine energy. Love and passion come together in this union. A mingling of the qualities of Mars and Venus allows for a smooth flow of togetherness. When romance blossoms between these two signs the passion part is taken over by Mars, while Venus looks to the beauty. The sexual intensity of Scorpio is always at a peak. Taureans in themselves are passionate and sexually honed and hence are very appreciative of this intensity. As a kind of reciprocal Scorpio also finds the devout attention of a Taurus thrilling to say the least!

Whatever positive qualities are missing either in Scorpio or in Taurus is mutually visible in the other. Both have the firm conviction that they bare two halves of a complete whole and for the major part this is a fact. However, they would die a hundred deaths before admitting the high esteem in which they hold each other. On the surface Scorpios appear to be remote, soft spoken or someone who is not really interested in bonding. In actuality, they are longing to scream aloud their intensity from roof tops. Though Taurus is partially much the same, they do not put on a false display. Generally these qualities are revealed in a romantic relationship; but, sometimes even between close friends or relatives there is a missing link in expressing their true intensity.

Both Taurus and Scorpio long for possessions and power respectively. Both the signs feel very strongly about resources and wealth and there is a wide range of issues that make all the difference in the world to them. However, Taurus concentrates a little more fiercely on their immediate family and sweetheart. Security is very important to both Scorpio and Taurus. While Taurus would rather be forthright and upfront, weaving an aura of mystery around themselves comes more naturally to a Scorpio. Security means a non-stop assurance that the emotional bonding with their mate is as strong as ever. To some extent this is a common emotion shared with Scorpio and both are more than prepared to be there for each other.

Destiny could take a wondrous positive leap forward if the masks are shaken off by both and the two of them try to actively emulate the talents of the other. It is very difficult to pull down a Taurus, but snide insinuations do have this effect. This is clumsy and mean, but Scorpion can do this if they put their minds to this. They keep doing this till it makes them feel really good. What is a common quality about both of them is the serenity and reticent manner of interacting. Generally Taurus and Scorpio both prefer keeping to themselves and usually are not the ones to to play a voluntary role in any project.

It is an extremely profound relationship if at all love develops between a Taurus and a Scorpio.

No matter whether negative or positive, the bond of love between a Scorpio and Taurus usually reaches the heights of intensity. There is a strange complexity between these two signs, at opposite ends of the spectrum. A balance is created between the strengths and weaknesses of each other A sizzling sexual attraction simmers when this couple get together. Both Taurus and Scorpio have a lot in common; both being very strong personalities, it has to be a swing to either end of the pendulum – intense love or intensely argumentative.

The blending of Taurus and Scorpio is a very bubbly and enthusiastic relationship. Both are very forceful and faithful and any bonding that is entered into is done so with an assurance of commitment. The clash that can surface every now and then is because of sheer obstinacy and habits and tastes that cannot be easily changed.

Being Fixed Sings, both Taurus and Scorpio are very obstinate and determined once they have made up their minds about any issue. However if this does not happen to coincide, then their disagreement reaches heights, the likes of which does not happen between any other zodiac sign combination. It might appear that Taurus is the one to dominate, but this is not necessarily the correct picture. Emotionally using tricky tactics, Scorpios can ensure getting their own way. If an open discussion about their respective points of view and needs, both making concessions, their relationship is bound to be quite a joyous one. Scorpio can take a leap forward in the right direction by just trusting the Taurus a little. There is only one factor that can doom this relationship to failure – an inability to cross the hurdle of being dogmatic and opinionated.

By and large any relationship between the two is very sustaining and it is only obstinacy that can create an irreparable damage and inability to visualize a different point of view. Suspicious by nature Scorpios have to ask question and clarify each and every single point and Taureans cannot stand being questioned on each and every single issue. The flip side of the coin for a Taurean a strain of just refusing to express themselves and creating aura atmosphere of mystery that positively spooks the Scorpio. The positive must be much more than the negative between this pair. Trustworthiness is a key element – and both these signs have a plentiful supply of that in every kind of relationship. Both these signs will give all they have for the people they care about and the only ‘repayment’ expected is oodles of love and empathy.

Taurus and Scorpio are Earth and water signs respectively. Too much turbulence in a Scorpio can stir up a tidal wave. If a lover happens to upset the Scorpio – he or she better be aware of an outpouring of venom that can strike without warning. There is no questioning the faithfulness of both these signs, but Taurus remains an open book, while a Scorpion remains secretive to the last. Both can learn a lot from each other – because there are a lot of differences between them too. A marked feature in both these signs is a predominant streak of jealousy. Amazingly this jealousy makes Taurus feel very good because it makes it evident Scorpio cares and is very much appreciated.

Both Taurus and Scorpio, once a commitment has been made will give everything to make a success of it and are mostly successful in forging unbreakable bonds. As members of the same family, they are all very cooperative and perfectly willing to be responsible for and helpful to each other. Scorpio could get into a spirit of cooperation, but a Taurus is perfectly willing to let Scorpio take the reins. Both are bound to be successful in any business venture because both are level-headed and comprehend how valuable an asset money is. Romance moves slow for this pair, but once decided on, not only is there love, but it is also extremely stable. The best combination is a Taurus woman and a Scorpio man. Both cherish and enjoy the prospect of parenthood and leave no stone unturned to safeguard and also teach the young ones.

The most positive factor about this relationship is the strength of their connectivity. As soon as Scorpio realizes that Taurus is there for keeps and won’t be a miserable drag to them, this relationship is bound to flourish.


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