Taurus and Capricorn Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


There is no doubt at all about the fact that Taureans are very tolerant, large-hearted and faithful. They are giving to the extreme and ad their family and loved ones remain a weak point to be guarded, cherished and looked after. Taureans prefer to move about in the confines of their own circle and acquaintances and rarely step out of that zone of familiarity. Their creativity provides a very good outlet for the stress which surfaces every now and then. It is the same so far as their work is concerned; they labour industriously and methodically. Their goal always is to make an impact on the world and it makes them extremely restless when this becomes impossible or difficult.

Venus (Love) rules Taurus, while Saturn (Karma) is the overlord of Capricorn. A feminine energy that exudes warmth is the characteristic of Venus. In contrast Saturn is characterised by a cold masculine energy. Venus encompasses beauty in every form. These all act as stimulations for Venus and brings to a peak the manner in which they appreciate love and life. Saturn by contrast knows all about labouring hard to achieve the end result that they desire. Capricorn lean leans about taking periodic breaks from Taurus, while the latter better learns the art of discipline and reaching the objective.

Both Taurus and Capricorn love metals and precious stones and also making a profit from such ventures. There is a positive outcome to any issue when these two signs get together – whether as children or as adults for the simple reason that they are perfectly compatible. When it is a romantic involvement, religion, education, travel or children, there are many similar interests. However, the buck does not stop there. Capricorn is very firm about maintaining respectability and by and large they receive it from society. Taurus looks up to the Capricorn’s determination to be successful and their sometimes temperamental mood swings does not scare them in the least. As a matter of fact, they take a lot of enjoyment in supporting and bolstering them.

So far as strength and dedication is concerned, both mutually admire these qualities. Both can also be depended on, are down to earth and more likely to be somewhat conservative. Unfortunately boredom is likely to seep into this relationship very son. Despite apparent similarities, they are quite different at the core. Taurus could feel that Capricorn is too much of a conformist, while the other might get the impression that Taurus is too sloth and career and status do not matter all that much to him. If Capricorn can be encouraged to relax a little and enjoy what they have achieved; Taureans can be a little more pro-active in achieving their goals, any liaison between them can flow a lot more smoothly and also be accompanied by a great deal of joy that lasts for a long time.

Capricornians are grounded and realistic – almost all the time. Their outward appearance seems to grow younger all the time and it seems that age does not touch them despite their number of years on earth. Being basically rather traditional, Capricornians know just what to say at the right time. They maintain a life style that is patterned and without much clutter and all decisions taken after due thought. Capricorns have a strong personality; the slight element of selfishness is usually overcome by a sharply honed sense of creativity. Their family has a very strong protector in the Capricorn, especially the parents. Whether it is financially or socially, Capricorn wants to be superior and free from any kind of foolish illusions.

The love alliance between a Capricorn and a Taurus is down to earth and pragmatic. Both th4ese signs do not believe in taking more emotional risks than is absolutely necessary. This however remains inapplicable in terms of time and finances. Toa Capricorn career is of utmost importance and there is virtually nothing he will stop at to reach the peak of success. Taurus also retains a high standard, but this is more applicable in terms of relationships and love.

Capricorn finds a partner in Taurus, firmness and something in common that allows for a firm foundation to be built. When it is the professional or business angle that is concerned, it is taken extremely seriously and there is no room for anything light-hearted. If romance does blossom between the two, it is more in the nature of a business alliance than something to do with love or any kind of emotional need or craving.

In Taurus Capricorn finds stability and something that makes it mutually possible to make something constructive. There is a tendency to let power go to their heads and concentrate only on building or making an empire. More than a love affair it is a business partnership. However, in due course Capricorn does find a mate who is suitable to him in every way. Any relationship between a Taurus and a Capricorn is very well-matched in every way. If some additional effort is put into the business-like of their relationship, a new dimension can open. If their basic natures do not come into conflict there is every possibility of a long term connection flowering.

Taurus and Capricorn are Fixed and Cardinal signs respectively. Once they decide on an issue , it is most unlikely that a Taurus will change his mind. There is an unfaltering purpose that they have. What is surprising that Capricorn does not find this claustrophobic in any way. It is extremely rarely that there is any conflict about a surfeit of anything or any impracticality.

It is only their intrinsic natures that can cause any problematic issues. Capricorn and Taurus are as unlike as they are alike. Taurus can be gut bursting funny, while the Capricornian humour is more of dry wit. The emotional and sensual side of a relationship can take somewhat of a battering so far as this pair is concerned. The reckless and fun part of their relationship can be a big surprise to both of them. Playing games is not in their style and both believe in directly communicating. This is particularly applicable to the Capricorn. There is no use at all of tact and unless a little care is taken, it can cause clashes. Taurus can be just as blunt, but there is a difference. Anything that is disagreeable is turned around and presented in such a manner that it seems the only choice to make. Taurus and Capricorn together can work such miracles that would seem practically impossible for any other sun sign combination.

Both being Earth signs, both Taurus and Capricorn have a marked fondness for material possessions. They like being surrounded by beauty – whether it be their homes, art, artefacts or luxury cars. Their relationship is normally easy flowing. It is the differences make them attractive to each other, while their similarities keep them bonded. There is a mutual enjoyment of each other’s company and the relationship is cherished by both. One appreciates the other and feel safe in each other’s company.

The most favourable aspect of the Taurus-Capricorn relationship is the value system being similar and both being dedicated to the same kind of goals. Though both enjoy luxuries, there is resource sharing as well. The relationship between a Taurus and a Capricorn is extremely compatible.


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