Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


If one is to analyse a Scorpio, they are extremely vibrant, focussed and very stimulating. In a relationship with a Virgo if instinct tells them that the pulsating energy and pledge is missing or even declining, their interactions and start fluctuating. For Scorpios passion is like an addiction. Virgos are usually not rigid in this matter and give in to what the Scorpio wants and desires. This bent of mind ought to be appreciated by the Scorpio and reciprocated with utter dedication and esteem.

By and large this is a difficult pairing to break. When there is an understanding of the varying styles that the other one has, the pairing is very smooth flowing and elegant. The focal point in both these signs is unfortunately opposite and hence problems could arise because of this. There is a mutual commitment to make the relationship last. One of them needs practical expressions of commitment, while the other places greater importance on emotional ones. Unstated issues of control could be at the core of the problem over a period of time. Emotional distancing will cause the partner to make an effort at some control. The distance might appear so because one partner is too engrossed in nurturing the machinery that makes up the relationship.

Scorpio and Virgo, both have a thorough enjoyment of working towards what they want to acquire. Scorpio hankers after power, while for Virgo it is order that is most important. Resources, which are inclusive of property and inheritance, constitute a major portion of both these signs. Dependability is the name of the game for this pair and in generally socially, they like to help out whenever they can. Virgo is a little reticent; the Scorpio might appear more outgoing, but their motivation is somewhat opaque. Due to this essential difference between them, this couple have a lot to learn from each other and might even learn how to adjust with each other halfway down the line.

The variances between these two signs could in problems that in turn could range from minor to major. Scorpio is absolutely intolerant about the manner in which Virgo tries to analyse each and every situation. On the other hand there is no doubt in the mind of the Virgo that they are fully imbued with the ability to solve any manner of problem and of any genre. Scorpios do not care much about the feeling of negativity that the Virgo generates. The overwhelming self confidence that most Scorpios possess has already convinced them that they are good people and they really do not need the Virgo to bolster their confidence. The somewhat condescending attitude of the Virgo greatly upsets the Scorpio. Being suspicious by nature, the Scorpio becomes even more so at all the little gestures that Virgo makes. In turn the Virgo is made to feel very uncomfortable about all the suspicion that abounds. However, their very nature pushes them to remain together once the initial steps have been taken.

Scorpio and Virgo and Water and Earth signs respectively. Scorpio has depths that cannot be gauged and if there is too much instability, the inevitable result will be a violent tornado. Normally the Scorpio keeps all emotions under strict control; however increasing and unremitting pressure could result in a massive explosion. There is a deep-rooted need for security in both – as a result of which both remain intensely loyal to each other. However there is a basic difference – so far as the Virgo is concerned everything is one dimensional and open for viewing. By contrast the Scorpio is more prone to the undercurrents. Thanks to a little bit of pushing from the Scorpio the Virgo can see a life that transcends the literal surface; Virgo is definitely sharp enough to catch on to the subtle nuances. Scorpio can in turn learn from the Virgo about certain face value facts – and also that they can be ignored at will, without raising a shindig. Virgo’s practicality is enjoyed and Virgo in turn savours the devotion of the Scorpio – it is proof that there is love and appreciation.

There is intensity in whatever course of action that the Scorpio undertakes to do. These are people who are very obstinate with remarkable self-control; it is a marked characteristic that they cannot be forced to move in any direction that they do not want to go. Scorpions remain so calm and collected that it is impossible for anyone to gauge in what direction their mind is working. On the surface the Scorpio appears cool and collected; in actuality they are brimming over with emotional energy. Even this strong sign can become enveloped in a miasma of depression or they can be brimming over with energy. That they are suspicious, even without reason is an intrinsic part of their nature. As individuals they wield a lot of strength and are a hundred percent loyal to and truth the people whom they believe are worthy of their trust. There is an instinctive knowledge of the people around them and should there be weakness anywhere, that also wafts across to them. In most instances they are sympathetic and very patient.

Scorpio is a fixed and Virgo a Mutable sign. If there is a common goal in sight , just about nothing can be an obstacle. If there is some difference of opinion, Virgo is smart enough to back off and not let matters escalate into a battle-ground. A basic stubborn streak often is an asset to Scorpio browbeating their way through. What is essential where these two signs are concerned is to discuss what is most important to them – so that both can have an equal say in the matter. There is not too much conflict in this relationship for the simple reason that both Scorpio and Virgo would rather work together than fight together.

The fact that Virgos are very practical is greatly appreciated by Scorpios because they are given a new dimension to think about. Virgos have a strong inherent belief that there is always space for improvement in a hum an being which allows them to move as closer to perfection as possible. This is the one characteristic that draws closer the members of this zodiac sign. Ultimately the Virgo appears to find elements of peace and tranquillity in the presence of the Scorpio. What appeals to the Virgo is the Scorpio’s ability to hone in on any given goal and reach it by whatever means. Scorpio and Virgo like to keep on their toes and remain productive at the same time. Virgos like to understand and play around with the daily schedule - which in turn afford Scorpios the time they need for privacy. Since both these signs are organized and brainy, there is a positive vibration between both. In any alliance between Virgo and Scorpio, Scorpio appreciates the almost continual struggle for perfection that the Virgo has; Virgo savours the absolute reliability of the Scorpio.

Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio, while it is Mercury that rules Virgo. Due to the influence of Pluto, this amalgamation can turn very fiery. The rudimentary substance of human relationships come about when there is a confluence of both these signs. Mercury contributes with the elements of communication and Mars of course has the passion. The combination of Mars and Mercury is very smooth. Mars delves deep into all the desire and fervour that is there in a romance and simply put, Mercury is about the conscious mind. Scorpio can be intense and riotous and this energy is what the Virgo finds extremely attractive. The intrinsic grounded attitude and loyalty is what never fails to I press the Scorpio.

Virgos are extremely intelligent people and practical to boot. Ambition is part of their make-up and they move towards their goal taking slow, short but sure steps. Virgos are very resolute and once they make up their minds to do something , they will keep at it till the objective is achieved. Though there is a tendency to be somewhat hypercritical about people, they are also willing to help out in whatever manner is possible for them. If they feel that some person or situation is deserving of their assistance, they will most certainly go out of their way. Their external appearance of being selfish contradicts the giving nature which springs to the surface spontaneously. Virgos are a little chary about making any kind of commitment and emotionally they are somewhat arid too. Imperfections lead to a certain lack of confidence and Virgos are only too aware of this.

When a Scorpio and Virgo fall in love, it is two distant signs that have been brought together. There is a very strong karmic bonding, with very strong ties of depth and loyalty. This is a couple who do not care very much for crowds and do not socialize all that much either. However, if left to themselves, their coming together is very fulfilling.

If there is a camraderie between Virgo and Scorpio, it is still not a very easy relationship, but definitely an interesting one. Though both find trusting a difficult proposition, they feel a kind of security in each other’s company. It is a fact that Scorpio is a greater believer in emotions and the mind and Virgo in sheer practicality. There are a fair number of common bonds that maintain and keep the relationship strong.

When it is a Scorpio-Virgo bonding, the greatest element of strength is carrying out their objectives no matter what glitches might arise on the way. When Scorpio comes to terms with the fact that Virgo can be a strength and levelling factor in their life, the relationship grows in strength. It is being well organized and strength of purpose that makes the Virgo-Scorpio relationship so much in synch.


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