Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


When there is a mingling of two Scorpios, the force that is generated is overwhelmingly powerful and potentially destructive. As siblings, lovers or friends they get along just fine, with plenty of understanding and bonhomie. The exception comes in only when there is some kind of competition involved. Two Scorpios can be very successful at commercial or corporate ventures; however, if it so happens that they turn out to be business colleagues or even partners, there is a great chance of becoming competitors in becoming competitors later on in their lives – so that the goals can be achieved. Though very close bonds are shared not only with the immediate family but also the larger family; but arguments can about if there is a clash of views. No matter what the genre of relationship shared by two Scorpions, there will definitely be very difficult patches more than a couple of times in their lives. However it is their endurance and passion that will pull them through each time. Their bonding gives them that comfort and sense of companionship.

The surface appearance of the Scorpio is all calm and quiet serenity; however it does a very good cover-up job of the inherent strength and ambition. They are strong and constant power seekers, but very loyal to their own inner circle. The good things of life and luxuries and comforts appeal to them strongly. Passion and Scorpio go together and at the same time they retain an intensely sharp outlook on life. Most of the time they are self-sufficient and can take on practically anything. If on any dodgy assignment, they can keep a tight reign on their emotions and capabilities. One very positive factor about them is their tolerance of most controversial issues. Normally they strongly believe in the policy of live and let live. If this temp should be disturbed by anyone for whatever reason to deliberately cause trouble, they can invite real big time trouble. Scorpios can be extremely scheming and designing beneath a veneer and emerge from their disguise if so required.

Being a water sign Scorpio is intensely passionate and expresses his emotionswith a great deal of verve and style - if he decides to do so at all. One thing it is advisable for Scorpios to do is control their vindictiveness and control what instinctively they feel like doing. All extremes should be avoided. Instead of keeping a tight lid on their emotions, a Scorpion should open express what is in their heart -- what they feel and what they need. If the emotions are kept bottled up all the time, then there is a general feeling of frustration – which rises in him and of course the partner too. There is no need for this confusion. Jealousy might rear its ugly head because there is a not only a great deal of devotion in the Scorpio, but possessiveness too. However, together, almost any problem can be overcome.

Mutual appreciation can run rife in two Scorpios who have formed a bond – as they share a lot of common goals. They regard life with almost the same kind of viewpoint and the strength and passion is also shared in common. This makes for a very comfortable relationship. However, the elements of suspicion and control can destroy a lot of what is positive in this relationship.

Mars and Pluto are the ruling planets of Scorpio. Mars was regarded in the past as the God of War and always pushing forward with all the force possible, being courageous and aggressive. Pluto on the other hand controls the re-birthing and power instincts of a Scorpio-Scorpio relationship. It is the combination of the two planets that are instrumental in allowing a Scorpion pain to resurrect themselves even after some great disappointment or problem.

Scorpios offer the greatest loyalty – as long they are convinced that the relationship is worth it. Their instincts allow them to see through to the truth and remain cautious and wary about each other till all possible doubts are resolved. Then there is great joy and happiness that having found a partner worth all the travails. However, if the flames of anger are aroused, it will not be dampened till vengeance is sought and obtained. There is no saying where this spirit of vengeance can take them. However, it is also a fact that there are so many different levels of communication that they can resolve even the most glaring issues speedily and offer true support to each other.

A romantic alliance between the two can bring out what is truly the best. They care for each other with all the intensity that is inherent in them. Emotional intensity and a firm resolve is the glue that will keep both firmly together. If a Scorpio couple are truly committed to each other, no what the intensity of external or internal problem be, it is practically an impossible task to separate them.

The relationship between two Scorpios is a dynamic and absolutely appropriate conglomeration of qualities that is startling to all. Despite emotions being well smothered, there remains a battle of wits right till the very end. Both have an underlying need to be understood – and yet both cannot but keep their innermost feelings a secret; this is so that they can be used later if required. There is no need to nurture feelings of irritation. An effort has to be made however, for the negative feelings to be kept in control. As an onlooker, watching two Scorpios get along or at war with each other can be a mind boggling experience.

Being a Fixed sign Scorpios hardly ever face the problem of shortages. Activity is the name of the game for them and they are hardly ever seen slouching and lazing. The couple are not averse to taking risks and they usually manage to come out on top. Thorough research will be carried out by the couple if that means getting what they hope to achieve. Usually if the Scorpios decided what they want to achieve, they manage to score the deal.

Two Scorpios falling in love with each other means intensity in every single respect – be it passions, sex or plain and simple love. The physical relationship is steamy to say the least. However, what is just as abundantly clear is that if per chance the relationship turn foul, the hatred and animosity is just as intense. The relationship that emerges can take a turn in either direction. It will either be mind bogglingly wonderful or mean nothing but absolute destruction for both.

In a Scorpio-Scorpio relationship, there are also plenty of negative traits. Mistrust can lead to jealousy and the issue of trust of course comes into the matter. However, if somehow both manage to work their way through this mess, then most obstacles in the way are destroyed and loyalty and devotion to each other is at the fore. A point which both would do well to keep in mind is that not dominating each other would work very well in the long run. Since they boththe same traits, paying heed and working a little harder would succeed in appeasing both. If this effort is made, then such a strong bond is formed that it surpasses practically every kind of problem.

The intense love that is possible between the two is the true strength of this couple. Since the objective is all important to them, if their power is shared, they become virtually unconquerable. It is total and absolute devotion that will win the race.


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