Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


It is an extremely difficult task to gauge the true nature of a Pisces, but Scorpio can easily penetrate the fog and visualize the true person. For the Pisces it is the same kind of reaction, but on a higher mental and spiritual level. No matter what the nature of the bonding , they fall into synch so easily that it really seems that it was just meant to be. Their flow of interaction is smooth flowing and unhesitatingly each gives the other the upper hand when so required. Thus, when a Scorpio tends to feel low and brooding, the Pisces can very easily help him overcome that. When the Pisces fails to find a focal point in life, Scorpio steps into the picture and helps him to take giant steps towards the bigger objective. They are both an asset in helping each other to move towards their respective goals and avoid any glitches which could problems in their relationship.

They come to know intuitively about the complexities of human reaction and interaction. Scorpions have the ability to turn Pisces dreams into reality. A strong foundation will be provided as the base of the foundation of the budding relationship and the dreamy fish finds it only too easy to get entangled, As a reciprocal Pisces presents an appealing gentleness and caring which greatly appeals to the Scorpio. As a direct contrast Scorpio is interested in some creature comforts and finds it impossible to understand the altruistic and simplistic attitude of the Pisces. Their long term goals can be very different. However, once these differences are understood and overcome, this relationship is an extremely rewarding one.

The Scorpio is somewhat closefisted unlike the Pisces. This can invoke a sense of insecurity in the Scorpio. When a Scorpio is sarcastic and rude, they can very easily hurt the Piscean sensibilities. Perhaps it is because the Scorpio just has to delve into the innate truth behind any matter that stops them from openly expressing their love as is normally done. The lesson that can be learnt from the Pisces is to release such a tight grip on matters and move with the flow. This will have the effect of further strengthening the bond between them and making it something to truly marvel at. Even if Pisces and Scorpio go their own separate ways, their bonds remain just as strong as ever. It is a good and strong match between both of them.

Pisces and Scorpio are both Water sign and this is a concrete entity whose characteristics both signs imbibe and can empathise with. The role of a Pisces is usually to join people.; this coupled with the intensity and tenacity of a Scorpion, it is a deadly combination. Matters are usually black or white for a Scorpion – there is no shade of grey in between. On the contrary, the Pisces reveals to the Scorpio that there is a larger picture and the minute details are not always that important. This wavering attitude could irritate the scorpion, while the Pisces could view the Scorpio as being somewhat insensitive to their emotional need and self-absorbed. However, a compromise is always do these people a world of good and take them out of the groove they have managed to get themselves into.

Scorpios have strong personalities replete with mysteries, ceaselessly in search of power and extremely loyal to the people they are close to. The Scorpio might appear to be soft-spoken, but they use their own tailored subtle ways to get their own way. They can tackle almost any situation and are tolerant about almost everything. Generally it is very unlikely that they will lose their cool about anything even as they single-mindedly move towards their goal. It is very easy for them to read the true nature of a human being. Scorpios are past masters at hiding their true emotions and can appear to be just the opposite of what they actually are – if they so desire.

In either case their relationship is always mindboggling and they treasure whatever they possess. They share a blissful connection in practically every respect. If there is a project, it is generally the Scorpio who takes care of the concrete realities, while the Pisces looks after the Scorpio, considering that to be the more important issue at hand, In the role of parents as well as children they are indeed examples to follow. Scorpio parents are somewhat strict, but what they derive in return is well worth it. Theirs is a wonderful love match and works out even better of the man is a Scorpio and the woman is a Pisces.

Pisces and Scorpio and Pisces are Mutable and Fixed signs respectively.Scorpio concentrates on one issue at a time, while Pisces tends to be led by their feelings. Being mutable it is easy for the Pisces to mould themselves into whatever form best suits the Scorpio’s life. The Scorpion however has to allow for the freedom that is essential for the Pisces to flower and be at his best. From the Pisces the Scorpio leans that some degree of flexibility can not only also be exciting, but also pretty much exciting too. This need not happen with a lot of fighting and fanfare either. Both the signs feed off each other’s energy and this greatly satisfies them emotionally.

By nature Pisces are very generous but find it tough to reach a constructive decision. They are so much into solving the problem of another that they forget to take care of their own. However, they do end up having plenty to contend with and even when enmeshed with problems never lose their composure are end up being judgemental. Though being calm and elegant comes naturally to them, they are sometimes not even aware that they possess this quality. Though their minds might appear to be in the clouds half the time, they are in realty well organized and down to earth. This is particularly applicable to their personal and professional lives.

Understanding and respect come together with a vengeance when Scorpio and Pisces fall in love. Water is a common element they share and hence there is an instinctive knowledge of each other’s thoughts. Scorpio tends to keep his thoughts much more to himself, while the Pisces is more into the subtle nuances of a situation. Another common tendency they share is the withdrawal syndrome mysterious at Thus they can easily understand and tolerate the Scorpio tendency to keep aloof and to themselves at times.

Should there be a difference of opinion at any point of time, what the Scorpio must mind very carefully is the Piscean tendency to would very easily and must go very slow. Or else the damage done could be long lasting. If any sting is too much for a Pisces to tolerate, they do not try and withstand the hurt – they totally make themselves scarce from the scenario. If the personal differences could be kept at bay, it would go a long way in helping to cement the relationship. A sense of independence is a big help too. The generosity that Scorpio has for close friends and family is basically the same emotion that the Pisces shares for the whole of mankind. Both these signs are so much in tune with each other that basically there is no real need for a ‘sit down’ kind of communication. They just know what the other is thinking of wants.

The bonds that the Pisces and Scorpio shares is strong and deep. There is a similarity in their behavioural pattern and a need to keep in touch with their loved ones. Thanks to all that they share in common. Pisces and Scorpio share a tie that is inexplicable.

A love match between a Scorpio and a Pisces is one of the best because they are similarly intense, intense and sensitive. There is a sense of harmony and fulfilment. Both need and was a commitment that is profound and this is probably the magical element in their relationship.


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