Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


By nature Capricorns are very independent and devoted people who have an innate sagacity and are doggedly stubborn to boot. They are likely to chase after their objectives until they are totally fulfilled. Discipline and permanence is the name of the game and generally this genre do not do anything just for fun. By nature Capricorns are somewhat old fashioned and overbearing. However what endears them to most people is their sheer dependability when someone is in a tight spot. If they can let go of the gravity for a while, they are among the most gentle and pliable lot of people. Capricorns are not overtly social beings and they much prefer the company of their family. Curiosity is also not among their vices – which in turn saves them from jealous or too much suspicion. A risk is usually relegated to the background and they would rather opt for the sure and certain any day. If they are to be described in just two words – protective and calm would be the words.

Capricorn and Scorpio are Cardinal and Fixed signs respectively. Their appearance might not be very romantic; however uncanny business radar could result in planned romance which any woman would die for. The Scorpio will catch up on the excitement and faithfully follow if Capricorn decides to take the lead. Of course a big of smugness might creep into the Scorpio tones, but the sarcasm is uttered in such dulcet tones that the Capricorn is hardly likely to notice. However, the Capricorn would do good to pay heed to the unstated signals in the tone of voice of the Scorpio and body language as well. Being pig headed is a characteristic of both signs and this brings in all the potential for problems. Despite the sometimes off-putting appearance, Scorpio does invest all his emotions and much more so than the Capricorn. Sometimes the former gets too deeply involved, making it well-nigh impossible to return. In this instance both partners have to cooperate to bring the prized success close.

Sometimes Scorpios appear to be superhuman with a perfect mixture of brains, emotions and mesmerizing powers of attraction that are almost impossible to avoid. They have a sharp intelligence and are prone to doubt to doubting everything. Most Scorpios present a picture that reflects the highest of standards, tremendous will power and unshakeable stability. If Scorpios want to keep something from the rest of the world, it is practically impossible to divert them. Their apparent calm and serenity could be hiding a different set of emotions altogether. It is usually impossible to read into their minds as they perfectly capable of carrying impassivity to great heights. However, what they are truly interested in will invoke an insatiable curiosity – simply because they truly care. Nothing else exists for them.

Saturn rules Capricorn whereas Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. Sexual energy, aggression, rebirth and renewal and courage are strongly predominant in Scorpio as a result. The lessons that Saturn metes out is a combination of intense labour, ambition, accountability and meticulousness as well. The bonding of this pair is strengthened by the intense emotion of the Scorpio and the equally powerful goal oriented mind-set of the Capricorn. This coupling could be a professional and romantic bonding as well.

Goals, objectives and dreams are constantly discussed by Capricorn and Scorpio – both sharing a lot of similarities. Their modus operandi is fairly different, but the end result reveals basic and fundamental similarities. Another similarity both nurture is the inborn desire to garner respect from every aspect of their lives. It is not that they have to be in the limelight, they are just as happy to be in the side-line, as long they can take command of the situation. Being quite familiar with depression, Scorpio understands the Capricorns’ mood swings much more than is apparent. Patience comes to the fore at this moment of crisis. Scorpio is the more outspoken of the two; but the actual emotions are very difficult to gauge behind the mask that is displayed to the world at large. The Capricorn who is actually very shy is envious of this, while the Scorpio is touched by the intimidation projected.

There is a plethora of learning material so far as Capricorns and Scorpios are concerned. They are tough and definitely not easy, but well worth the entire furore. Capricorns who are a lot more grounded and stable can teach a lesson or two to the more volatile Scorpion. However, the Capricorn must be cautious about treading on sensitive issues so far as the Scorpion is concerned. The Scorpios can take great umbrage if the remarks seems remote and devoid of true emotion or feeling. Especially where matters of the heart are concerned, it is very easy for the Scorpion to take offence. Too much of a goal oriented life makes the Capricorn rather impervious to emotions and feelings. Scorpios can impart to the Capricorn the joy that comes from delving deep below the surface and actually getting to know a person in depth. Commitment to any objective is a common factor both share. If the relationship is seen as an objective to succeed at, then it can be taken for granted that the relationship will flourish.

A variety in relationships is very well suited to both Capricorns and Scorpios. As marriage partners they are perfect – especially if the man happens to be a Scorpio and the woman a Capricorn. If they are mere friends or business partners, then too the relationship is bound to prosper. So far as family relationships are concerned, there is amity and not much difficulty in getting along. As parents, both Scorpio and Capricorn excel at the art of bringing up children in a seemly fashion. In the role of colleagues, both create an ambience that is very suited to work and helps in promoting efficiency. Of course problems could arise when the question of competition comes in because both are more than eager to reach the top.

Capricorn and Scorpio are Earth and Water signs respectively. The former is based on the mundane and practical matters. However, water signs can mould themselves to any situation and tend to react somewhat emotionally rather than logically. This can be a deadly combination where any business venture is concerned. If love is the objective, then success is assured.

It is a fact that Scorpios and Capricorns can battle against each other in a most manner; at the same time they manage to resolve their differences just as easily and end up supporting each other whenever they share a problem in common. Though they are most definitely do not have the same point of view always, but they share a common safety net that always is a grounding force in a crisis. Both have an eye on a future that is prosperous and enjoyable. Perhaps that is cause behind their discord not lasting for a very long time. A tad more of socializing will be an asset in better conversation skills and that in turn largely improves communication. A decrease in stress levels also aids in this regard.

There is a lot of give and take in the relationship that these signs share and there is never any question of boredom. One can rely on both Scorpio and Capricorn and they place a lot of importance on family values. Capricorns might have an external appearance of being cut and dry, but their attitude towards the Scorpion is entirely different.

A budding romance between a Scorpio and a Capricorn allows for the value of being a pair and also maturing individually. The initial reaction between them might be of wariness and caution, which can put a crimp on things. A fair bit of time is needed to feel comfortable with each other. Despite the initial reaction of a glow slow motion, in time there is usually the discovery that they have a great deal of compatibility, with lots of loyalty thrown in too.

However, for the Capricorn, the intensity of the Scorpio can a bit too much at times; they are convinced that all that it does is waste both energy and time. In contrast Scorpios are highly critical of what they perceive as the insensitivity of the Capricorn. Once the initial glitches are sorted out, both end up perfecting the art of merging in the smoothest possible way. There is always the possibility of both these signs getting into a rut and there has to be some sort of an impetus towards change. This only has the effect of strengthening the bonds between the two.

A sense of mutual devotion and determination is the strong point of this pair. There is the ability of sharing their true inner feelings and revealing to each other new new modes of seeing and feeling.


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