Scorpio and Aries Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


It is a tough relationship – the one that is shared by Aries and Scorpio. There is an extremely strong attraction towards each other, but harmony is an element that is difficult to find and maintain. Though both are equally passionate, their mode of conveying it is diametrically different.

When the paths of these two zodiac signs cross, the result can be very fiery and intense arguments. Both Aries and Scorpio are jealous and then some; not only does passion run rife, alongside there will definitely be loud and raucous arguments – just because of this one element. Though Scorpios could be a little more controlled, they are far possessive than the Aries. When this emotion comes to the fore, a Scorpio will lash out because she has been hurt. Though their degrees of emotional connection vary, both Aries and Scorpio can’t resist running into dangerous situations or taking chances. There is no question at all of boredom creeping in silently. Both can enjoy plenty of adventures together. Understanding each other could pose a few difficulties Aries is an extrovert through and through; he is absolutely open and up-front. On the other hand Scorpio is an introvert and whenever the situation so demands can turn manipulative.

No matter what the situation or context, Aries has a strong dislike about taking dictation from anybody whether in the personal context or professional. Caution is not for the Aries – they tend to react on a whim, can lose their cool in a shot, but are also emotional and like to hide it as a sign of weakness. Caution does not make any difference to them and their quick-fire reactions are a takeoff from more emotion than logic. Acting defensive is a tool to protect their sensitivity. No, an Aries does not deliberately pick a fight, but if someone deliberately steps on his toes, there is bound to be big time trouble. Then, to douse out the flames of fury is a tough job. Coupled with this is also the fact that they can be somewhat arrogant and their attention span is very short.

Mars rules over both these signs of the zodiac. There are slightly different connotations – for Aries it is passion that is signified. When people with a similar kind of force and ruled by the same planet get together – an alliance where the two people involved are either the best of friends or the deadliest of enemies. There is excitement rife between both these signs – in the bedroom and out of it. Arguments are a run of the mill affair and making up can be just as much fun and passionate. Pluto adds an extra zing to this relationship.

If Aries can be practical and sensible enough to get along with a Scorpio by maintaining a slight distance, it would work out for the best. There are also more than a couple of lessons that Scorpio needs to learn: make some progress emotionally and become more generous in social skills like empathy, politeness and forgiveness along with a respect for authority. This brings about a healthier ambience in every respect. Compromise must be learnt on all fronts. So far as matters of principle are concerned and devotion or loyalty – both are at par with each other. They draw closer because none is willing to come to terms with two fundamental values and Aries has to emerge victorious- there is always a battle on to have it their own way.

When an Aries and a Scorpio fall in love, they often wonder just how they ever managed apart. A power hungry couple, they can achieve just about anything they focus on; but they have to learn to share the limelight. When Scorpio decides to focus on Aries, he is unlikely to be able to resist the overtures. Scorpio’s commitment to the relationship will probably be far more intricate and devoted than an Aries.

When both learn to develop a healthy deference for the fact that they are both different, they can easily scale the peaks of success. Results are the best when Scorpio and Aries accept that neither will take any pressure from the other. Both believe in certain values and principles and have the inherent strength to stand up for what they believe in. A Scorpio cannot be browbeaten and neither can his will be smothered – it is best for an Aries to realize and accept this. A good working relationship will result in their winning no matter how difficult the situation. When a Scorpion is truly enrages, their cold fury send shivers down an Aries spine, though they will never admit to it. There are very different strategies they use to get work done, but generally matters remain peaceful between them.

Being a Fixed Sign Scorpio has the ability to let Aries learn to be more even-handed and complete any project diving headlong into a new one. Just as true, the Cardinal sign Aries can teach Scorpio to be somewhat more spontaneous and sometimes just enjoy an experience without an agenda in mind. When realisation dawns that there is complete devotion and loyalty to each other- and both both can actually be boss: Scorpio as the emotional leader and Aries as the one who initiates, there is the impression of being a complete whole.

When there is a positive Scorpio-Aries combination, both respond very whole heartedly to each other. Scorpio tries to be more tolerant as compared to the more open-minded Aries who has such an easy going attitude approach to life.

As family member there is a strong empathy between them – leaving much to be shared in the relationship. In the role of friends and colleagues there is always a spirit of competition, but never are they irritable or drag their feet. When Aries and Scorpio join together in a business relationship, it always plays a positive role. When they are lovers, there is a lot of passion and there is great physical and emotional compatibility. A vital responsibility, Parenthood is an enjoyable proposition and every effort is made to fulfil the dreams of the children and yet keep them in discipline.

Aries – a Fire Sign and Scorpio a Water sign is a mind boggling combination; this is even more so if they manage to work together and combine physical action with emotion as well. Scorpio plans well and counsels Aries to move a little slowly before starting on a new project. Aries too contributes positively by teaching Scorpio to let go and think about another assignment if the present one does not work out. At the same time it must be noted that Fire can be doused by water - just like the Arias enthusiasm can have a damper put by the Scorpio being over cautious. An inferno too dries up water and emotional pressure can turn Scorpio vengeful. Scorpio and Aries should learn to work with each other instead of against each other.

Heated arguments or aggression comes to the fire in this relation because of the vast dichotomies between them. While Aries fights an intense battle from the front, Scorpio strikes out of the blue. Under a war-like like situation, they are natural enemies and will go to any lengths to score over the other. Thanks to a feeling of being pushed too hard Aries is prone to turn around and retort very harshly; Scorpion assuming that he is far too aggressive does not have any sense of trust. As regards finances, Scorpio enjoys luxuries, but also keeps an eye that financial security is being maintained. On the contrary Aries does not bother about the future at all. If some sort of common ground can be found and harmony established – staring with love and trust is a very good idea.

Scorpios are very loyal to the people they love, though they like to assume an aura of mystery. Though they give the appearance of being soft and malleable, Scorpios are subtle and know just what strategies will allow them to reach their goals. They are more than holding their own and in most instances are pretty tolerant. Scorpios can go on the offensive quite easily, but it is not irrational in nature. They think hard and plan a strategy and use any means – which could be deception, to focus on their enemies’ weakness to win the war! When a Scorpio is undermined and stamped on he appears to take this insult without a word; but he is just waiting for the correct moment to strike and grind his enemies’ nose to the ground. The attack comes without any warning - a supreme example of their will power and equanimity.The most positive feature in an Aries-Scorpio relationship is the strength they generate together. They like to win and will do anything to ensure they do so. This is a relationship that does not settle for anything but the best.


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