Sagittarius and Taurus Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


Taurus and Sagittarius are quite unlike each other and have very different perspectives and requirements. A Taurean normally is fairly reticent and grave people while a Sagittarian is almost always boisterous, loud and continually worried about something or the other. Of course, there is a lot both can learn from each other; Sagittarius can learn the strange (for them!) art of patience and certainly show what true acceptance is all about. However, initially stability is tough to achieve.

Taurus and Sagittarius are Earth and Fire Signs respectively. Sagittarius needs a lot of room to move about and ignite brightly. However, Taurus is far more pragmatic and has a basic need to be grounded. Sagittarius allows emotions and instincts to propel him through life; in that sense Taurus prefers more to look to the practicalities. If there is proper understanding then the difference don’t matter and both signs live together in great amity; without that there is bound to be a great deal of stress and strain. When this reassurance of love is there in abundance and the feeling of being the focal point of attention, the relationship is bound to flow smoothly.

Sagittarians like to constantly be on the move in search of fresh pastures somewhere. Truth is all important to them. Sagittarians could be a little shy or very overbearing; but they remain uncontrolled and can be blunt to the point of inflicting hurt and damage. Any conversation with this sign of the zodiac is a learning experience thanks to all that they have experienced and can talk about, coupled with an ability to gauge what is likely to happen. They are not in the habit of keeping anything back and prefer to call a spade a spade. Though a Sagittarian loves company, they prefer not to get entangled in any bonds of relationships.

Taurus and Sagittarius are Fixed and Mutable signs respectively. Once Taurus settles on a point of view, it becomes virtually impossible for them to change their minds. Sagittarius cannot do without lots of variety, but it is in their own best interest to be careful if the temptation for even harmless flirting overcomes them. Infidelity is an absolute ‘No no’ for a Taurean and the wounds might go too deep for the relationship to survive. However it is also necessary for a Taurus to understand that freedom is the very breath of life for a Sagittarian and boundaries should be put around them meeting people, of course on a platonic level. Sagittarius can learn all about how a secure relationship feels and in turn can teach Taurus that sometimes a little flexibility does more good than harm.

Taureans are generally extremely grounded with a balanced temperament. Of all the signs, they are the most practical and level headed. They find it very easy to protect the ones they care about. If pushed beyond the limits of tolerance they can display a fiery temper, but this is very rare. Though Taurus is unassuming by and large, they have a decided leaning towards lording it over any situation! No matter how stodgy a Taurus might appear they have a great appreciation of the Fine Arts and anything beautiful appeals to them. Willpower is the name of the game for them and self-discipline almost always gets them through any sticky situation.

The outlook that Taurus and Sagittarius have are very dissimilar. Stately and down to earth – that’s the name of the game for Taurus. On the contrary Sagittarius is eternally fidgety. A Sagittarian could find the Taurus too dull and will take a good shot at poking and prodding a bit and generally stirring up matters. What Sagittarius refuses to accept that this might turn out to be virtually impossible. If just a little patience is exerted, Sagittarians will definitely accept that there is a lot Taurus can contribute to their welfare. To take a positive point of view Sagittarius can help lighten the sedate Taurus and make it that much more fun.

Admittedly, Taureans do have a sneaking admiration for the bold and careful Sagittarius. However, if there is too much of brashness Taurus starts to feel worried and might just bolt. The ever hopeful and positive Sagittarius is constantly moving and experimenting. So, just as likely it is that he will find the pot of gold, it is just as possible that metaphorically he will take a hard toss. So, the Taurean habit of keeping an eye on the path ahead stand the Sagittarian in good stead as well. If any venture involves taking a chance on something like the stock market or may be taking a gamble on something – that is all very well. However, if it is sheer hard work there are chances of something going wrong because Sagittarius thinks that hard work for a prolonged period is extremely boring to say the least.

When there is romance between a Taurus and a Sagittarius, it is full of vibrancy in a passionately physical sense of the term. However, they will have to delve into the heart of the matter if they are to truly understand what it means. Taurus learns by quietly plodding through all that has to be done while Sagittarius is full of a bouncy energy and is constantly experimenting with something new. Taurus could be demanding more and more commitment than pleases the Sagittarian to give. But if the former can hold on to his patience a little more, they ebullient Sagittarius does usually come around to his way of thinking. Venus and Jupiter rule over Taurus and Sagittarius respectively. Venus is responsible for that love of beauty in Taurus and Sagittarius turns lucky most of the time because of being ruled by Jupiter. This is a planet that rules over travel, learning and of course optimism as well. Their union means a mingling of expansion as well as splendour coupled with feminine and masculine, which makes winners in every way.

Any relationship between Taurus and Sagittarius will remain somewhat turbulent till the differences between them are ironed out through mutual understanding. Any friendship between them is bright and cheerful. Usually both are supportive of the wants and needs of the other. If there is hard work involved a commercial or business venture might not be marked by success. However, if there is a, element of gambling and luck plays a part, there is a fair chance that it will work out after all. The romantic element is not all that favourable, unless both show a willingness to give in a little according to what the other wants. They make extremely good parents, but once again in different modes altogether. Sagittarius would like to be friends, while for Taurus it is the memories that are being generated. Sagittarius does not believe in dwelling on the past.

No matter what the genre of relationship between a Taurus and a Sagittarian, a storm can threaten all peace at any point of time. Their differences give rise to arguments and this can lead to a massive showdown at any point of time. A Taurean remains attached to his family, while the Sagittarian has a broader spectrum and get on with most people in general. They remain happy go lucky and value their freedom to an obsessive degree. The Taurus can also be edgy, but they are masters at hiding their feelings. Further, the Sagittarian habit of spending extravagantly on unnecessary luxuries is an annoyance to say the least. Both are adept at making money fast but unfortunately Sagittarian spends it even faster. But the relationship can still work if both are prepared to spend some quality time with each other.

It becomes largely the responsibility of the Taurean to handle the impracticalities of the feckless Sagittarian. Amazingly, what might seem to be a losing game can turn out to be a lucky win for the latter. It is a well-known and accepted fact that Sagittarians are incurable optimists. Taureans on the other hand tend to be ‘nay-sayers’; but the sheer practicality of the moves that they make pushes them through and they are rarely disappointed. Both however have an inherent belief in religion and place a great deal of importance on trust, reliance and conviction and perhaps even self-sacrifice. There is no doubt that Sagittarians love their families as much as Taureans, but they are certainly not as closely knit.

Realisation of the new dimensions that can be brought about in their relationships by understanding their inherent dimensions is the best aspect of the bonding between Taurus and Sagittarius. Even their tumultuous relationship can stabilise once their differences are gauged and accepted.


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