Sagittarius and Scorpio Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


Scorpio and Sagittarius are very similar in that both have an insatiable curiosity about getting true answers ti questions that are like a burr in their sides. Sagittarians are curious – plain and simple; however, with Scorpios the matter does not stop at mere curiosity. That would make it far too simplistic. It is an itch that just has to be scratches i.e the desire to unravel the truth. While both are into the competition, if they lose Sagittarians just move on; on the other hand the Scorpion will die in the effort to succeed. They are very bad losers and not good to be with at the time. A Scorpio is compulsive about achieving success and does not hesitate to mow down anyone who stands in the way. However, they go about this in such a subtle and understated manner that no one will know what happens to strike them when it does. Usually this strike does result in success.

As friends and siblings the relationship is dazzling. However, where professional relationships are concerned, Scorpios regard Sagittarians as devious and the Sagittarian feels that the Scorpio is far too self-absorbed. If it is a romantic relationship that is in question, a good combination would be a Scorpio man and a Sagittarian woman. It is a good relationship so far as parents and children are concerned; Scorpios are extremely protective, while Sagittarians teach their children to relax. Where professional bondings are concerned, money matters are better with the Scorpio, while Sagittarius handles the creative part. If both can accept this angle to their relationship, it is bound to prosper and flourish.

Each day symbolizes the unravelling of a new mystery for the Scorpio and the Sagittarius too regards it as a new adventure. They are brought together by escapades which are a lot of fun for both parties. Scorpio being pig headed and rigid can be an irritant to the Sagittarian; in the opinion of the Scorpion however, the Sagittarian is a mite hot-headed. The process of learning together can also be a source of thorough enjoyment. Travel is another common love they share.

Scorpios have a certain magnetic quality and alluring charm that just draws people to them. Their agility is very sharp and they are most certainly out to be winners in all circumstances. Appearances are very deceptive and what they reveal on the surface, great love and amity and all of that might in actuality be just the opposite – lying in wait for vengeance. Scorpios excel in remembering in kindness done and are equally adroit at recollecting each and every single injury and hurt inflicted on them! As friends they are extremely loyal and protective. Intent looks can unearth a lot of secrets from those who might not be quite aware.

Sagittarius and Scorpio are Fire and Water signs respectively. Scorpio is understated and do not easily allow people to draw close; Sagittarius on the other hand is impulsive, natural and move in the direction where their heart leads them. If any crisis looms in the form of misunderstanding, any showdown or crisis can be averted if the relationship is important enough to work at it and the feelings show that amount of strength.

Scorpios can be taught a lesson or two about freedom by Sagittarians. If they themselves can learn the art of quietness and being still, with a bit of tact thrown in, life will be much brighter for them. Greater positivity, self-honesty and being just a tad laid back is an asset in strengthening the bonds between the two. Scorpio being far more reticent does not quite appreciate the much more easy going outlook of the Sagittarian and the counterpart feels it is a mystery as to why the Scorpio is so private and reticent about opening up. If true love flowers between this couple, both have to work harder at a better understanding. Scorpio should show more imagination, while Sagittarians should be more forthright.

Sagittarius is ruled by Mars while Scorpio is ruled by both Mars and Pluto. The determination and courageous nature of Scorpio is primarily thanks to Mars; it combination with Pluto, the sign is representative of renewal and rebirth. What Jupiter focuses on is travel, expansion, philosophy, optimism and luck. These qualities of masculine energy and growth usually succeed in creating a relationship that is viable and positive.

Being friendly and sociable comes as second nature to the Sagittarian. By and large they are optimistic and almost always look at the positive outcome of any project they might be engaged in. Puzzles and mysteries are the veritable breath of life and they will ferret out any well-hidden secrets by asking a million questions if necessary – and in this manner also come to the solution of any problem. Sagittarians do not know the meaning of tact and are brutally honest; instead of taking this as mere criticism, if analysed and worked on, what they say is generally worth paying heed to. Socializing is a thoroughly enjoyable pastime and flirting, but with endearing honesty. This light flirting is likely to continue until their curiosity reaches satiety.

Scorpio and Sagittarius are Fixed and Mutable signs respectively. This romantic couple are skilled at multi-tasking; but it is usually the Scorpio who pushes matters through to completion. Since the Sagittarius is prone to flit from one idea to the other, this die-hard attitude of the Scorpio comes as very good support. However, it is also a fact that Sagittarians unhesitatingly show their appreciation if they feel that it is due. Scorpio is more often than not pig-headed, extremely particular and demanding – and the Sagittarian mate knows that it is wisest in the long run to give the person his space. The ideas that a Sagittarian generates is usually brought to fruition by the Scorpion, though the Sagittarian might have moved on by then. But, by no means is it all work and no play for this sign. Sagittarius is flexible – which can sometimes score over determined grit.

Sagittarians are not all that scheming and are extremely forthright about what they want to ask in order to be successful in achieving their goals. They can be as demanding and as offensive as required. Both Scorpio and Sagittarius have their own typical means of reaching their objective. The means used by both are certainly spectacular. Both can deliberately rile each other, for the sheer enjoyment of being an irritant. This is also a way of shielding themselves by means they are comfortable with. Sagittarius does like to put up a screen of mystery to puzzle others about the role they will take on. However, in the long run they do throw out a hint or two to make the matter more interesting.

A love affair between this combination will work out – but matters should be allowed to progress slowly and the relationship should be allowed to reach a certain depth before any permanent decision is made. The end could be staring them in the face unless a lot of care is taken right from the start. If patience can be managed, the rewards will be plentiful. For the Sagittarian anything novel, exciting is elixir and they thrive on all that is positive. On the other hand what is important for the Scorpion is drawing closer and bolstering emotional bonding. The Scorpion desire for closer ties and rocketing expectations right from the start could make the Sagittarian feel claustrophobic. Control has to be exerted by the Scorpion for the relationship to be vibrant and sexciting.

The refuge and supple nature of the relationship is the strong point of any relationship between the two. Once they stop being reticent and are open about their wants, needs, desires and expectations, the foundations become strong and there is a deep-rooted connection that both greatly respect. If the communication links are kept open and the differences are a reason for strength – they are on to a winning streak.


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