Sagittarius and Aries Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


Sagittarius tries to emulate Aries in as many ways as possible, perhaps except in a few arenas. There is greater belief in the self than Aries and are very open about any comments they make. The exaggerations that they make public either reveal themselves to be very clever or extremely foolish. One of the chief reasons behind their being so bluntly truthful is because honesty is of utmost importance to them and that has to be kept at the fore at any cost. No situation is too problematic for them to adjust to – being adaptable is another good quality. A good exciting adventure always thrills the Aries and adventure sports quite often a passion with them.

So far as love affairs are concerned, Aries and Sagittarius make an excellent combination. There is an appreciation of each other’s sheer and unmitigated optimism and there are rarely any major problems. . However Sagittarius needs to be even more independent than Aries, who can become too possessive at times. It is also a fact that Aries is just a tad more profound than your friendly neighbourhood archer. Sagittarius does not even understand the meaning of tact or come close to it and more often than not speaks without thinking. However, a very positive factor about both is that they do not bear grudges at all.

Sagittarius and Aries both get along very well because generally they think along the same lines. Typical extroverts they are just as happy to enter into loud and raucous arguments and verbal challenges are the food of life for them. Both take it for granted that they are in the right and both are ready to tear any person to bits if they argue with this fact. Constant movement characterizes their search for exciting new adventures. If the object seems to be a lost cause the Sagittarian can move heaven and earth in search of resources. While Aries need to be victorious, Sagittarius is more into battling for the truth. Their high level of curiosity makes them more accident prone than any other sign of the zodiac.

Aries being a Cardinal Sign gives birth to new ideas: Sagittarius being Mutable follows them right through – of course if they are allowed to do so. There is an acute lack of power struggle between the two. Not being in the limelight and yet holding the reins from behind keeps the Sagittarian happy; even as the Aries luxuriates in the limelight.

A common characteristic of both signs is an inability most of the time to finish what they begin. This can lead to trouble if a sense of stagnation creeps in – which is unlikely in the extreme. While Aries falls prey to boredom easily, Sagittarians are brilliant at keeping everything around them full of excitement.

Aries can be called forceful and they know how to call a spade a spade. They are happy to argue vociferously about what they believe is right or even to defend themselves. Aries does not hesitate to speak the brutal truth even if it stings. As regards careers, they don’t like being subservient to a boss but want to be the boss under any circumstance. An obsession with being a winner makes him try to control everybody and everything – because ultimately.

A love affair between these two is literally a match that was just intended to be! There is so much that they have to share – interests and energies – both are very compatible with each other. The relationship that they share is exciting and both are always ready to set off on a new adventure. No taking a passive role or reading about it second hand, Sagittarius and Aries both thoroughly enjoy gathering new and exciting experiences of their own.

Care has to be taken though, since is in a tearing hurry all the time and Sagittarius cannot see anything until it stares them in the face. So accidents are very likely to take place. Both these signs have an abundance of energy in starting projects, but little left over to spare when there is a call to finish them. Hence a lasting relationship between them is difficult. On all levels Sagittarius and Aries prove to be very good partners. Their intuitive powers are very strong and they act on their whims. There is a thorough enjoyment of each other’s company. The better part of the time they are supportive and encouraging of each other.

Mars(signifying passion) has Mars as the Overlord and Sagittarius signifying Luck and Philosophy) has Jupiter as the Overlord. Their impression of the world tends to be the same since both are Masculine signs. Jupiter acting somewhat indulgent Sagittarius is fond of taking risks. Mars instigates, sometimes aggressively a rushed tendency to take the initiative. If Aries on an impulse wants to try out something exciting or a brand new adventure, Sagittarius is more than happy to accompany him.

If a comparison is made between the two, people are more likely to take advantage of Aries – because it is almost impossible for them to be cautious and they genuinely desire to help others. Despite a rough and ready exterior, their intentions are almost always very good. With all the innocence of a child they believe in the essential goodness and positivity in people. Sagittarians on the contrary are that much more mistrustful and suspicious of the world at large. Though they definitely have idealism and work to succeed, they lack the innocence of the Aries. There is a leaning towards intellectualism, but they do adhere to the principles of truth. Its like both these zodiac signs take different paths, but arrive at almost the same conclusion.

Sometimes Aries and Sagittarius clash head on and that is primarily because of their spontaneity. Bothe are super quick to react and in their bid to be straightforward can greatly hurt each other. Though they fight raucously every now and then and have differences of opinion, Aries is inspired by this sign and draws close to them. None cling to grudge and both signs are equally ready to take that one step forward and put problems behind them. There is an empathy and fondness between them. What is particularly striking is that both holding the truth in such high regard allows them to forge a very strong association. When the dust has settled and the air has cleared Aries and Sagittarius still remain staunchly devoted to each other.

When a relation develops between these two zodiac signs, the result is always hot and passionate. If the relationship is that of brother and sister or even relatives and fellow professionals, the relationship is exciting and always a step forward to some new adventure. Alongside, there is also a love for arguments – and fiery ones at that! Even so far as commercial tie-ups are concerned, it can swing either way – depending on how interested they are in it or how passionately they feel.

A romantic relationship between them is always ardent and electrifying and all the common elements that they share make it practically impossible for boredom to creep in. Parenthood is taken seriously and entered into with caution. However, once a positive decision is taken in this direction, they prove to their children’s’ best friends and cautious guardians too.

Fire being a strong element here – the combination can ignite a flame that lives for ever. Their unrelenting energy does not permit them to peter out after a while. The best aspect of an Aries-Sagittarius relationship is their spirit of exploration – which makes them the pioneers of the zodiac calendar. Their gusto and liveliness are a match for the other. They are a very well matched couple because their personalities are similar and they have a lot of common interests.


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