Pisces and Pisces Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


Pisces are frequently believed to be sneaky because they sometimes tend to avoid the truth and somehow or the other find an alternative route. The actual truth is that they behave in this manner to avoid the blows that might strike them outright. That is not an action they believe is positive in any manner. There is so much in common with two Pisces that they find it very easy to synch with each other. By nature being soft-spoken and nurturing a mutual love for a comfortable home – they always tend to avoid public confrontations or public discord. Their creative side however has to be maintained and this is a kind of compensation for their outward humility. A pair of Pisces is always good for each other – they help each other in reaching their respective goals and are understanding of the various emotional ramifications. However, as business partners they do not stand on a very good footing because both are dreamers and practicality is of the essence here.

Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces. It is primarily Jupiter who is responsible for the Piscean sense of ethics and values and leading a philosophical life. However, it is Neptune that takes over abstract thoughts, mystery and imagination. Pisces can be called a Sign of Service. There is a great feeling of camraderie and love between them.The continual exchange of little meaningful gifts is almost a continuous process with them.

In accordance with the life style and mode of living, all Pisceans are imbued with varying degrees of soft placidity. Sensitivity scales new heights where the Pisces is concerned and dreams and intuitions play an important role in their real life. Pisces appear meek and humble to others, but at the same time they are imaginative and creative. An added dose of compassion and all relationships are deepened spiritually and mentally. However, the negative factor is that they are far too complex, tend to dither and their life-style is somewhat chaotic. Since both are rather scatty to resolve any issue together becomes that much more difficult.

Pisces is indirect and reticent and is a Mutable sign. If any force can strongly initiate Pisces flowers and progresses well. There is usually no discord with Pisces, but if an effort is made to put the head and heart together, the movement forward is even better. As a couple both are ever present to help out and be supportive. Being laid-back has a relaxing effect on both the couples. The emotional bonding grows stronger – as also the admiration.

There are however a few glitches in the Pisces-Pisces relationship. Definitely a little direction and definition is needed – and this is the conflict juncture. Though both have strong intuition, the whys and wherefores escape them. The spiritual connection with their partner is all important. Since there is a marked lack of practicality and reality, there is a tendency to just gloat along aimlessly. There is a need for greater strength in both strength and understanding of goals.

Being a Water sign, both partners in a Pisces-Pisces relationship are only too happy to be pliable enough to bend to the will of the other to ensure their happiness and success. They are also well able to adjust to any situation at hand.This could be a little dangerous because a sense of self pity is likely to creep into the background. Their symbol – two fish swimming in opposite directions speaks for itself. Setting and adhering to at least some personal goals is essential. In order for the alliance to succeed, one partner must make sure that the other is encouraged.

Both partners have an instinctive understanding of each other. Should there be something that displeases or annoys them, they would much rather turn and walk away rather than find a solution. There is a natural understanding of any situation, but if misused, can lead to disillusionment and depression. All ambition can be lost in this manner. Humility is good, but without drowning in pools of sorrow. This can be combatted by drawing on their creative side of their nature.

Their submissive nature allows the Pisces couple peace most of the time. However they have the tendency to be too lazy and easygoing some of the time – and are ultra-sensitive to negative energy. Their extremely sluggish nature can sometimes result in the worst coming to the surface or the best. It is tough for them to set any kind of limit and they can take a long path to spiritualism and also get lost in the process. Any unpleasantness is avoided by just moving away or taking an unrealistic optimistic attitude. At the same time it is this flexibility that make them very easy to communicate with and adaptable to practically any situation. They make very good lovers and friends.

There is always a sense of wellbeing in any relationship shared by Pisces in any genre of relationship – whether as children, siblings and any kind of family bonds. Both have a respect for the space that they demand for themselves. Their nature of sacrificing their own wellbeing ensures that rivalry never crosses boundaries. A sense of compromise and they are always on level. A Pisces-Pisces relationship is practically everlasting mentally and spiritually.

A romantic alliance between two Pisces is the unity of two emotional and sensitive people. They not only share enriched emotional bonds, but also true communication. Their bonds of communication are regarded as the most wonderful in the world. Both have a common love of beauty and peace, which remains unparalleled in the zodiac. Both are committed to maintaining this situation.

So far as tenderness and compassion are concerned, a Pisces couple makes a fantastic couple. Their needs are bound to be fulfilled. However, so far as practicalities are concerned, there are bound to be some glitches which need to be sorted, using a minimal amount of practicality.

The most impressive factor about the Pisces-Pisces relationship is the extremely smooth flowing relationship that they have. Both are loyal, warm and loving and are always there for their partner in times of need. It would appear that they are warm, caring and loving and the bonds are almost unbreakable.


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