Pisces and Cancer Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


Pisces and Cancer are perfectly compatible in any association that forms between them. If a sibling relationship, both are prepared to do just about anything for the welfare of the other. As business associates, both are prepared to go out of their way to render any kind of help. Even as neighbours or relatives, there is perfect amicability between the two. Business ventures work very well for this pair; of course it is the best option is Cancer undertakes the fundamental responsibility and their joint venture is bound to be successful. Any romantic relation between the tween has an extra touch of palpable love because there is plenty of tolerance and empathy. As parents they are bulwarks of protection and giving up their own pleasures.

Pisces is a Mutable and Cancer a Cardinal sign. Though there are certainly very strong intuitive powers, Cancer has a preference for undertaking projects – beginning with a concrete idea and plan; they also keep jotting it down so that nothing is forgotten. Pisces contrarily relies totally on instinct and is more than likely to misplace any plan as soon as it is handed to them. Cancer has to ensure that Pisces has the liberty to relish their outer interests and every now and then go in search of a whimsical fancy without any restrictions. Pisces in turn can reveal to Cancer that it could be a good idea to complete rather than always initiate; also that a tad of compromise can pay dividends. Cancer and Pisces are happy enough to imbibe energy from each other and are completely compatible so far as romance is concerned.

With the rare exception, Pisces-Cancer bonding are smooth flowing and pleasurable. There is very good understanding between them. Pisces is very good at gauging the Cancerian moods, but Cancer might not be able to do so very easily so far as Pisces is concerned. Pisces couple imagination and dreams and also manage to get entangled in the problems of others! Then the dreams are packed away for the moment till once again there is the magical light of freedom so that the dreams can actually become concrete reality. If the ambivalence continues indefinitely, then it is likely that the right opportunity will pass them by and the dreams will remain unfulfilled.

Cancer has an innate love for all kinds of material goods. They desire a somewhat extravagant life style and do not really understand or appreciate the more simplistic desires of the Pisces. At times they tend to move in varied directions to achieve the life style that they are looking for. Despite of this fact, Pisces and Cancer have a very fulfilling emotional relationship and bonding.

There are no major clashes between these two signs, but minor tiffs and squabbles. Cancers like to deal on a very personal level with everyone’ however, the humility that Pisces genuinely feels evokes a sense of insecurity in them. Cancers basically feel most comfortable in the home and hearth. But since the Pisces like to move around and mix with people Cancer tends to feel relegated to the background. Every once in a while the erratic mood swings of the Cancer annoys the Pisces to such an extent that they can even lose their cool. Another cause for differences between them is their attitude towards money. Pisces can accept or let go, while Cancers feel that money is all important. However the empathic and loving bond that they share allows all misunderstandings to be cleared very easily.

Both Cancer and Pisces are water signs and this entity being a concrete entity, both have a very concrete relationship. Pisces seem to exist for the purpose of furthering human bonding. When this merges with the intuition and nurturing elements of the Cancer, it is a deadly combination. It is because of Cancer’s stable point of view all that happens is not washed away in a romantic outpouring. Cancer does not merely play the role of tolerating the Piscean. They truly understand the emotional dichotomy and offer a lot of assistance to Pisces in stabilizing. It does sometimes happen that Cancer gets tired of understanding and Pisces could be upset by the self-centred nature of the Cancer. Since however there is an innate bonding between the two, all the differences can be very easily resolved.

Cancers have a streak of great hardness in them and that is primarily focussed on garnering money. They also place a lot of importance on safe keeping and peace of mind. While they might appear to be very predictable, in reality they are fiercely protective about the secrets they guard fiercely; as a corollary they can uncover the secrets of others in a jiffy. They are good at laughing heartily at themselves and at others – showing an easy flowing nature. Their cynicism can be a trifle disconcerting, but they take care that this does not surface very often. The people who are in their vicinity should keep in mind that mood swings are always a possibility or else an unpleasant surprise might be in store.

Jupiter (Philosophy) and Neptune (Illusion and Dreams) rules Pisces while Cancer is ruled by the Moon (Emotion). A vibration emanates from these celestial bodies that exude a feminine warmth. An ephemeral and almost divine relationship is created that lays a lot of importance on illusions and dreams. Jupiter – also the ruler of Pisces is the Ruler of Good Fortune augments this planetary combination with a masculine energy. This in turn becomes representative of a utopian relationship. There are so very many positive qualities that it all sounds too good to be true. A lot of demands are made from this relationship. But, Cancer must keep in mind that it would not be wise to cramp Pisces too much as this will only bring about a sense of claustrophobia.

Pisces believe that even though money is essential, it is a necessary evil to which they do not want to become too attached. They want to have just enough to fulfil their needs and not spend all their time chasing after it. Money comes into the picture only when it is an absolute necessity. In direct contrast to the Cancers, they do not have much concept of the idea of saving money. Another facet about this relationship is that Cancers basically like to remain at home, while Pisces love travelling and exploring new places. However both share a very close bonding and are always supportive of each other. Dreaming is almost a past-time of the Pisces. While Cancer works hard to transform those dreams into reality. If the effort they make is a joint one, success is bound to result.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon (Emotions) and Neptune (Dreams and Illusion). Jupiter (Philosophy)n) i.e Neptune are the overlords of Pisces. With the merging of Neptune and the Moon a wondrous spiritual connection which vibrates with warm and feminine energy is brought about. Illusions and dreams play a very important here. The relationship that is created is heavenly and committed. Pisces is also ruled by Jupiter. A Masculine energy is added to this planetary combination; this is representative of excesses, philosophy and expansion. It is an utopian philosophy that is the result. Though a lot of demands are made on the love relationship that grows between the two, both must make a conscious effort not to cramp the other in any way.

Unearthing secrets are an activity Pisces are very good at; they are also listeners who are very empathic. The duality of Pisces makes them very difficult to understand. Generosity couples frequently with unnecessary extravagance. Privacy is very important to them. Even so far as they themselves are concerned, they do not like any kind of intrusion when they want some privacy. There is no particular desire to dominate that the Pisces feels; however there are definitely inquisitive about what is going in the lives of people close to them. Though there is an abiding concern about what might be troubling the people they care about, but they do not like to ask because it seems impolite to them.

When Pisces and Cancer meets in a love match, it is a very positive confrontation. By and large both the signs are empathic and broad-minded about all that is going on. Cancer finds it very easy to energize Pisces. In turn a Pisces can make the Cancer realize and become aware of the world of spirituality and creativity. Cancer is very pragmatic and down to earth. This is what gives a big boost to the Pisces utopian dreams and helps to make them concrete reality. This pairing that is heavenly garners benefits from emotional bonding that has an extraordinary strength.

Pisces and Cancer share a relationship that is rewarding and positive in practically every aspect. It is replete with a lot of attachment and devotion. In all walks of relationship they have similar needs and fully comprehend the vital essence of expression and sensitivity.

What is outstanding about the Pisces-Cancer match is a similarity of their emotional natures. Compassion and emotion are there in abundance in both of them and take turns in plying the part of teacher and student. Their harmony and manner of complementing each other is unique. Their overall empathy and commitment is what is continually strengthening their relationship.


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