Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


There might be chance similarities between Aquarius and Pisces, but there are also very hard-hitting differences. Aquarians tend to be lost up there in the clouds, while the Pisces the Pisces dream of something that is more concrete and reachable by practically anybody. While the Aquarius does not care about the problems another might be facing, the Pisces prefers working together and doing something that will be of mutual benefit. However finances are a weak point for both of them. A lot can be achieved if the bonds of friendship exist. However, even the financial weak link can be overcome if there is a sufficient amount of confidence going around. Pisceans can work well in any sphere – particularly where arts and the delicate angle of life is concerned.

Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces while the overlords of Aquarius are Uranus and Saturn. Individualistic ideas and practices that are highly individualistic are the hallmark of Uranus. Saturn provides the vim and vigour that will actually bring them to fruition. Understanding and philosophy is the name of the game so far as Jupiter is concerned. The focus of Uranus is spirituality. The Pisces likes to truly understand the new and innovative ideas that Aquarius keeps coming up with every now and then. The result is a harmonizing relationship, which is not only deeply intellectual, but also has a lot of emotional resources.

Pisces might appear to have their head in the clouds, but at the same time they are very firmly grounded. Since their confidence level is not all that great, they prefer to avoid direct limelight or confrontation in any form. The Pisces are inclines to trust very easily and hence the chances are strong that they are taken for a ride very easily. To take individual decisions is a tough job for them and another decision is getting emotional too easily. If they are allowed to live life on their own terms, their innate charm and laidback attitude is revealed – nothing bothers them very easily. Pisceans are very rarely angered to the extent that they are really and truly furious. But if that should happen, it is best to keep away from them till the storm blows over.

Pisces is a Water and Aquarius an Air sign. The fuel to this relationship is provided by feelings and thoughts. There is plenty of momentum of the activities going on, but there is a great deal of flexibility. When the communication is good it is excellent, but otherwise it can reach abysmal depths. The activities and intellect of the Aquarius stimulates the Pisces; the Aquarius in turn has the chance to learn all about warmth and tolerance from the more reticent Pisces. There is a good working relationship and when differences of opinion arise, they are resolved just as easily. The cause for discord is because the Pisces needs emotional reassurance and the Aquarian disposition towards intellect more than romance. Pisces is a Mutable, while Aquarius is a Fixed sign. This does not bother the Pisces at all, as long as they have a specific role in the relationship.

An Aquarius and a Piscean bond is a very strange one – a lot of problems can easily be solved by them, which is well nigh impossible for others Their bonding with each other also has a very peculiar quality about it. The sensitive and mysterious outlook of the Pisces combines well with the somewhat dreamy and eccentric nature of the Aquarius. The Aquarius might go along with the impression that he is aware of all that is happening and has the abilities to deal with it. However, at the same time there is also a consciousness that the Pisces does have that bit of extra knowledge that that he himself lacks. The quality is nothing other than patience, which the Pisces has in abundance, but which the Aquarius definitely lacks. Pisces could learn to bear with this apparent insouciance of the Aquarius. It will work out for the best in the long run.

Lovers and friends - both are very good relationships for the Pisces and Aquarius. Though glitches are rare, problems could arise due to the too cerebral attitude of the Aquarius and of course the Pisces being too emotional and self-sacrificing. If the differences in reaction to any given situation are too different, there could be strife. Aquarians are somewhat derogatory about those who disagree with them, while a Pisces contrarily is quick to empathize. There will be occasions when there are fights, but this pair finds it very easy to make up and get back on an even keel.

Aquarians basically are friendly by nature and find it very easy to mix with people from all walks of life. Despite their dreamy appearance, they have a sharply incisive intellect. Despite an element of fickleness, they are at the same time honest and keep to what they promise. Their chosen path might be different, but have an aura of confidence and certainty. Aquarians retain that element of friendship no matter what the genre of bonding is. Independence is all important to them as is helping others in their times of difficulty. As a partner Aquarius is stimulating to say the least and adventure always seems to beckon them.

There is no ego clash between the two about who is in the limelight. A common characteristic is that both excel at starting rather than finishing matters. If Aquarius is bored, Pisces will soon follow suit and want to move away. Both have a tendency to move out of the box and as a result both find it easy to work together. With time also comes better understanding. However, the fact remains that Aquarius is more of an extrovert, while Pisces is an introvert.

In any romantic alliance, there is a lot of fellow feeling and creativity between them. They are idealistic as individuals and as a couple. Pisces moves in a dreamy fashion, while Aquarius is a constant source of new ideas and inventions.Delving for the truth is important to both of them and solutions to problems are always sought. Both are somewhat introspective, though Aquarius is a mite more introspective. Pisces overdoes it by being too compassionate even if undeserved.

Pisces is not quick to anger, but if that happens, they are best left alone till they get over this unlikely spell. There is likely to be a spate of harsh words until the retreat into silence. On the contrary Aquarius takes off rather more quickly and does not rest until he has proved that he is right. Individuality is very important to the Aquarian and to the Pisces it is the tranquility of a home-front, with an understanding partner. Too much intimacy bothers the Aquarian, while the feeling of distance makes the Pisces unhappy. If these petty differences can be overcome, there is bound to be a very good relationship between the two.

As siblings or friends there are a lot of pleasant discoveries as the Pisces is always there and supportive. As parents too, the relationship is strong and binding. There can be a bit of tensions when the relationship is that of lovers. But these issues are usually minor and can be overlooked.

What is the most attractive feature in an Aquarius-Pisces relationship is a common interest in the acceptance of multiethnic and modern ideas. They are both energetic and enthusiastic and have an open and honest relationship. The relationship that they share is compatible because they have common interests and reciprocal personalities.


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