Libra and Sagittarius Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


Some problems can beset this relationship, but it is usually nothing major and can be resolved very easily. Libras would always like soothing and grounded relationships with people that they know and are familiar with. However, a Sagittarian is not one to settle – they like to roam free without any constraints or restraints. This induces in the Libra a little bit of unease and discomfort as to what exactly is their standing in the relationship. Sagittarians prefer living from moment to moment, while Libras look to the larger picture. If there is just a tad of compromise, the combined force of Libra and Sagittarius have a very fulfilling and stimulating relationship. Their continual debates leave them feeling on top of the world. The honesty and integrity that they have is to be truly lauded and with that as armour, they can truly conquer the world.

This combination is extremely harmonious. Though situated apart in the zodiac cycle, there is a special connectivity and understanding. The pot of gold for the Sagittarian is wisdom, while for the Libra it is aesthetics. Libra acts as a motivating force for the Sagittarian and adds a lot to the experience that is gathered. The novelty of their relationship always makes it seem exciting, coupled with the understanding that is always there. New horizons are always within reach of both of them.

Sagittarians are enthusiastic people with kind hearts and a love for life. They are extremely laidback and upfront in their manner of speaking. As a matter of fact this can be carried to excess because most times they do not realize just how much their frankness can hurt. In order to motivate them forward, they constantly need to be pushed forward. Sagittarians are very conscious of their goals and the route to reach them. Though loving and giving comes naturally to them, they would much rather react when it is least expected. Sagittarians are highly optimistic people' for sure intelligent and with oodles of humour, but it must also be admitted that they are extremely clumsy to say the least. Their immaturity can swing to great heights depending on the occasional mood swing.

As lovers and friends Sagittarians and Librans make a very good pair. They both share a feeling of optimism and freshness and enthusiasm about delving into truth and beauty. There are few occasions where problems arise and generally Sagittarius is the cause by making unfeelingly frank remarks. The fault of the Libra is that at times they are too emotionally controlling. However Libra knows just how to be diplomatic and hence ruffled feathers can be smoothened over very easily. Both these signs can forgive and forget very easily.

Since both Sagittarius and Libra are very good conversationalists, any conversation between them is scintillating and riveting. They both have a natural ability to hold the attention of an enrapt audience, but they can also annoy and irritate just as easily. Libra loses no opportunity to argue on both sides of an issue – just to ensure winning and to keep calm and serene both the parties involved. Sagittarians too are argumentative; however, they are so blunt and brutally honest that more often than not the arguments come to an abrupt halt. For them it is the truth that holds the most importance rather than consideration of anybody's' feelings. There are never any dull moments. There is no need for any kind of stimulation and thy can chatter away for hours.

Jupiter signifying Philosophy and Luck rule Sagittarius while Venus signifying Love rules Libra. There is great compatibility between these two signs because of the balance between the masculinity of Jupiter and Venus's femininity. Sagittarius is on a constant search for the meaning of life, truth etc.; with the arrival of Libra and new ideas, Sagittarius gets an additional stimulus.

Libra and Sagittarius is a relationship that is coloured with many hues. They are extremely active and jovial – no matter what their genre of relationship. There is always an abundance of talking and sharing. Energy is meant to be dissipated and so engage themselves in any number of activities, including an abundance of adventures. So far as a romance or love relationship is concerned, the compatibility is good, except when the Sagittarian makes too many jibes at the Libra's cost. They make excellent parents and children. The children have a very good growing up process. Any professional project is good – as long as one of them does not get careless and make a silly mistake. If the right permutations and computations are made, they always fall into the right place with each other.

Sagittarius is Mutable and Libra a Cardinal sign. Libras are good at thinking of new ideas and new places to visit, but decisions can change at the drop of a hat. There is a lot more flexibility in Sagittarius and they are quite agreeable to any changes that Libra might suddenly want to make.

Librans are stable, charming and very jovial – but subtle at the same time. Freedom holds great importance to them and yet they like to be in a position of authority so that they have the right to make modifications and changes whenever they want to. Though Librans are perfectly happy to help out whenever they can, they will not make any firm commitment until they are sure of all the facts. If there is any kind of debate or controversy, the Libra just has to weigh all the pros and cons. A Libran does not like being challenged and is naturally fair and just in any opinion that he voices. There are no flighty decisions. Whatever evidence and facts are given to them , they weigh and consider carefully and then reach a decision.

Sagittarius is a Fire and Libra is an Air sign. Just as the elements that constitute them can be very volatile, the relationship is similar. Sagittarius is convinced that they are in control of the rudder, but actually it is Libra who is quietly managing to do so. The element of energy is very strong in both of them. If the Sagittarius feels an abundance of freedom all around, then the relationship truly does flow very smoothly.

Both Sagittarius and Libra complement each other in every way. There is a natural bonding between them and everything flows smoothly – of course as long as their social bonhomie and independence is not crowded in any way. It is the role of the Sagittarius to get the Libra to avoid indecisiveness and Libra in turn does whatever possible to calm down the Sagittarian and make them more amenable to the surrounding ambience. They are comfortable with each other in any genre of relationship. Though both like to be leaders, generally it is Libra who ends up in the hot seat – simply because Sagittarius is too engrossed in some scintillating conversation and generally frolicking through life.

Both Sagittarius and Libra are very compatible with each other and both appreciate the positive energy that is generated. Both love freedom and enjoyment in general. However, Libra prefers a peaceful settlement, while an itinerant life is more appealing to a Sagittarian.

The best factor of the Libra-Sagittarius relationship is the utilisation and cultivation of knowledge. Both are well matched and have a lot of vistas to conquer- both geographically and emotionally.


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