Libra and Cancer Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


Cancers are replete with daintiness and the softer emotions, which simply draws people to them. If the economic situation is stable and they are financially stable, Cancers do not find it difficult to adjusting to practically any situation or being patient and composed. They are generally well equipped and have a hardened determination to reach their goal, which more often than not to deal with any situation involving money. Refuge (where financial matters are concerned) and security are all important to the Cancer. There is total and absolute loyalty to those they love and they are always ready to stand by them whenever there is crisis of any sort. Though they are by nature hospitable, they can appear to be self-centred despite being so sensitive.

Venus (love) and Moon (Emotions) are the overlords of Venus and Cancer respectively. Libra is known to be balanced and at any cost prefers harmony over conflict under any circumstance. This pair of Cancer and Libra radiates stability and warmth more than any other couple. Despite all this feeling of apparent harmony, the Libran approach to life is cerebral. This can give them an aura of being snobbish and intellectual. For the Cancer who is a lot more emotional will have a lot of emotional damage to deal with.

Harmonizing the bonding between Libra and Cancer is an intriguing challenge. Being withdrawn comes naturally to a Cancer, while the stance Libra takes is absolutely opposite stance. Libra tends to lead a somewhat extravagant lifestyle and that makes Cancer get into a real flap- which in turn causes major problems in any effort at understanding the other. These problems should be done away with at the earliest to ensure smooth sailing. The major problems that arise between them do so because neither of them makes any effort at understanding the other. However, the jovial side of their relationship appeals to each other and they manage to thoroughly enjoy themselves. Physically the Cancer might not keep too well,. But they are stronger than the Libras so far as emotions are concerned.

Neither Libra nor Cancer are chary about putting together their intellectual and emotional side. A tear jerker of a theatre or movie is something they both can revel in. Both signs feel that expressing happiness and sentiment is also very important and they are a perfect foil to each other in many ways. The quick with and charm of the Libra is a magnetic draw for the Cancer and their dignified diplomatic acumen can make even a moody Cancer stop sulking. Strongly draws the Libra. The fact that essentially Cancer is domesticated and loves making a home that is warm, comfortable and beckoning.

The sensitivity and willingness to compromise that both these zodiac signs have, gives them a jump start in any relationship that they start. Of course it is also an undoubted fact that they have widely differing points of view and they are hardly ever in synch with each other. However Cancer remains very caring and supportive and Libra never refrains from compromising Hence a happy relationship between the two is almost always assured.

A romantic liaison between Cancer and Libra gives to each what the other lacks. Both are looking for a bonding that gives them security and assurance and a joint thankfulness for the good things in life and beauty. Progress in this relationship could appear to be somewhat slow because of wanting friendship and appreciating beauty, but within a very short period of time the positive qualities of each other will be recognized and appreciated.

Some fundamental issues leave a lot of room for Cancers and Librans to enter into verbal skirmishes with each other. Libra by nature does not like to keep hidden secrets from the Cancer. However the Cancer are eternally suspicious and always in search of some hidden secret or the other which the Libra has secreted away and Libra feels that this is really wrong. When the Cancer has something to hide, they tend to remain silent and use a pungent sense of humour to distract the others. Libra tries to logically analyse anything and everything and this could go against the grain for Cancer whose sensibilities might be hurt. Criticism, especially from the people they love is positive anathema to the Cancer. This could irritate Librans to such an extent that they lose their patience or draw in a lot of unhappiness into the relationship.

Libra and Cancer are both Cardinal signs. This relationship is fine, but there could be problems about who plays the leading role and who actually hold the steering wheels of the relationship. If Cancer is irritated by the dithering Libra, their trick is to turn on the charm full scale and fall in with what the Cancer has planned. This of course is subject to the fact that Cancer does not get cranky. These signs both have the ability to initiate; if their approaches differ however, there can be quite a tussle for power.

Cancer does have a very strong streak of arrogance and as a result it is tough for them to fall in even if the movement forward is not going according to their plans. At times Libra's intervention is required to stop the Cancer from meandering senselessly; this of course could be a cause for disappointment. Finances are another point of discord between the two. While Libra does not give so much credence to money, Cancer feels that it is a very important issue. It is vital to be well guarded emotionally and finally according to the Cancer. Any kind of imbalance between the two greatly disturbs the Cancer. However, should both of these be more or less on par, they are compliant, tender and all that one could wish for. This applies even to the Libra who has very high expectations in practically every aspect.

Libra is an Air and Cancer a Water sign respectively. For Libra life is nothing but a cerebral adventure, while for Cancer the entire experience is much more tactile. If the emotional needs are met, Cancer is more than satisfied; Libra on the other hand prefers to opt for stimulation of the mind. There could be a chasm of misunderstanding between the two at times; conflicts arise if Cancer is too moody or the Libra too confrontational. It has to be accepted by both that their view of looking at things is different.

Should Libra and Cancer be able to ignore some of their fundamental grudges, they will have an enviable ability to enjoy any kind of relationship they might share. In any genre of relationship there are plenty of smile and good cheer. Success in inevitable in any business venture, if the sweet talk are left to the Libra, while Cancer handles the finances. Romance is highlighted in any love relationship between the two. Cancer is good at handling any extravagance and Libra is better at handling the Cancer mood swings. Parenthood is a cherished experience for both and their children are usually intelligent, well-disciplined and well brought up.

Librans are by and large out-going, chirpy and look at the positive side of things. By nature they are gregarious. Libras disguise their passionate nature behind sweet smiles and a convincing demeanour. They have a powerful ability to speak and can answer almost any question put to them. It is not difficult for them to get along with practically anybody. They are also very good decision makers and equally adept at soothing ruffled waters. While not truly being the picture of innocence that they appear to be, they hurt hurting anyone unnecessarily. A Libran likes to ensure a balance being maintained in everything and at the same time being respectful towards all.

The most outstanding feature about the Cancer-Libra romance is the admiration both have for being grounded and stable. Beauty makes a world of difference to them and they are fully appreciative of the comforts of life. Their tastes are so similar that their relationship is very beautiful and harmonious.


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