Libra and Aquarius Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


Aquarians can go as far as the imagination can stretch – no matter how outlandish it might seem or be. They are extremely practical in their thinking and are more than capable of getting people around to their way of thinking by the sheer charm of their words. Aquarians take the world as it happens and try to remain outside the sphere of being conditioned in any way. Though way out suggestions is perfectly acceptable to them, Aquarians are not prepared to accept anything any existing concept without thoroughly delving into the matter. This sign is a strange mingling of fact and imagination. They are very bothered about the future rather than with the past, but at the same time are very conscious of the present too.

There are two planets that rule Aquarius (Uranus – signifying rebellion and Saturn (Karma). On the other hand it is Venus that rules Libra and is the epitome of love. The combination makes for an interesting confluence; rather than just a love relationship, working on a variety of other different assignments can do well for their relationship and for the betterment of any project undertaken. This could be an extraordinary couple for speaking on behalf of social justice and drastic changes in the community.

So far as social networking is concerned, Libras and Aquarians have a lot in common. Though there are undoubtedly differences, their basic similarities are the same. The initial beginning is always good, but tensions can start and grow – especially if there is too much interference in the personal arena. The Libra can seem too much of a bully to the Aquarian, while the Libra in turn seems to be far too much of a bully than he has any right to be. Aquarius of of the opinion that fights and quarrels are far too much of an unpleasantness and speaks to the Libran so convincingly that they in turn apologize and the situation is resolved without too much of a fuss. The high tolerance levels of the Aquarian can easily be picked up by the Libra and in turn the Libra can teach the Aquarius to be calm, because they tend to get a bit hyper at times.

Aquarius and Libra are both Air signs and are strongly attached with intellectual bonds to each other and have a tendency to emulate the communication skills of each other/. Since they work so well together, it is a very good idea for both to take on large projects and be concerned with the greater good. Libra has the ability to set about a balance in the system, which practically no other sign can. Libra and Aquarius have a lot of thought provoking and stimulating conversations amongst themselves.

Librans treasure peace and beauty and any kind of discord can have a very negative effect on them. They are highly intelligent people and can come up with a solution to almost every problem in the world. Pressure does not worry the Libran all that much, but sometimes they do tend to rush too much and be a tad careless. Though definitely argumentative, Librans are fair and can see both sides of the coin. Sometimes even the balancing act can be carried too far. Libra can scrutinize any object very well and can clearly make their opinions felt – even if it is in the negative. However, they do maintain very strict work ethics.

Aquarius and Libra are Fixed and Cardinal signs. For Libra it is not difficult at all to start any project with great momentum. However, finishing it is a problem and that is where Aquarius is an invaluable asset with his determination. They have the determination to push through right to the end. Their working partnership is very good because there is no fight or tension about who takes the credit or is in the forefront or works from the rear.

The vibrant relationship that both Libra and Aquarius enjoy is only too apparent whenever they are together. There might be many arguments when they are in the presence of friends, but they are always prepared to be amicable. Theirs is a perfectly good working relationship, but both should have someone else to intervene and sort out matters if there is any professional project. There is no other reason except that their moodiness might lead to complications and problems. If in the relationship of siblings, they get along famously.

Aquarius and Libra are very good at communicating and sharing. The bonds between them flow very smoothly. Both generate a lot of strength and both have many opportunities to accomplish a lot together. The upliftment of the world is of mutual concern and Aquarius is among the most progressive of the signs. There is always something new in the pipeline. Diplomacy is the name of the game where Libra is concerned and they are the best at calming down any turbulent situation – the Scales being a very appropriate symbol for them. Indecisiveness results sometimes because Libras has an acute phobia about conflict and at the same time are intellectually very advanced. This is where the Aquarian steps in and sorts out the situation so that some progress can actually be made. The Libra returns the favour by calming down the edgy Aquarian when the harshness of reality hits them hard.

If these two signs are not fighting, their conversation is stimulating and thought provoking. However, no feud lasts for a very long time and the tendency is to let bygones be bygones. There is very good understanding between them. Should any discord arise, the Aquarian simply moves away. In a short span of time all is forgotten and the situation goes back to normal. Unfortunately, sometimes the Libra takes a very long time to forgive and forget. A very long time is spent in analyzing the reason for the quarrel and all the various ramifications. Unless the tension is allowed to escalate too high, matters are easily sorted. In the Aquarius-Libra relationship, the former is more innovative, but the latter is the one who actually gives shape to these ideas.

When romance blooms between a Libra and an Aquarius, the relationship is definitely strengthened. Their connection is on a cerebral level which encompasses culture and art and people. Restrictions make both of them extremely jittery. Both of them get along famously and all the more so because they are not prone to demanding more than the other is prepared to give. These signs are both full of vim and energy and enthusiastic to boot. It is highly unlikely that stagnancy will creep in at any time.

Some problems can develop in this particular relationship because Libra has a leaning to dissecting everything in the hope of getting at or understanding the real truth. This can greatly annoy the Aquarius. The latter gets over-emotional, while the Libra actually gets physically ill when there is too much tension. Though there are fights and disputes, but there is also the understanding of the need for each other. Both are reasonable and thus things almost always work out for the best.

Relatives are not a strong point of the Aquarians as they like to remain aloof and not talk much. In a marital relationship, they do have days of brightness and sunshine and manage to stay together the better part of the time. The situation is even more favourable of Aquarian children have Libran parents. In such an instance, the Aquarian comes out right at the top. Aquarian mothers are usually the most friendly of the lot.

The strength that this pair has in working together as a team is their best aspect. Both together can learn much more than any other sign could. The fact that they are so accomplished and that they love to socialize makes their relationship vert successful.


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