Leo and Scorpio Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


Leos are undoubtedly egoistical, but at the same time extremely lovable. Being compassionate is also another characteristic – even more so, if they are smothered with love and admiration, which to their mind they fully deserve anyway. However, expecting this from the Scorpion really does not make much sense. It makes,more sense to them to take over the mantles of the Leo before even thinking of complimenting or praising them. Leos are undoubtedly somewhat domineering, but being bright and sunny tempered, Scorpios could find themselves willingly giving in and even throwing in some compliments as well. It could be just an impression that Scorpios give of being genuine and generous because they are masters at the art of ulterior motives. It is not a very good idea though tom egg on the Scorpio too much because they do not easily tone down and neither are they particularly good at forgetting.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto while the Sun rules Leo. Mars concerns itself with battles, wars and boldness in general. Pluto has a lot of impact on Scorpio. The House of Sex is ruled by Pluto and very greatly influences rebirth and regeneration. This is one of the chief themes in the life of a Scorpio. While the focal point is the self, at the same time there is an abundance of heat and brightness. This is the kind of vim and vigour that is emitted by the Leo. When they are joined there is a whole plethora of male energy. This has the effect of lightening the skirmishes both have with each other and instead focus on helping one another. While Mars and Pluto are the epitomes of not just ambition, but the unconscious as well, the Sun is representative of life. If time is taken and an effort is made to understand each other in depth, the love affair is bound to be very positive.

Scorpios are enigmatic and dazzling who give the impression of being calm and sot-spoken. However, there is a strong current of ambition and prowess flowing beneath it all. They are very hardy and secretive – dependable, but always in search of power. Creature comforts appeal to their sensuality and they are immensely passionate. Their innate shrewd nature couple with a predominant streak of introspection has the effect of making them notice everything. Though they are highly perceptive, they maintain a very low profile. A smiling surface will just not permit anyone to gauge when they will remember some past injury and strike with full venom. If they are angered for whatever cause, they will just not let go until all debts have been squared. At the same time it must be admitted that someone whom they deem worthy will be respected till kingdom come.

Leo has a thorough enjoyment of an extravagant life style and usually ends up doing things on a grandiose scale. Being somewhat larger than life comes naturally to the Leo; Scorpio has no issues at all about that and is more than happy to be the onlooker – if there is equality. Leo is brightness personified and revels in all the attention that it is possible to get. Though Scorpio does not particularly care for the limelight, but definitely likes to remain in control. There has to be a great deal of hard work at understanding each other because both these signs are very forceful about getting their own way.

Leos are warm-hearted and generous by nature. One can usually trust the extrovert Leo. A latent sense of insecurity leaves them craving attention and praises. Compliments can always a Leo to positively flower. However, criticism is not something that they can handle with any positivity. From warm, glowing and generous, they turn cold, sullen and temperamental. Since organization is one of their skills, they delegate what needs to be done. As judges of character they are not particularly good and can be easily duped. This can cause them to come crashing down at a later stage. Their passion is of a very aggressive nature, but they manage to attract most people they come into contact with.

Scorpio and Leo are Water and Fire signs respectively. Scorpion can change colours very fast, while Leo just has to have the freedom to mix around. Since both are steadfast in their determination to lead, some turbulence could be caused in their otherwise harmonious relationship. In keeping with their ruling elements, they have the ability to negate each other unless due care is taken. Sometimes the bonds between the two are not so smooth. Both realize though that the fights are a very minor factor. If too much self-esteem can be kept at a distance, solving any conflict is really not too much of a problem.

For Leos and Scorpios to remain togetherfor a prolonged period is a very tough job. As family, colleagues or even friends, they get along just fine. But, when it comes to the question of wielding authority, it is a different ball game altogether. There are bound to be arguments of a fireball kind. Their difference are usually impossible to iron out; a lot of the time the maternal or paternal link comes into play and one takes on the role of the mother or father and the other the child. This kind of closeness or bonding is so close as to be positively heart-warming. If in a marital relationship or a budding romance, a lot of patience will be needed or there are chances that everything could be lost. Unless the goals that both have are identical, it is best to avoid any kind of business venture.

Leo and Scorpio are both Fixed signs and are quite capable of being dogmatic, intolerant and dead against change of any sort. Both have a dogged manner of moving towards their objectives. Both move according to pre-set plans, making a beeline towards what they want without wasting any time. Change does not appeal very much and both would much rather move steadily rather than fast and jerky. Unfortunately if their ideas are not the same, it could signify the beginning of a never ending series of struggles. Scorpio could take any change in stance as a weakness and Leo might take this to mean that Scorpio is being too self-opinionated. Should both these signs realize that both are basically on the same side in the long run, their productivity is likely to remain good.

Though initially there is a compelling attraction, it can soon fall to pieces because of a battle for exerting the most authority and winning arguments. Both are sure that they are in the right and should be in the forefront – hence nobody is willing to let go. Being an introvert Scorpio tends to be quiet in the beginning giving the impression of accepting the Leo dictate. All of a sudden there is retaliation which shuts the Leo up, but results in a lot of unpleasantness. Leo takes umbrage at being denied loads of admiration for his acumen and constantly having to wage a battle off sorts; at the same time Scorpio refuses to accept the Leonine arrogance. If Scorpio is sure that the impact is negative for him, he will just turn around and walk away for good.

Romance between a Scorpio and Leo is very deep and volatile. They are perfectly in synch with what the other needs. Leo just has to be venerated and complimented just about all the time; what Scorpio needs is to be wanted and respected. Both are absolutely faithful to each other and just as possessive! Both partners have the ability to give what the other requires and at the same time enjoy the strength that emanates from both.

Since both Scorpio and Leo are obstinate to say the least, there can be some marked clashed between the two. Leo is put off by the over-possessive attitude of the Scorpio, while the latter cannot stand being bossed over. Both feel they are in the right by wanting to dominate; the result inevitably is clashes whenever they are in proximity for any length of time. Emotions have to be downplayed if both are truly interested in building up a relationship. A focus on positivity will bring about a close bonding, which is ultimately what both want.

Experiences widely vary so far as any relationship between Scorpio and Leo is concerned. They are obstinate, passionate and faithful. It is a very easy possibility for them to clash. This bonding is always an intense one and is fully replete with respect for one another.

The fact that both can be utterly devoted to each other and any scheme they share is one of the most endearing traits about these two. Intrinsically both the signs are very different from each other and are just as powerful. People around them feel that they are a dynamic couple; if they are truly devoted to fulfilling their hopes and dreams, it can be a very strong match.


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