Leo and Leo Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life

LEO match LEO

Strength and pride are marked characteristics of the Leo. There is always an aura of confidence around them. Open-handedness, grace and kindness are very typical of them. Leos tend to positively feed of compliments and are always brimming over with energy, bright and warm. However, criticism is one element that the Leo finds it impossible to handle. They become cold and unapproachable. Being in the presence of Leos can make a person feel very much at ease and relaxing. They can play with words and though they might appear to be somewhat arrogant they do so in such a pleasant manner that no one really minds. When things are positive and matters are flowing pleasantly, there is nobody more loveable than them; but it troubled times they are overtly proud and egotistical. They will never confess to feelings of defeat or mistake.

Leo belongs to a Fire Sign and the fiery passion both the Leos share is impossible to stop. What makes the relationship so vibrant is physical energy is what works for them. They do not depend so much on intellectual or emotional energy. If calamity can be avoided this is one of the most positive forces ever. There is no shade of grey for them – it is either black or white. Both the people involved have to make a strenuous effort for this relationship to have some kind of fluidity. But since the Leos usually need constant attention and appreciation, they will definitely be drawn together.

It is a very complex situation when two Leos get together and the best comes about only when they are alone together. If they amongst hordes of people, the immediate tendency is to move about in such a manner that they get ahead. The situation is this – they have an urgent need to move in the outer world; this is actually because they esteem and adulation of the maximum number of people. Ultimately this is what eggs them on to be generous, loyal and proud. However it is also a fact that one Leo can very easily turn against another – because for them there can be only one member holding centre stage. What both parties need to figure out is - how to share the limelight, no matter how small the beam. In a total Leo alliance both have to figure out the proportion of ‘You’ ‘We’ and ‘Us’ – that will make all the difference in the world.

Being a Fixed Sign, there is almost always a scramble for power when two such personalities are conjoined. The logical and social part of the Leo will prompt a resolving of differences if the desire is strong enough. Some allowances will definitely be made, but not frequently. There is a volatile temper that is characteristic of this sign and which bursts forth fairly frequently. However, this is forgotten very fast so that the jovial moments can continue.

Two Leos conjoined are an experience to watch with bemusement. Both are very aware of just how devoted both are to each other. There are certain remarkable features; the primary among them is their ability to endure the losses they might have to bear stoically and also their whole-hearted resolve in achieving their goals. Even outsiders tend to watch with amazement. The relationship that two Leos share is replete with many more raucous fights and quarrels than any other sign. However, it is also true that they make up with just as much vim and vigour. The heated arguments and fights are not necessarily a negative factor because it is also a sign of passion that burns like fire between them. The main subject matter of their fights usually is – who should wear the pants in the house or who is the most deserving of admiration. Left to themselves they are indeed the very best of friends and have a deep and abiding respect for each other. Mo matter what kind of bonding they share, they are not only very good friends, but are also acutely aware of the faults the other one has.

A Leo-Leo love match is most certainly an attention drawing proposition. Two individual – both eye catching, loud and gregarious – both seem to be a perfect match for each other. If it is a question of mixing and mingling with people, leading groups or even showing others what romance is all about, this is an unassailable combination.

Just as much as a Leo Couple have to love, they have as much to struggle. Among their myriad needs are an abundant display of love, oodles of compliments and of course being the leader is absolutely mandatory. This indeed does make a world of difference. Neither of the couple is ready to hold second position – they need to be first and for the simple sake of pride they are ready to sacrifice anything. Each one would much rather admire themselves than compliment the other. Additionally, each one takes for granted that their wish is nothing short of a command. Hence if the other one of the couple has a contrary point of view, there is bound to be a furore. However, should this pair care enough to be a trifle more adjusting and accommodating and throw in some patience as well, all the glitches are bound to work out in the best possible way. There is always the possibility of sharing the limelight and decisions taken logically rather than ego problems coming into the picture. Since they are basically very good friends and get along well quite naturally which is not very common, a little effort can make this bonding a wondrous one.

The Sun is the focal point of all the planets and this explains the Leo’s stance just as well as they are ruled by the Sun. There is powerful light and strength emanating from the Sun. Just like the actual planet, as regards earthly beings too the warmth that is radiated guides fellow humans on their journey. There is also the contrary fact that the heat from the Sun can singe those in close proximity, primarily because of an exaggerated sense of drama and a self-centred nature. This makes the situation very tiresome for their partner.

In a relationship, Leos can be great friends or the relationship can be totally chaotic. Even where family ties are concerned or close acquaintances or professional colleagues, there is always a sense of competition and having to emerge as the best. And admiration and adulation is absolutely essential. Even then there is a core of helpfulness that comes to the fore. If it is relatives that are in question, they get along very well because of so many common factors. A business venture is good only when both the Leo partners have the same basic idea about reaching their goal. In a marriage or partner relationship, they have a very ardent and zealous relationship and there is an abundance of romance and loyalty. As parents Leos are very giving and caring, but there is no doubting their authority. The tiny tots to respect their elders with no questions asked.

This couple are natural born leaders. At the same time it must be remembered that this vitality and passion has to have a certain degree of restraint so that the compatibility remains just as vibrant. Both take a great joy in the finer things of life and unhesitatingly show each other how to have a good time. There are bound to be very dramatic moments and both need constant attention all the time.

Two Leos are just a double portion of everything. Their modus operandi and needs are naturally very similar. This enhances the compatibility issue to a certain point. When this carried beyond what is natural, problems arise in the context of attention and authority. The Leo relationship is very passionate and there is the potential to go either way – positive or negative.

The most positive aspect of this Leo-Leo relationship is their bewildering capacity for having fun and the amazing amount of creativity in them. Good times seem to last forever for this boisterous couple.


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