Gemini and Gemini Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


Intellectually the Gemini appears superior to other in almost any conversation. They seem to have a way with words that gets them out of any sticky situation. When both Geminis get together in any kind of relationship, they are supremely at ease with the situation; there are fewer explanations to offer or complicated conversations to endure. To anyone around the conversations will seem to be totally out of synch and impossible to understand, but between the two Geminis concerned, there is no problem at all in getting the message across, which can be as colourful as they come. There is a flip side without doubt - sometimes knowing and understanding each other so well can make the relationship a little dull and predictable. It is impossible to pull wool over the eyes of someone who us so thoroughly conversant with the other partner. Independence is a very prominent feature and there is a festoon of thoughts that can be delved into without any boundaries or feelings of petty jealousy.

Mercury signifying communication is the overlord of Gemini. Both are so familiar with each other that they could effortlessly swings hoops around each other. Hermes (according to Greek legends) or Mercury in modern times was a traveller. This is typical of this sign who love variety – whether places are concerned or manner of speaking. Twins are symbolic of this sign and sometimes their conversation could be misconstrued as gossip. The vital issue is to use this art of conversation in a positive manner.

Independence is an absolutely essential element for the Gemini. They make extremely good conversationalists and almost all Geminis are as smart as a tack, though moody at the same time. There is no stammering and stuttering when a Gemini or a group of Geminis talk. They have a penchant for moving about at will and are fiercely independent. Being twin personalities, even Geminis themselves do no know most of the time which personality is surfacing or has surfaced.

The intellect of a Gemini is so hyperactive that even during sleep they are tossing ideas about. They will ponder, reflect and toss their ideas about until any kind of concrete decision is reached. Geminis are very good with figures or accounting or adding a twist to their own reasoning or conclusion.

If there are two Geminis who form an alliance, it is more like four people getting together, since their symbol is that of the twins. Since this sign has a low threshold of boredom, their relations never being dull is a very good thing. Both partners serve as a sounding board for the other since there is a constant need for continual chatter as well as intellectual stimulation. Thanks to a razor sharp wit and ability to be extremely entertaining, they can be the life and soul of any social gathering. If the desire to compete all the time can be avoided, then loving relations between the two can be very fulfilling.

The smooth flow of emotions between them can allow them to dream many beautiful dreams. There are no grudges to speak of and neither is there any boredom. However because of the skittish nature of the relationship, instability might become an issue. There is no desire to hone in on any relationship and because of this element of vagueness; a relationship between two Geminis is prone to never get properly grounded. Whatever activity they are pursuing together, they have a supremely enjoyable time. Though they dream big, rarely do they take concrete shape.

The times Gemini spends together are enjoyable no matter what or when they do. Though both tend to dream big, very rarely do their dreams come true. If they are both willing to compromise to a large extent and also exercise caution to some extent, their relationship will be marked by solidity. Theirs is a mutable sign and flexibility id the name of the game. Both the people involved know well the art of compromise , which results in a union that is almost always conflict free. Only if a discussion goes out of hand into an argument does the chance if a battle of wits arise. However, a Gemini is very fast at realizing the futility of senseless arguments and fights and quarrels.

If the compliments remain on the fun side, then there is no problem at all. However their moods are wont to change and can be sunny and easy going on at one moment and biting and prone to pick a fight at the next. If the dichotomies coincide, there is no problem at all; however if they occur at differing times, then there are very good chances of a showdown. Two Geminis entering into an argument can be very unpleasant to say the least. There are very few Geminis iun number who can take control of this situation. By and large they are more surface people and an in depth tenacity is not in their nature. However, if they slow down somewhat and thrown in some genuineness, a stable and long term relationship is definitely on the cards.

There is a frequent exchange of banter between them – sometimes sardonic and sometimes jovial. While this remains in good spirits, it could prevent the relationship from being taken seriously. If there is to be intimacy in a relationship, there definitely should be at least some elements of seriousness, and it would do the Gemini good to learn this. Instead of only giving importance to thoughts, if the members of this sign give some credence to emotions and feelings, their love relationship will definitely scale new heights.

The Gemini who appears not to have a care in the world can develop very exciting relationship with one another. Their relationship is dynamic and both have a lot to contribute. Even if the relatives are that of colleagues or relatives, there is great compatibility between the two and the communication is wonderful. However, between the two business is not such a good idea; this is because they are dreamy and though sharply intelligent, the practicalities and realities are somewhat lacking. Since there is no jealousy or possessiveness, the love relationship is smooth and without any glitches. However, one has to be alert about the mood changes and hold on to patience all the time. Parenthood once again is easy flowing and good care is taken of the little ones and they enjoy fun times too. Intellectual growth is also given great importance.

It is more of a logical than an emotional force that is the response of the Gemini to his romantic partner and the world in general. Their attention span is short lived and it often happens that both burn out at the same time. Of course in an equally short span of time, Geminis are on to another scheme.

When two Geminis share any relationship, it is always extremely vibrant and attention grabbing. Their relationship needs are almost the same and so they enjoy intellectual compatibility too. However, since this is prone to constant change, squabbles and quarrels can result.

It is an outstanding feature that a couple of Geminis provide each other with extraordinary stimulation. There is definitely no boring and mundane existence to consider. Both together can entertain the world and achieve together much more than they could have by themselves.


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