Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


There is a childish element in the Gemini that remains all through life. The adult emotions like emotional turbulence, suspicions and future predictions etc do not play a very important role in their lives. However, so far as figures are concerned or matters dealing with computers or giving the truth a twist that will suit themselves. Extravagance is unfortunately a part of it all. There is no problem at all in saying that they are extremely powerful so far as the intellect is concerned, but the attachments are acutely lacking. They are on a constant search of options because coming to any one decision is very difficult for them. Since they are naturally smart, they are quick to delegate what has to be done and then others to do the needful. Keeping an eye on them is slightly difficult because they are constantly on the move and very fast paced at that.

Gemini is an Air sign, as also is Aquarius. They are intellectually very well bonded. Both are very social creatures; Gemini is sharply witty and an extremely good conversationalist. That tends to make a very good impression on people. Aquarians are also very witty and are the happiest when they can mix with a wide variety of people. Both these signs share very good compatibility.

Aquarius and Gemini are very companionable on every kind of level; they are not at all fazed by the dissimilarities. This allows for a great deal of flexibility and general cheer. Their childlike enjoyment of what is going around creates a kind of magical aura. Gemini is adept at changing their personalities at any given moment, while Aquarians are also more than fond of frolicking about in a world of fantasy. Both these signs are so similar that while together they practically sail through life. There are arguments the two, but it is never serious enough to cause any major problem. Gemini has the ability to look more precisely at a subject, while Aquarius adds the zing and chutzpah to any project. Both are brilliant conversationalists, which could almost be regarded as works of art.

The members of both Gemini and Aquarius and replete with a lot of energy and having the ability to think very fast are constantly coming up with fresh and better ideas. Aquarius is very determined and they are successful in making their ideas concrete. Since both are very quick witted, neither of them likes to waste any time. If Gemini is given a lot of space , Aquarius has the ability to help Gemini focus; but the Gemini does need oodles of mental freedom. Feeling overcrowded of being pushed into something is positive anathema to the Gemini.

By nature Aquarians are extroverts, amiable and at the same time highly intelligent. There is no issue at all about them making friends – and that too from all walks of life. One of the activities Aquarius enjoys the most is trying to unearth the deepest secrets of any person and trying to understand what he is really like. There are no ego problems for an Aquarian – and they have no overestimated ideas about themselves. However, they feel very strongly about independence and individuality. An Aquarian is always ready to accept any option or possibility, though it might seem completely outlandish and strange. There is always positivity about them. Yes, they are extremely stubborn too.

Aquarius and Gemini are Fixed and Mutable signs respectively. Gemini pines after freedom and are extremely protective about their independence. Aquarius is just as much of a diehard stubborn person as Gemini – and prefers to be the leader in this relationship.

Any bonding between Aquarius and Gemini is bright and cheerful. They are cerebral and lively at the same time – and their relationship is a reflection of this. As family members or close associates they have a fine tuned bonding, which can become the envy of all. They love any kind of activity which is undertaken together. Good business ideas come very easily to them, but they lose interest in keeping the money just as fast. A romantic relationship takes off very well for both of them. Usually parenthood is not something they are particularly interested in; however, once there is parenthood in actuality, they become very good friends to their children.

Romance between an Aquarius and a Gemini is replete with a motivating bonding which is wondrous to say the least. Both Gemini and Aquarius are full of an abundance of ideas. Both treasure their sense of independence and fall in love easily because both feel the same way about it. There is just one possibility that might cause trouble – Aquarius might feel that Gemini is dawdling far too much for their liking and Gemini might assume that Aquarius is far too dogged in their attitude. However, no major discord id likely to be caused – and generally there is very good understanding between them and on a very deep level too.

There is no question about being dull or mundane so far as this couple is concerned. Though others definitely fond of them, they continue to remain somewhat of a mystery and sometimes a little annoying because of their habit of constant debating some point or the other. They might amuse themselves, but to the acquaintances all around – their conversation is far too complex to be really enjoyable. However, it is also a fact that this chaotic kind of order between both of them is needed to their interest alive. If the relationship is too flat and level, the relationship is not very happy. So far as finances are concerned, they make money just as fast as they spend it. Neither of them can be sure whether they are winners or losers for the very simple reason that they are constantly changing.

Saturn (Karma/Work) and Uranus signifying Rebellion are overlords of Aquarius. It is Mercury or Communication that rules over Gemini. The original and progressive mind-set of the Aquarian is primarily due to the combination of the Uranus and Saturn, as also the stubborn resolve to put their ideas to good use. Of the entire gamut of the zodiac, it is Aquarius who is the most humanitarian. Should the Aquarius get stuck in a mire, it is Gemini who makes the fullest use of its strength to help out the partner involved. Aquarius is liable to be greatly helped thanks to Gemini who has a far more flexible mind and can be of great assistance during tense moments or there is a great deal of tension abounding.

There are normally no glitches in any relationship between the Aquarius and Gemini, except for some patchy areas. There is no penchant at all that Gemini has for veracity or half-truths and the like. In order to bypass any complexity, they simply bypass the truth with its myriad meanings. On the other hand Aquarius searches for the truth beneath all the murky waters. They logically are always on the lookout for this. This is the juncture at which problems might arise in the relationship between the two. There is no relationship that is absolutely trouble free; if for whatever reason Aquarius starts taking the relationship between them very easy and at a point when Gemini is feeling particularly amorous, there could be problems. But such a situation is not very common. Neither of the signs have to offer explanations to each other nor worry about the activities of the other.

The relationship between an Aquarius and a Gemini is smooth-flowing because they give each other an impetus. Have a thorough enjoyment of each other’s company and find a lot to work on together. Their friendship always has a freshness; not matter what genre of relationship they actually share, their friendship is always genuine and sincere.

Both Gemini and Aquarius synch very well together and are good at acting as a sounding board for each other and their novel ideas. Since they are almost always interacting verbally, it makes for an extremely healthy relationship. This is the best factor about their pairing.


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