Capricorn and Pisces Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


Between Pisces and Capricorn, there is always an abundance of serenity and warmth. The strange part is that it is the differences that exist between them that brings about this sense togetherness. The dreamy outlook of the Pisces enchants the Capricorn and gives them a sense of freedom. On the other hand the Pisces feels comfortable and peaceful with the Capricorn. The Pisces who has a tendency to procrastinate finds an anchor and focal point with the Capricorn, who in turn sees an amazing and inspirational lover in the Pisces. They are both so amazed and taken aback at the differences that both find a magnetic appeal in the other. Their differences do not really seem to matter as they are further entwined because of the ties between them. The progress could be slow between them because the progression remains initially unrecognized. However this does strengthen over a period of time. Both can together find a it is fulfilment in each other. The problems arise when Capricorn is over dominating; the Pisces has to accept that it is no personal attack, but just a different point of view. With some understanding and patience the Pisces can gain a better understanding of the Capricorn’s stubborn nature. The maternal nature of the Pisces comes to the fore and this goes very well with the Capricorn need for a neat and tidy home.

By and large the Pisces are gentle and peace-loving. Adaptability is the name of the game for them and they are more than happy to make sacrifices for their near and dear ones. However, they are easily influenced and tend to get over emotional and trust others very easily. However, if their freedom is hampered they feel claustrophobic and long to escape from that situation. They might not always understand but are always tolerant and never judgmental. Situations where there is room for flexibility is the best suited to them. They honour and respect the people around them and make sure that the feeling is apparent.

Pisces and Capricorn are Mutable and Cardinal Signs respectively. Capricorn is focused and concentrates on any one factor, while the Pisces tends to flit from one thing to another – as the mood suits them. Since Pisces are by nature flexible, they might well become very interested in the projects of the Capricorns. It is in the nature of the Pisces to move from one thing to another. This should not give the Capricorn a complex that the Pisces is losing interest in any one of their projects. The difference is that even when the Pisces has moved on from one of his own projects, the Capricorn will still remain interested. A lesson that the Capricorn would do well to learn from the Pisces is that flexibility can be a far better idea than rigid discipline at times.

The bonding between the Capricorn and the Pisces is generally one where both have a mutual admiration for each other. The Capricorn strength is always admired by the Pisces, while the Capricorn appreciates the Piscean adaptability.

Neptune and Jupiter jointly rule Pisces while Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. Saturn is a planet that is indicative of authority, dedication and responsibility. Jupiter rules the sense of ethics, higher education and of course elevated standards. The dreams and illusions that play such an important part in a Pisces life is under the aegis of Neptune. All the three planets are complementary to each other because they epitomize dedication and compassionate justice.

There is usually virtually no cause for discord because they get along in most aspects and there is practically no cause for disagreement. There is very little need for compromise and cooperation. If there should be some occasion for difference of opinion, it is usually very easy for the Pisces to get the Capricorn to change their strong opinions and come a large way towards their way of thinking. Patience is a virtue which stands them in very good stead. If the Capricorn happens to be a little nasty, the Pisces does not let it bother them all that much. This has the effect of calming the Capricorn, who in turn is a lot more adjustable. Capricorn is also an asset in helping the Pisces to sort out their confused thoughts and show them how to think more like the Capricorn.

The Pisces is a Water sign, while Capricorn is an Earth sign – which are all about possessions. As partners, Capricorn-Pisces like material objects around them that reflect their high standards. Intuition and emotion are the mainstay of water signs and the Piscean input is like fuel behind the relationship, but in a passive manner. This couple are most comfortable in their love in the luxury of a classy home.

Looking at the negative angle, the too pragmatic attitude of the Capricorn can be on a collision course with the Pisces and their inability to come to any decision very easily. This has to be carefully handled by the Capricorn if any showdown is to be avoided. The Pisces will having a growing sense of isolation and in a retaliatory mode just start moving away from the relationship. The Capricorns lead very orderly lives, while the Pisceans are a lot more scatty. Capricorns like to see their money grow, while Pisces feel more comfortable with short term issues. However, both are very good at having an easy flowing relationship with just a little bit of patience and adjustment.

A romance between the Capricorn and Pisces might appear to mean an attraction of opposites. The Capricorn is pragmatic and grounded, while the Pisces is more dreamy and tends to live with the head in the clouds. They however have a lot of empathy for the people around them. They are an honest couple and devoted to each other, with admiration thrown in as well. The basic kindness of the Pisces is greatly admired by the Capricorn and the witty and firm resolve of the Capricorn impresses the Pisces a great deal.

In practically any situation, the Pisces and the Capricorn synch very well and emote well with each other in any kind of relationship. As parents they are very good ; Piscean parents support their Capricorn children and highlight and appreciate their intellectual capabilities. If the Pisces is a tad more grounded even their business associations together can be seen doing a great job. These two signs usually remain the very best of friends because they are just as much alike as they are different.

Capricorns and stable and sensitive people in practically all of their activities. Taking chances is not something they go in for – it usually has to be the sure thing for them. They lead orderly and well patterned lives and any decision is a concrete decision and well thought out.

Capricorns are very striving and the ego plays a very important role in their lives. They like rising high on the social ladder and feel the king of all they survey. Though they might appear introverts and not interested in appearances, in actuality they are fully focusing on the toad that will take ahead the fastest. A sense of acceptance and admiration is also very important to them. Capricorns are very gentle and loving with the people they feel are closest to them.

The most unique angle to the Pisces-Capricorn relationship is the exceptional blend of differing temperaments. They both enjoy sharing the best part of their lives both like to lend a helping hand to someone in need. It is their very difference that makes their relationship truly unique.


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