Capricorn and Leo Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


By and large Capricorns are go-getting conformists, who also exert a great deal of self-control. Tried and tested is the name of the game – and that is the option they will always go for. Patience under the most trying conditions and a ‘do or die’ attitude is very typical of them. Capricorns are not very good at openly expressing themselves, though there is a wealth of love, caring and protectiveness for their entire family and all those whom they love. Money and family they regard as their most precious treasures. Most Capricorns have a healthy bank balance and are quite educated. It is their attitude that sometimes leads people to regard them as snobs. Though outwardly cold and uncaring, they appreciate compliments and admiration just as much as the next person. Under a cloak of self-preservation, there is a dominant streak of selfishness.

Capricorn and Leo are Cardinal and Fixed signs respectively. There are dominant strains of motivation, obstinacy and intolerance in them. Both these signs will pursue their objectives till the goal is finally achieved. A regular and well-ordered life makes the Capricorn comfortable. Leo on the contrary is thrilled with the explosive and expects the unexpected. Once both come to an agreement about wanting the match, there is no looking back. The relationship is nurtured and it flourishes.

The Leo is egoistic to say the least and takes it for granted that he is a cut above everybody else and pushed with all his might to prove that he is right all the time. This constant reassurance boosts his self-confidence and has the positive effect of making his generosity even more pronounced. Leo likes to keep up his stature at practically any cost. Being in the spotlight attracts them greatly and helps them to flaunt their success. They are always in search of an admiring audience. Despite being arrogant, they are not only lovable but very lavish too. Those who are in need of protection can always be sure that the Leo will be there. Though it might not appear so, Leos are sentimental to a very high degree and romantic to boot.

Saturn rules Capricorn, while the Sun rules Leo. The focal point of Saturn is intense labour. It is ego and the self that the Sun concentrates on and radiates light and warmth. Leo truly does spread this sort of eagerness and vigour. The differences that exist between this couple can be a speaking lesson for them. Saturn is representative of resolve, while the Sun is that of life. If each pays attention to the other, the coupling turns out to be positive and lead to plenty of assignments.

Competition provides a healthy impetus, though it is also true that they can always learn from each other. There is covert or open rivalry between them. Both have the qualities of excessive pride and bullheadedness and they are both convinced that they are better than the best. There is no doubt that the brightness and cheer of the Leo attracts the more sedate Capricorn, but at the same time the Leo’s habit of self-praise irritates them no end. Though Capricorns have practically all the qualities that Leo does, they are not that obvious about it. The key to the other’s motivation is an inspiration to the other. It is seen that there is a marked and sudden increase in the feelings that exist between them as a result; this in turn has the positive effect of making the bonds that much stronger.

Capricorn is an Earth and Leo a Fire sign. A secure career is the aim and goal for the Capricorn, while for Leo it is creative freedom that is most important. This results in a well-adjusted relationship of love. The time spent together is thoroughly enjoyable and there will be time set aside for personal pursuits as well. If both are sensible and every now and then assure one another of the importance they hold, conflicts cannot a negative dent in this relationship.

Among the similar traits shared by Capricorn and Leo are imposing demeanours, superior intelligence, pragmatic nature coupled with die-hard obstinacy. These traits are more pronounced in the Capricorn, but both these signs are very very curious about each other. Capricorn is fascinated by the entire multi-coloured and bright attire and personality of the Leo. They never fail to be impressed by the far-reaching goals Leos set for themselves and the smooth manner in which they delegate authority for the work to be done. Another very typical characteristic is a spontaneous generosity – which goes along with the tendency to spend extravagantly without a thought for any kind of regime. Capricorn is somewhat chary about spending money for any cause without giving a lot of thought to the matter. Leo on the other hand is impulsive, impetuous and tends to spend without thinking of the consequences.

Capricorn and Leo both have a weakness for being pampered and enjoying the luxuries – but also are more than prepared to working hard to reach their goals. Both these signs enjoy being in the limelight and being updated so far as material possessions are concerned. Leo can go somewhat overboard, while Capricorn is a little more muted. Since determination is a strong feature in both these signs, if a little care is taken, both will learn to sympathise with the other. Realization will dawn that there is a lot both can teach each other. Capricorn can learn to relax and have a good time, while Leo learns the art of hard work in an organized fashion from Capricorn.

Capricorns and Leos make good companions – whether they be siblings, professional colleagues or plain and simple friends. Their motives do not have any hidden agendas of harming the other.Being members of the same family does not necessarily mean they share particularly close bonds, might be the normal compatibility scenario. An Capricorn assignment taken on usually turns out to be successful – after all, the Leo is very good at initiating some project, which the Capricorn ensures that the objectives are actually realised. The glitches primarily rise because of the Leo’s penchant for overspending and constantly pushing for authority. In a relationship where romance is highlighted, there is a slight difference because Capricorns are not that able at expressing themselves. However parenthood is a treasured experience for both; when kids, these signs are usually very respectful and disciplined with regards to their own parents.

Capricorn and Leo are signs that are absolutely opposed to each other as regards their outlook to life. For the Capricorn unrealistic and overdramatic. In turn, to the Leo’s way of thinking, Capricorn are too much of introverts and not at all adept at expressing themselves. At the same time Leo thinks Capricorn has a fabulous sense of humour, while the Capricorn thinks that Leo is sparklingly bright.

If it so happens that Capricorn and Leo are bonded romantically, they are very supportive of each other. It is the Capricorn who is somewhat more traditional, labours that much harder and achieves their objectives by dint of their do or die attitude. However, both remain faithful to the ideal of teaching each other. Though apparently at polar opposites, their feelings for each other grow stronger the more they get to know each other.

Both these signs analyse each other in a different light altogether. Capricorn is often thought of as indifferent, egocentric, callous and over dominating by the Leo; the Capricorn too firmly believes that the Leo is self-loving, an over-spender and always in too much of a hurry. If both observe the habits of the a lot can be learned. Capricorn can be assisted in building a strong foundation that will also be of assistance to the Leo and they discover what dependability is all about. What they can gain will become more apparent to the Leo. It is to the Capricorn’s credit that they can confess to making a mistake or hold on to their patience in the most difficult circumstances. The fact that the Leo can aim for such laudable goals can be of immense benefit to the Capricorn, if they choose to notice it. If the Capricorn emulate a little of the Leo’s style of living, they learn a great deal about warmth, independence and the art of being more sociable. If all the variances between them are genuinely felt and experienced, it will bring a freshness and renewed strength to the relationship.

The manner in which both the signs dedicate themselves totally to the task in front of them is truly laudable. Both the personalities are very compelling. It might seem they are totally contradicting each other, but in actuality it is a case of opposites attracting. Both thoroughly enjoy each other’s company and this is what keeps them wanting even more.


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