Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


Capricorns are by and large conformists, extremely goal oriented with oodles of self-discipline. They are representative of resolve, solidity and constancy. Under the veneer of gentle amiability lies a hard core arrogance in the context of prestige and fame. Apparently wanting solitude, in reality Capricorns long for lots of admiration and adulation. They are that genre of people who look for joys from matters that are not complex at all or cause any risk to freedom. There are a certain class of Capricorns who are very status conscious and prefer going in for only designer and labelled stuff. Despite this apparent contradiction, they are at heart simple and strongly bonded with the family. They are not very good at expressing themselves even though they love deeply. As a result most of the time people tend to think that they are cold and unfeeling.

It is a very strong base of emotional security and financial and material strength that the relationship commences and continues to grow. Both the signs know how to be parsimonious if required. The situation is not always grave and solemn and Cancer knows how the Capricornian partner loves to take it easy and enjoy the fruits of his labour. It is Cancer who adds finesse to all the accomplishments as they take place. All the memorabilia and cherished memories generally fall in the purview of the Cancer. However, it is Capricorn who edges Cancer towards success and helps control the negative qualities. They throw light on the more vital issues instead of always focussing on hurt sensibilities. If there is a diehard commitment and a grounded home ambience, there is no option but for the relationship to succeed.

Capricorn and Cancer strongly attract each other because they are so different from each other. Each one has the qualities that make them a perfect foil for each other. Cancer and Capricorn can both be depended on and readily commit to any relationship they might make. However, since their mode of manifestation is different, there could be some initial dichotomies.

Saturn (Karma /work ethics) rules Capricorn, while it is the Moon (Emotions) that rules Cancer. The energy that the Moon has is feminine and warm; by contrasts Saturn has a cold masculine energy. The focal theme of the Moon is the nurturing element, primarily through emotions. It is the intuition that a mother has and the maternal care that she gives of her largesse. They are both of the essence to Cancer. Capricorn concentrates on achieving their goals through discipline and a stern sense of honour. When a Cancer is a partner, the Capricorn learns how to derive a certain enjoyment from life and also value the splendour and comfort it can bring. Cancer. Who has a strong mothering instinct relishes giving a soft touch to the hard element in Capricorn. In turn Capricorn cares enough to soothe the emotional insecurities of the Cancer and give them a strong base that they crave. From Capricorn Cancer learns more discipline and to emerge into the world and move towards their goals.

It would the Cancer a world of good to accept the fact it is very difficult to change a Capricorn’s mind once they have decided on a course of action. Capricorns should also keep in mind that for a Cancer to take the first step forward is indeed an onerous task. This is due to a kind of complex that makes them feat being looked down on because of mistakes or lack of knowledge. It is in order to prevent this from happening that Cancers tend to retreat into their shell. While the Capricornian is always confident about any decision taken, the Cancer has to analyse a great number of times and make sure that the right decision is being taken. Being censured or being rebuffed are very very difficult pills for the Cancer to swallow and so they lack the strength to take a chance on making a wrong decision. Security is an absolutely essential element for them; Capricorns by contrast being very ambitious has the positive effect of holding the Cancer together.

Capricorn and Cancer both happen to be Cardinal signs. They can both take the initiative and are very passionate and action prone. This factor can lead to raucous conflicts; at the same time this provides Capricorn with a strong support as Cancer is totally devoted to this relationship. The fact that their emotional tendencies are so very different provides a perfect foil for each other. Capricorn excels at making good use of all details and Cancer is there for any emotional support. Both Cancer and Capricorn will get along just fine if their individual strengths are allowed to flow.

Cancers frequently like to remember the past. As Capricorns value the lessons which they have learnt from the past, they share this common link with Cancers. A deep and abiding love for their families and a strong feeling of protection is yet another common factor. So far as their profession is concerned, Capricorns are likely to opt for employment that is conventional. Cancers choose the practical over everything else and share an aptitude (with Capricorn) with everything that is artistic. There are also very strong differences which make them two distinct personalities. The Cancer is not overt in her determination to take the lead. Hence Capricorn quite often takes a long time to realize this fact.

Capricorn is an Earth and Cancer a Water sign. They focus on respectively on material possessions and the ethereal like intuitions and emotions and nostalgia and beauty respectively. This couple likes to have beauty all around themselves – an imperious house, majestic cars and gorgeous art work etc. Since both want a solid financial foundation in order to have all this, both are perfectly willing to work extremely hard for their achievements. Since both love this high-end style of living, neither can preach that one is showing off at the other’s expense.

Cancer’s sensitivity becomes apparent when they start interacting with anybody. Their charismatic appeal is impressive. However, they are always very humble in order to help any person in distress. Some of the outstanding characteristics of Cancers are they overtly emotional nature, extreme degrees of imagination and of course utter modesty. Their strong point is patience coupled with a high degree of flexibility too. They can be a major inspiration to people, but if they force themselves to emerge from the shell and conquer their inner conflict. Should it be possible to do away with their inhibitions and engender a belief in their abilities, they will shine as leaders and achieve success in almost every sphere.

Capricorn and Cancer in a romantic alliance are a combination of will power and persistence. Cancer is responsible for lending emotional intensity to the bonding, while the focal point of Capricorn is being realistic and grounded. There is expectation of high standards which stems from a very high mutual regard. Cancer discovers the element of dedication in the Capricorn. While the latter is deeply appreciative of the persistence Cancer shows. Though from opposite sides of the zodiac, a very successful alliance can be created between these two signs of the zodiac.

There are the positive factors, but along with it are the reasons that can be the prime reasons why Capricorns and Cancers have serious differences of opinion. The practicality of the Capricorn clashes seriously with the sensitivity of the Cancer. Since it is a problem for the Capricornians to express themselves. This is turn has the effect of turning the Cancer mute and unresponsive. Any association or relationship that has more than one leader is very difficult to sustain. Cancers tend to just let go. However at times a very strong competition might develop between the two. Both have to jointly take the decision about who will lead. Their connection is somewhat different because both have qualities that the other would like to have and hence their companionship is quite palpable. There will be great benefit to the relationship if both these signs are ready to share their experiences.

Capricorns and Cancers naturally and easily form bonds and so enjoy even more the relationship they have with each other. However, there is a distinct possibility that both have this sudden upsurge of competitiveness. If it is family bonds, they are both always very respectful of that and show every kind of cooperation and good positive feelings. This couple are also very successful business partners and not only are able to generate a lot of money, but also status and fame as well. If it is a love relationship that is the focal point, the bonding is just as beautiful; it would of course help if Capricorns show a little more thoughtfulness towards Cancer. Parenthood and childhood is truly an enjoyable experience for both. In the role of parents they are dedicated and children are taught in no uncertain terms to be respectful towards their parents.

The most striking feature about the Capricorn-Cancer relationship is their whole-hearted devotion to each other and mutual pledges to common goals. Beauty and luxury attract both strongly and neither of them quails at having to work hard for what they desire. Their relationship is very compatible because both share responsibility and passion.


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