Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


A Capricorn lays a lot of importance in an outward appearance. They are generally reticent people, even while following the crowd. A Capricorn might sacrifice love for a career, but they are definitely very attached to the family. Patience is yet another to be greatly lauded along with determination. One detrimental factor is that and Capricorns can be shallow and not follow up with what they appear to be. This could be an impediment in their climb up the social ladder. Capricorns have made an art of putting a mask on their true feelings. To some extent they might be rather selfish, but they are definitely not mean. They are a serious bunch and cannot stand an illogical and irrational thought process. To them taking risk is taboo and even when they joke, there is a practical note to them!

Aquarius and Capricorn are Fixed and cardinal signs respectively. Both are extremely stubborn and can dig in their heels and refuse to budge from their point of view. They have certain goal firmly imprinted in their minds and nothing will get them to budge, If there is a certain plan, which according to them will help them to attain their objective , they will keep at it till the goal is achieved. Generation of ideas is their forte and they prefer to hand out the respective assignments. If the Aquarius feels that he has got his fair share of recognition, he will be more than willing to help out the Capricorn. Since both the signs are extremely stubborn, it is very likely that there will be confrontations once in a while. However, once the realization dawns that both are moving towards a common goal, more prominent results are likely to be achieved.

Aquarius is known to be an eccentricand for their natural instinct in shocking people. They are flexible to say the least and are prone to act in a manner people least expect. Intuition is another strong point that they have and it can be uncanny and scary at times. It is also very easy for an Aquarian to become remote and unapproachable all of a sudden. They have theatrical mood swings and can very easily turn into manic depressives. Aquarians are often regarded as genius and eccentric – both. However, speaking rationally, they are a genre of people who live life to the fullest and can easily be regarded as being on par with the best of people around them.

Saturn rules both Capricorn and Aquarius and the latter is also ruled by Uranus. The energy that Saturn possesses is traditional and cool . Progressive thinking is the name of the game and this planet is very objective oriented. Both Aquarius and Capricorn merge their qualities to progressive thinking. Uranus characterizes all things that are definitely not run of the mill. In turn Capricorn will highlight a life that has rationality, organization and comfort. Aquarius is an asset in helping Capricorn to not only stand up for what they believe in, but also dream more.

While Aquarians are very resolute, matters are not taken as seriously by them as the Capricorn. Aquarians are somewhat extreme and tend to enjoy breaking the rules and this give Capricorns quite a shock. Though both these signs seem to be fairly similar, the Aquarius is not quite so judgmental and forms an opinion only based on verifiable facts. This is truly respected by the Capricorn. Astrologically they are not a very good match and appreciation will make their relationship flow a lot easier. If Aquarius and Capricorn combine, the former might turn out to be a little more sensible and the meaning of life is a little more apparent to the Capricorn.

Compromise seems a difficult game to play for both these signs, both being extremely opinionated. Organizations appeals strongly to the Capricorn and they are always looking for opportunities in which that can be applied. Aquarius however finds a set routine extremely tedious. Though Capricorn is undoubtedly impressed by Aquarius, they find it extremely unfulfilling to find some kind of logic in this desultory attitude. Though Aquarius will certainly not like the bullying tendencies they will appreciate the help that Capricorn is extending in helping out with personal issues.

Sometimes Capricorns are so taken up in accomplishing their goals that they miss seeing what the actual truth of the matter is. This can sometimes amount to stupidity and insistence on doing only and just what they want. At times the Aquarius can appear foolish to the Capricorn, but they must also remember that genius and originality often go hand in hand. An Aquarian works on facts and highly intelligent – often surpassing the Capricorn in this regard. If the Capricorn and Aquarius get together, they can lay the foundations of a miraculous relationship.

Aquarius and Capricorn are Air and Earth signs respectively. What the Capricorn looks for is a specific result, while for the Aquarius life is more a random exploration. Though there is an instinctive understanding sometimes, the Capricorn if too regimented can annoy the Aquarius and if the Aquarius drifts off too frequently, an element of conflict will definitely creep in. What both of them need to accept that they have different modes of functioning, but also have a lot to share and learn from each other.

As business partners Aquarius and Capricorn can have a great thing going since Aquarius is logical and creative, while Capricorn is like the backbone of all their ventures. As friends both remain somewhat wary of each other; but as family members their loyalties to each remains without a shred of doubt. Aquarius children are taught the right values by their Capricorn parents. It is the same so far as siblings are concerned – as well as in a love relationship. The match works out better when the man is Capricorn and the woman is Aquarius.

In a romantic alliance Capricorn and Aquarius bring out the best in each other. Aquarius is voracious and overly idealistic. However, the Capricorn is more rational and cautious. It might appear that they are absolutely the opposite of each other, but unbreakable bonds are formed once they are in actual contact with each other.

One of the problems jointly faced by them is their approaches are so different that the other point of view is too weird to even think about. The Aquarian thinks so far ahead that it will take almost double the amount of time to actually reach reality. That is one of the prime reasons that Capricorns tend to think of them as dreamers who are average and do not really have concrete propositions. The Aquarian finds it somewhat of a bore to be part of a Capricorn’s life because he is always grounded and practicality guides his thinking. Their different modes of thinking often result in communication issues between the Capricorn and Aquarius.

Though there are not too many common grounds in these sun signs, their differences are certainly remarkable. The behavior of a Capricorn has a surety; but the manner in which an Aquarius behaves can be shocking or surprising. Their love can be counted as a binding asset, but which also varies from person to person.

The most positive aspect of an Capricorn and Aquarius bonding is that their relationship if formed at all is unbreakable. It will bring enlightenment and joy to both of them. It will be a valid asset – not just for themselves, but for everybody around them.


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