Cancer and Leo Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


A Cancer who is representative of his genre is by and large emotional and soft-spoken. They labour extremely hard and in a determined fashion to be successful – which usually means more to them than money. Though most Cancers do have something of a ‘glad eye’, once they are into a serious relationship, they are very faithful and loving. Cancers most of the time are gentle and perfectly amiable; however, disparagement or being rebuffed is extremely difficult for them to handle – so they take very good care not to traverse that path. Being grounded is absolutely essential to them and so an excess of anything is practically a criminal offense. However, should any family member require financial support, Cancers are never tight-fisted. By nature they are rather possessive and nameless anxieties and worries plague them every once in a while.

Leo and Cancer have a weakness for cosiness and safety on a large scale. An attractive home and close family ties mean a lot to them. Cancer ensures sensitivity and a spirit of nurturing while Leo brings in flamboyance and a certain joie de vivre. If one is to look at this pair, Leo is definitely more vibrant, with a most majestic bearing. As they are both forceful in their own different ways, it is mandatory that both put in an effort comprehension and acceptance of each other.

Leos feel very strongly about everything and have a very pronounced sense of pride. It is essential for them to be in the limelight and the controlling authority over all that is going on; this is simply because it is a direct connection to the faith, empathy and munificence that is typical of them. At the root of this is the bravery and predominantly physical nature of the Leo. Compliments to them are a necessity. Practically every Leo labours very hard because they need to live a king’s lifestyle. This could be tough to imagine, if one catches the Leo taking it easy during leisure hours. However any assignment taken up is executed with so much vim and is fire that everybody around is dumbstruck with surprise. Admiration brings out the best in them; but if that does not happen, there is a terrible rage and arrogance.

The Moon symbolic of emotions and which is very intense is the overlord of Cancer; by contrast the Sun, symbolic of the self and which is bold and glittering rules Leo. It is nurturing that is the focal point of the Moon along with the formation and preserving of emotional connectivity. The Leo radiates vibrancy and of course positive energy as well. When there is the amalgamation of feminine and masculine energy i.e the Moon and Sun, they are able to support and sustain the other in strong and bold terms. The Moon is symbolic of growth and sustenance while the Sun is representative of life. The inherent differences in their natures have to be kept in mind. It is then that their coming together will have a positive effect.

As a pair, both Leo and Cancer are quite outstanding and are supportive of each other under all circumstances. Cancer derives an emotional strength from Leo and in turn fulfils the inner desires of the Leo. The Cancerian sense of humour has a magnetic appeal for the Leo. He wholeheartedly accepts the frequent mood swings that comes alongside. There is a creative compatibility thanks to a mutual love for photography. Thanks to the instinctive accuracy of the Cancer Leos can metamorphose into reality what would otherwise have been mere dreams. There are definitely patches that are rough and stormy, but this couple of Cancer and Leo is one of the most staunch. If the Cancer is to remain at peace, Leos could think about giving them all the chance to take the lead so far as emotions and finances are concerned.

Leo is a Fixed and Cancer a Cardinal sign. If the ambience is stressful, Leos dig their heels in and become extremely prejudicial. Here, Cancer plays a scheming and yet subtle role. While Cancer is usually the one to initiate, Leo is the one responsible for channelizing the energy in such a manner that success is assured. If there is any choice in the matter, the Cancer would like to opt for a grounded and steady life without any need for fame or allure. The Leo is just the opposite and savours all the brouhaha and anything that is new and unplanned. The Cancer and Leo even while at different ends of the spectrum can still be just as passionately devoted to each other. If unfortunately both of them have not made the emotional commitments abundantly clear, a turbulent emotional swing of the pendulum is inevitable. Apparently quiet and sedate, Cancer more often than not turns out to be the controlling partner and manipulative of the boisterous Leo when it is apparently necessary to do so.

The Cancer’s opinion of the Leo’s being careless about finances is contrary to the Leo’s own opinion about being careful and canny about money matters. It breaks Leo’s heart if what they want remains unavailable, but which they consider a necessity. Regarded as excess by Cancer, it is sometimes avoided altogether. A certain genre of Leo pay heed where expenses are concerned and they share an even greater bonding with the Cancer. Though they are essentially very sensitive, Cancers can be responsible for total destruction of the gregarious Leo’s self-confidence over a certain period of time. If the Leo becomes just a tad intolerant about Cancer’s mood swings, it will go a long way in giving Cancer a more balanced outlook. The Cancer could reciprocate by directing the Leo about suggesting the right direction to follow – but, without dampening his spirits.

A romantic bonding between a Cancer and a Leo comes about because both satisfy the emotional needs of the other. Tenderness, caring are fundamental needs for both, but there is a slight difference. Cancer looks for sensitivity and steadfastness, Leo hankers after oodles of admiration and compliments. Both can be excessively faithful – to the point of being overly possessive. Cancer does this because they want safety and Leo in order to maintain their aura of self-confidence. Their sense of commitment is however the same. Since what they want is very akin to each other, both can fill the void that could exist.

Leo and Cancer have a thriving relationship (most of the time) though both are very different from each other. As a matter of fact it is the difference that adds a charm and piquancy to the relationship. Whether as members of the same family, professional colleagues or business associates, there is warmth in the relationship; of course it must be kept in mind that it is the relationship where Leo steps in to savour the limelight where he feels it is necessary. The Leo has to have his ego tickled even where members of his own family are concerned.This is where Cancer steps into the picture, or Cancer just stop being so easy going and considerate. In any business deal that they might enter into together, it works out really well if Leo handles the actual dealings and Cancer takes care of the finances. If he romance between the two is looked into, it is very good, except for the vacillation of the Cancer and ensuring that the Leo is showered with a lot of attention and devotion. As parents, Cancer and Leo, are very responsible and most of the time their children turn out to make their parents proud of them.

Leo and Cancer are Fire and Water signs respectively. What Cancer really desires is safety and being grounded. On the other hand, Leo puts in a great deal of effort to have lots and lots of praise and attention showered on themselves. Although both strongly want the leadership role, this has different meanings for them. A lot of differences can arise because of this. If neither Leo nor Cancer takes the other for granted and there are plenty of reassurances from both sides, the the relationship remains remarkably sturdy.

Both Cancer and Leo should remain within their limits – at the risk of incurring unnecessary hurt. Leo could tone down their superiority complex and the overwhelming desire to always be in the limelight. On the other hand, Cancer could be more emotionally grounded and express themselves more readily. A very good idea for the Cancer would to be live in the present instead of brooding on the past and daydreaming about the future. Once they actually start on this, problems will definitely assume less scary proportions. By nature Leo is not known for patience and the better part of the time Cancer does not like listening to the wise and sagacious Leo because they have a deeply embedded pride. However, at some depth Cancer realizes that there are lessons to be learnt from the Leo partner. In order for the relationship to prosper there should be efforts at learning from both Leo and Cancer.

Leo and Cancer are poles apart. In keeping with the fact that their attitude and are very different, their approach is just as dissimilar so far as careers are concerned and personally too. Cannot bear the egoistical nature of Leo sometimes and Leo in turns finds the moodiness and mood swings of the Cancer intolerable. However, just a little bit of lenience will allow this bonding to flourish.

The most remarkable factor about this bonding is their reciprocal commitment to the other. Jointly, there are very vigorous vibes between the two. They are regarded by the world at large as winners; people comment on their prosperous relationship and their striving for harmony.


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