Cancer and Cancer Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


Cancers are brave and yet money minded. It is emotions, feelings and a far spanning imagination that is in the fore all the time. They are glad and happy when they catch sight of chivalry, grace and nobility in whatever situation. Cancers having a high intellectual level retain a watchful attitude in their professional and personal lives. Cancers are held in high esteem because they are thoughtful and understated; not only do they refrain from harming people, but themselves keep far from any kind of problematic issues. Hypocrisy is positive anathema to this genre of people. They doggedly pitch away at problems and so usually manage to get past all glitches. Any positive event of the past the Cancer often dwells on because it has left a definite impression on their mind. Unfortunately they also tend to brood on past events that have emotionally wounded them and continues to hurt them in present times.

Home is heaven for the Cancer. Once they are safely ensconced inside, the world is not allowed to enter and they remain concerned only with what is his own personal concern. Relationships are affected just as much – this could be in regard to possessions that they treasure or any material comfort. If someone the Cancer loves is in need of any kind of protection, there is never any hesitation. This is one of the greatest assets of a Cancer – willingness to completely devote themselves to the well-being of everyone they consider close. Along with their emotional and liberal natural, there is also a tendency to flare up because of emotional mood-swings. This emotional mood swing could result in hurt feelings, but what is even more dangerous is the subtle manipulation that they are equally good at executing.

When two Cancers get together, it is a virtual treat because sharing is possible without any misunderstanding. It is possible only for a Cancer to soothe and calm down another member of the same sun sign in the language they understand best. There could be petty quarrels, but both are equally adept at calming down the other as both are familiar with their own internal workings. There is a mutual sympathy and frequently there are discussions about potential solutions to problems. However, this happens only when there is sufficient intelligence to realize the errors and thus there is the possibility of rectification instead of making the situation even more complex. Sometimes other friends intervening, brings about a better balance.

Cancer belongs to the genre of a water sign; it is primarily emotions and instinctive intuitive powers that constitute this sign. Alongside sharp and deep intuitive powers is a certain delicacy because members of this sign tend to get hurt very easily. If scared or overwhelmed, they tend to retreat into a shell and become that much more difficult to reach. This could make it a difficult proposition for any other sign, but two Cancers together are appreciative of the need for space and privacy. No insult is intended if Cancers want some time alone. The element of water in their nature is a protective shield for them personally and from all those whom they love from any external harshness.

A relationship between two Cancers features two fundamental issues – stability and the emotional factor as well. This is applicable individually and a pair as well. No matter what the genre of relations – family, acquaintance or colleague, the relationship has to be replete with love and respect and care. They are always ready to stand by each other in good times and bad. In any commercial bonding a couple of Cancers are quite successful because they have a canny sense about money. They tend to excessively cautious and not taking risks easily. This can act as a preventive to any loss which in the long run is likely to prove beneficial for the business. They make a remarkable pair with plenty of love and dependability – but it is the melancholia and mood swings that they have to be careful about ……… Parents with Cancer children have super bonding as there is a lot of nurturing; Cancer children too are generally very compliant.

The romantic bonding between two Cancerians is a very loving and even more emotional affair. There is such closeness between the two that both know instinctively when the other is on a high or low and act accordingly. The unstated pledge to each other brings in a great deal of emotional support. There is a sense of faith in their relationship and camaderie and empathy to individual needs; the home is the ultimate and even more so when they can do away with moping over issues and being manipulative. If their molten and temperamental natures are kept in control, the relationship will mature to an even greater extent.

Though the world at large might assume Cancers are financially stable, they themselves remain largely dissatisfied because of the possibility of any future disaster. A Cancer couple count their pennies, but are just as generous in giving to charities. Unfortunately they are regarded as greedy by a lot of people. Privacy is an extremely important issue to them and loathe the idea of people prying in any way. However, they shower a lot of others and themselves. They become the focal point of attention because of their slighted twisted sense of humour. Sometimes the can becomes quite unconventional too. Emotions have a wide range and are appreciated by the couple involved. This is a common factor between both of them and very strongly too!

Despite not being very lively and being a Cardinal sign. Their emotional reflections are swift; their perceptive powers allow them another avenue of protection when under stress. The Cancer is not at all chary about what exactly they are looking for in their partner. It is an animal instinct to protect their own when any kind of danger threatens the family. Harshness though has a detrimental effect on the Cancer and makes them feel crushed and overwhelmed. Die-hard loyalty is a very strong characteristic, but it could also wipe out their very existence. Both partners have to look at matters from their other halves point of view.

Usually the relationship between two Cancers is easy-flowing, but there are bound to be problems whenever any sense of melancholia or depression creeps in. They become ultrasensitive as they feel they are being forced to contend with a lack of emotional security; a lurking fear of rejection always haunts them. This results in tears and arguments and Cancer constantly worries about the possibility of an imbalance and hence being in the present never leaves them feeling quite comfortable. There has to be a learning art of confidence and relationships. If that happens, they are wondrously sturdy and robust; this is of course until they are hurt again for some reason and they retreat once more. The innate cautious nature of the Cancer can also be helpful because imagination is not at the root of their fears.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon (emotions). This is the primary reason why this zodiac sign is ultra-sensitive to the cyclic rotation of the moon. It is the moon that is the underlying maternal and care giving force. This positive energy creates such and both share an environment that is healthy and perfect for the emergence of a strong bonding.

Both people in this relationship are empathic and tender. Since both have more or less the same qualities, their strong and weak points are the prime focus in any relationship that exists between the two. There is a high degree of sentiment and both share a spirit of nurturing. However, unintentional hurt can be caused by the fact that both can be rather moody at times.

What is most appreciable about this pair is the total dedication of their pledge to each other and the emotional ties shared. Their protection is like a charm in keeping their love safe and always moving towards and maintaining an absolutely fulfilled domesticity.


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