Aries and Aquarius Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


Mutual admiration is the foundation on which Aries-Aquarius relationships are based. While Aquarius loves Aries due to their vigour and creativity, Aries reciprocate due to the uniqueness that belongs to the Aquarian. Though new ideas abound in the Aquarius mind, execution is a little more difficult. Both the signs are fiercely independent; but Aquarius can turn aloof and inaccessible because Aries get a mite too possessive at times. This is done purely out of a spirit of self-preservation. There is undoubtedly a special connect between them their points of view are very different. Aries could become too enmeshed, while Aquarius might turn too erratic for the other.

It so happens that Aries is the one sign that moves ahead of even Aries so far as a natural outpouring is concerned. If both partners take the trouble to reassure the other that the bonding has special value to them, everything will fall into place.

In the emotional ties that are shared between an Aquarius and an Aries, there is an abundance of respect, optimism and appreciation – that is reciprocated in abundance. Their combination is thrilling and amiable, allowing each other plenty of space, while savouring their own personal freedom too. What could be a problem is the Aries finding Aquarius rather insensitive at times.

Aries are very large-hearted and loyal as well as being devoted. Their attractive nature makes people around them envious to the extreme. It is always the next project that causes all the excitement in an Aries. Very typically Aries is whimsical to the extreme. There are intellectual Aries – but then radicalism and extreme religion and politics becomes the focus of their attention. They extend substantial influence on what they are doing. Large projects are taken on, without sparing a thought to the modalities of how they will be executed. People unhesitatingly take advantage of them and they can easily be manipulated, especially in money matters.

Aquarius is an Air and Aries is a Fire sign respectively. Fire is fanned brighter by Aquarius; at the same time Aquarius assists Aries in not only in formulating new plans, but also executing them. Intellectually Aquarius stirs up Aries – in which the other signs are highly unsuccessful. Aries is physically very active while Aquarius partners him where mental prowess is concerned. Aries is sure to have plenty to act on with the suggestions and contributions of Aquarius.

What Aquarius and Aries have in common is a powerful sense of commitment and curiosity to any group of ideas that catches their attention. They keep on at it till they have extracted the last bit of excitement from it or learned whatever they have to from the experience. The past holds no interest for either of these signs. Both Aries and Aquarius have a goal in mind when they start helping each other. When the positivity of the aid is realised, there ought to be a sense of gratitude. The sooner this fundamental truth is learned by both these signs; it will be of benefit to both of them. If this does not happen, negativity can result – there is flitting from one relation to another. The cement that can forge the relationship is not given a chance to bond and unite.

When there is a romantic alliance between an Aries and an Aquarius – coming together of the Aquarian vision and the Arian action makes them a unique and creative power. Their alliance is never static – on the contrary they can push through with an extremely competitive spirit. Life is never dull with them around and both these signs enjoy a very special connect. They are very good friends and can carry on a very amicable conversation. Aquarius and Aries both long for thrills and novel experiences – the more harsh and odd the better. Both these signs are also very good at playing to the gallery.

Aquarians are a very amiable lot and make friends across all walks of life without any problems at all. Falsehood is not part of their make-up and they stand by whatever statement they make. Their mental make-up is such that they are on the veritable brink of lunacy and genius. Life is approached in a singularly different manner and they can achieve just about anything if they put their minds to it. Independence is the panacea of life to them and assisting people is a genuinely enjoyable prospect. Aquarians are cautious while being enthusiastic. Passions are easily controlled. Their mystical touch is quite apparent in financial dealings. Aquarius has marked skills of perception and a psychic ability that is uncanny.

Aries is a Cardinal and Aquarius a Fixed Sign. The impetus to surge ahead instead of just working indoors is the Aries contribution in a Aries-Aquarius relationship. In turn Aries can be helped to stabilize and complete what they take on instead of hopping from one idea to the other. There is an abundance of esteem and deference for each other. This helps to flatten any obstacles along the way.

Both these signs are very well matched. An unstated link between them is a great aid to each other. Even deep in the throes of an argument, both can put an end to any argument in a jiffy and be perfectly in harmony once again. The make-up of Aquarius is such that they can easily handle the whimsical Aries. Both feel that the world does not understand them. This is another common binding factor. Since they are fervent about what they do and are both extremely motivated, they achieve remarkable accomplishments, particular in their careers. Aries is more prone to take risks and hence might take a fall once in a while. However, Aquarius helps them to get back on the right track. There is very great positive potential in any relationship between these two.

Passion that is spearheaded by Mars is the ruling planet of Aries and Saturn and Uranus (Rebellion) is the overlord of Aquarius. Uranus is responsible for the broad-minded vision of Aquarius and Saturn contributes the social conscience and benevolence. Mars has a massive contribution by way of bringing the element of passion to these towering thoughts and ideals.

Though there is no major glitch as such, some minor issues could arise. The thoughts of an Aquarian are very free flowing and Aries might feel a mite too flighty for them. Sometimes Aries truly needs displays of love; this is illogical to an Aquarian and they have no idea of how to demonstrate this. Aries can feel deeply hurt by this. What can create a little distance between the two is freedom, which is essential for an Aquarian and of course the Aries temper which can flare up at any moment. If both take the time to appreciate the strength of the other, a magnificent sojourn is on the cards – that remains ever youthful and full of thrilling adventures and experiences. A couple with this combination lead a full life and achieve a lot too. As a pair Aries and Aquarius are remarkable.

An Aries and an Aquarius have a very different kind of relationship. For them bonds are not obligations, but experiences that are profound and pleasant. They make a perfect alliance – whether as friends, relatives, office mates or neighbours. Conversations between them flow smoothly and if family - the bonds are strong and totally to be depended on. Professional togetherness is just as smooth flowing, but a little extra care has to be taken where financial matters are concerned. So far as romance comes into the picture - in almost every angle, it is smooth sailing. Parenthood is a thoroughly enjoyable experience and the home reflects happiness and joy.

The best aspect of this relationship is to get a lot done when they are together. Fixed Air and Cardinal Fire takes care of all issues. There is vision as well as practice in the relationship.


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