Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


Cancers feel that Aquarians can be quite helpful. Though grounded Cancers are prone to change suddenly and it is somewhat of a difficult proposition to understand them. Aquarians enjoy throwing the Cancers out of kilter, but find it difficult to understand them. It is a foible of Aquarius that they do not like hiding anything from their partners and hence cannot quite comprehend why Cancer has to keep secrets. A vacation or a break becomes necessary when both feel unable to cope with the other’s eccentricities. This refreshes their relationship.

Aquarius and Cancer are Air and Water signs respectively. Life is constant exploration for the Aquarius and a cerebral exercise. Cancer on the other hand is far more grounded and stops every now and then to think about what is going on. Aquarius on the other hand constantly would like to know what else is there. Their respective points of view are difficult to understand and there could be conflicts arising from too casual an attitude of the Aquarius and an ultra-sensitive ambience created by the Cancer. Cancer constantly demands more and more while this only has the effect of pushing the Cancer further and further away. If both these signs can only learn to accept their difference, then they can not only come together, but also celebrate their diversity.

Though both Aquarius and Cancer are outstanding in their own right, there are a lot of inherent differences between them, which makes getting along a tough task. Cancers tend to be a lot more reticent, while Aquarians are a lot more outgoing. There have to be a lot of adjustments if this relationship has to work.

Cancers tend to focus a lot on money and they are very single-minded in whatever they set out to do. Of course it is also a fact that they don’t mind working very hard for the money and possess an endless amount of love and respect for their family. They are very graceful about whatever emotion they express. A leaning towards chivalry genuinely makes them very happy and contented. Whether it is their personal or professional life, they are very vigilant and intelligent. They are by nature empathic and so are greatly treasured by most people around them. The only problems that arise could be from their mood swings and nobody is ever very sure about what to expect – the Cancer could be comic, brooding or even belligerent. Secrecy could pose a serious problem as they will go a long way to preserve what they want to hide. People who do not value money or time are acutely disliked by them.

Aquarius is a Fixed and Cancer a Cardinal sign. Both are dogged about [pursuing their goals until they reach the very end. Having this kind of mentality of perseverance, their relationship is greatly valued. If Aquarius ever finds himself in a spot, they will discover the true worth of the Cancer. Though apparently reticent and retiring, they are very unbending and can dig their heels in. Further, they will unhesitatingly pull emotional strings on the people they love and care about. This can also be an irritant to an Aquarius. However, if there is a common goal in mind, they get along fine.

By nature Aquarians are rebellious and do not like to do whatever everybody else is doing, following social norms of the day. They are very obstinate, but have no problems about accepting change. However, changing their opinions is another kettle of fish altogether and hypocrisy is another element that they have zero level tolerance for. Like a typical social butterfly, an Aquarian has an abundance of acquaintances and friends too. At the same time it must be admitted that they hardly ever verbalize what they genuinely do not mean and stick with their work once they have made a promise. They are very good at calculating what is likely to take place in the future and thus generally achieve brilliant results. As a genre Aquarians are quite brilliant and have well rounded talents. There is no problem at all about going in for a long term relationship; however, it is rather more casual than a relation in accordance with accepted social norms.

Both Aquarius and Cancer are motivated and very goal oriented. Though both want to have their own way, neither likes an open conflict. Cancer is somewhat traditional and prefers the old-fashioned norms. In comparison to Aquarius, morally they are much more conservative. On the contrary, Aquarius takes a very modern attitude and thanks to the rather stodgy attitude of Cancer sometimes almost goes to sleep. Every once in a while dull routine brings great comfort to the Cancer. There could be an element of excitement and mystery that the Cancer feels regarding the Aquarian activities, but sometimes there is also a sense of frustration at trying to keep pace with the thought process of the Aquarius. The solid foundation of the Cancer appeals to the Aquarius, but not the over possessiveness.

In certain arenas Cancer might find it extremely tough to get along with the Aquarius, while in others they end up having a lot of fun. In the family sphere, they have a perfectly amicable relationship. Since both are basically positive people, with a little bit of effort they can work very well together. However, so far as business is concerned, it is not a very good idea because their value system as regards money is very different. But, having a total appreciation for success both are willing to give it a very good shot. A tougher proposition is marriage and a love relationship since their expressions of love are completely different. However, with time such positive feelings can grow and they can become the best of friends. When they become parents Aquarians are good friends with their children – thus making for great smoothness within the family. Cancers are extremely protective.

Saturn (Work Energy) and Uranus (Rebellion) are the rulers of Aquarius; the overlord of Cancer is the Moon (Emotions). Saturn is restrictive, cold and very much a Masculine energy. The Moon on the other hand possesses energy that is glowing and feminine. Uranus focusses on all that is irregular and unusual. Growth and domesticity is the focal point of the Moon, which is concerned with domesticity. Both of these become the focal point in the lives of Cancers. Saturn is concerned with labouring hard and the restraint that is needed for success; Uranus is symbolic of forward thought. This is absolutely appropriate for the Aquarius whose mind is always looking towards the future and are completely unconcerned about all that hard work entails. Cancers impart the need for feminine reactions and bring to the Aquarius home comfort and security. Cancer teaches how to be open while Aquarius imparts the lesson of detachment. If at a point of time the Aquarius gets derailed, they have the uncanny ability to get back on course and reassess goals and values. Though not always cold, the Aquarius could profit by the Moon based influence of Cancer that is feminine and warm.

Cancer does not at all like the inquisitive trend of the Aquarius. There are a great number of secrets that are ferreted out and that are what hurt the privacy and dignity of the Cancer. This makes them distinctly uneasy. The fact that Cancer is very difficult to predict is such an annoyance to Aquarius that there can be serious differences of opinion between them – which in turn is because of their differing temperaments. Both try to coax the other into following them. When Cancer tries to do this, they are usually unsuccessful because Aquarius can also dig in their heels.It must be admitted that sometimes they do give in – which restores the balance in their relationship. Financial security is of prime importance and that never fails to cheer up Cancer because they know they have something to fall back on during tough times.

If a romance comes about between an Aquarius and Pisces, it cannot be anything other than opposites attracting. While in their approach to life Cancer is emotive and passionate Aquarius is more avant-garde and offbeat. Cancer becomes absolutely introspective every now and then; Aquarius is absolutely outgoing and enjoys a vibrant social life. Somehow if a medium is found to adjust both attitudes – true happiness is the result.

Even as the relations between Cancer and Aquarius grow, problems are likely to grow alongside. When the Cancer is feeling melancholic, Aquarius ought to be supportive and help them traverse memory lane when happiness abounded. If there is any desire on the part of the Aquarius for love to truly blossom, Cancer should be spoiled and coddled with a lot of attention. In turn Cancer must also make an effort not to be too pushy or questioning. It will only have the effect of making the Aquarius feeling hemmed in and irritable. If the Aquarius is sometimes absent-minded, Cancer can step in and help to focus on the immediate goal at hand. The Aquarius can be a little selfish at times and forget about the needs of anybody else. At this juncture Cancer can intervene and help them to find a midway path.

When Cancer-Aquarius make the final decision to come together, they are an irrepressible force since two very different energies are combined. Both find their own natural balance and enjoy themselves because of their differences. Love should not be allowed to be frightened away because of any differences.


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