Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


When a bonding is formed between two Aquarius, definitely a lot of cooperation and tolerance will be needed. Intensity is not an issue since both rarely skim below the surface. This sign has a wide range of friends despite the fact that they are always voicing their need for a change – except where their point of view is concerned. They tend to lead a happy go lucky type of life and are quite happy to keep the relations superficial. However, they are extremely intelligent and conversations between them never flag or are boring. Passion does not play a very important role in this relationship – but what remains at an all time high level is the comfort zone, positive responsiveness and etiquette. In the relationship that is shared, lack of jealousy and possessiveness is a very strong positive factor.

Uranus and Saturn rule Aquarius. Far reaching or novel ideas are the domain of Uranus. The Einstein of the zodiac is Aquarius because despite idealistic visions, they can be extreme and very eccentric. The rest of the world often misunderstands and it is regarded simply as brains. At the same time Saturn pushes forth stringent work ethics, responsibility and tenacity. This drives the Aquarian relationship to push through any relationship that might come about.

Rather than emotions, it is chemistry that runs rampant in this relationship; this is because both contain logic and practicality rather than emotions. Both share an understanding and more or less the same goals. The spirit of control is missing because both treasure their independence a great deal. The flip side is that they also share a major part of their negative qualities and so this can give rise to controversy. Both have to put in hard work to make this relationship work. Aquarius keeps both factors in mind – keeping hold of the bonds they share as well as moving surely and single-mindedly towards their goal. The hard patches are made easier thanks to the sense of responsibility and respect that they share. Both realize the importance of giving the other the inspiration of independence. If both devote more time to each other, then there is greater proliferation and growth of strength.

There are good chances of an emotional detachment due to being too independent and cosmopolitan. A lot of the time is spent away from the home and their joint work together in a larger organization is very good. It often happens that this couple has problems in expressing their true emotions or even in detecting what others could be feeling. There are fixed ideas about how others should behave which usually happens to be extremely impersonal. This principle is what makes them greatly respected and very productive.

Aquarius dreams are never run of the mill and they always seem to be trying for the impossible. They never think of looking down and hence are never quite sure of what might going by them. Not in the habit of lying, Aquarians are always straightforward and truthful about what they do or express. They can be said to be teetering on the brink of genius and insanity. They are quite capable of achieving whatever they set their minds on and their way of thinking is very different from the way the average people think.The Aquarius are a very social genre of people and very independent at the same time. They can push past all limits – the goals being practical or not.

Aquarius being a Fixed Sign, this couple can be very productive as well as very determined. There is productive contribution of ideas from both partners towards achieving a shared goal. There could however be clashes because of differences between two strong opinions. Neither can stand the people who do not share their zeal for progress.

Their unpredictable nature might not matter much initially, but at later moments it can be the cause of discord. Their appearance of compatibility is very skin deep and this primarily due to their being impulsive and fickle. There is a tendency to flit like social butterflies. The social life can get so hectic that both might not be left with any time for each other.

If some kind of a compromise is made, then the bonds can not only strengthen, but also be one of the most fulfilling amongst all the zodiac signs. The problem both face in truly communicating with each other makes it a superficial relationship and there is an acute lack of in depth emotions. There is practicality and logic, but true emotional bonding is just not there. This is equally applicable to both the people in the partnership.

Being an Air sign battling with new ideas and facing issues with new vim and vigour is a natural reaction to them. This also has the effect of making them brim over with self-confidence and assurance; ultimately the fall-out could be a growing sense of physical and emotional detachment between them. However, in most respect they are a very good team and can conversation flows smoothly between them. However, this intimacy does take a lot of effort and then there is also a marked cold indifference towards those who are banal and mundane.

There is a doubling of fun and excitement where both these signs are concerned and they can share every kind of relationship. There is shared enjoyment in each other’s company. As parents Aquarians are particularly outstanding because the interest they take in any activity of their children is a bright beacon. As business partners they are also good, but it is even better if the interests happen to be the same. As lovers or marital partners they can have differences of opinion, but their calm nature usually manages to sort out problems.

What is positive about humanity is focused on when romance blossoms between two Aquarians. There is a general feeling of loving to also help others and generate feelings of joy and good will. These people are social by nature and they work best under pressure. Their camraderie invokes jealousy amongst their acquaintances and friends. Both together enjoy discussions about latest trends and news.

Though the styles might be different, the Aquarians share a common ideology and interests. Their friendship is just as important to them as any other aspect of a relationship that they might share. Invention and enthusiasm are names of the game. Friends and fun go together wherever they happen to be. The company they enjoy is always exciting and novel. Aquarius places great importance on a relationship where there is social interaction as well as mental compatibility.

The high-point of this relationship is the novel ideas that are constantly being brought in. Innovations and reforms are a mainstay in whatever activity they undertake. If both the people keep in mind the romance and spice that characterize their relationship, their bonding also becomes an asset to the community.


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