Janam Kundli

A ‘Janam kundli’ or birth chart is the natal chart of an individual’s life. it is prepared taking the place date and time of birth of an individual. The chart has various signs and planets, the moon and the Sun positioned in various places. A kundli prediction has a detailed analysis of all the events in life and all about the person.


A Kundli is a diagram of your past, present, and future. To understand every major event and milestone beforehand we can look at our kundli. Our behavior, character, traits, our relationships and your career are all depicted in our kundli chart. A Kundli has all the answers one could ever want to know about their future. Free Horoscope Predictions can assist you to know about your current time today and what you could be facing tomorrow, all this may benefit even the most confident individuals. Every low and high, every small and big event is all are represented in your kundli in order that you needn’t worry about your future in the least.

Birth Details

Free Kundli

One of the common misconceptions about our kundli is that it provides solutions to unfavorable situations in our life. For instance, astrologers may advise certain Vedic rituals and remedies to be performed or a kind of gemstone be worn to subdue the undesirable impact of the planets in one’s chart. Such should not be done looking at one aspect alone. For such advice, speak to a learned astrologer. The belief people had in astrology has declined over the years, especially as compared to before. Earlier, Astrology was considered to be a science, almost like astronomy, alchemy, meteorology, and medicine. However, the scientific community has since stopped acknowledging it as a science, best considered to be a pseudoscience. There are many studies conducted over the years with the goal to permit astronomers to defend their field; however, no research outcome has been ready to prove that there's any truth beyond pure chance in astronomy.


Kundli, also referred to as Horoscope is an instrument that's utilized in astronomy. Kundli and Horoscope also are called "Natal Chart" astrological chart, birth chart, astro-chart, or celestial map.

Why Kundli is required?

At Birthastro, this is a dedicated software of online Kundli is made available to you free of cost. You will get your detailed natal chart, your Ascendant report, Moon sign and other Nakshatra predictions.
You need to have your correct birth of time, date of birth and place to get you online

Through proper Kundli making, an expert astrologer can help you to understand your situation and lead a better life.

Kundli helps you:

- Understand your "Self", your strengths & weakness.
- It tells you about your career and may suggest you to choose the profession according to your planet placements.
- It tells you about your life partner or married life and your life partner's characteristics.
- It can guide you regarding worldly deals.
- It provides you the information regarding your wealth, education, friends, enemies, and diseases.
- A Kundli can be a snapshot of your life, career, marriage, nature, life events, health, etc.

Methods used to make a Kundli

There are different methods of casting the horoscope however North Indian method is most generally used and therefore the South Indian method is more prevalent in Southern parts of India.

1. North Indian System

2. South Indian System

12 Houses of Bhavas in Astrology

First House - Ascendant

The first house represents the Ascendant or the Lagna. This is the quadrant that gives us details of the character and characteristics of the person. The rising star at the time of the birth located in this house becomes the ascendant of the person. You can know a lot of details about the nature of the person. Our looks, health, body constitution, and appearances are determined by our ‘lagna’ or ascendant. It represents the head portion of our body.

The ascendant is influenced by the planets that sit in these houses. We can see the kundli and identify and pre-empt problems and find solutions for them. Our efforts, fame courage are all determined by this house.

Second House

The second house determines our face. How we will speak, determines which family we come from, our traditions, our earning ability, the jewelry, our imagination, memory power, ability to be an orator, whether we are truthful or speak false statements, our power of observation, we possess, our eating habits, power of observation, our facial beauty, our bank balance depending on the family we are born in. the second house stands for our tongue, cheek, chin, nose, and teeth.

Third House

The third house determines our siblings, cousins, courage, valor, communication skills, physical and mental coordination, and our travels in life. This house stands for our hands, throat, shoulder, back, collar bone, arms, nervous system etc.

Fourth House

The fourth house represents our home, mother, emotions, properties both movable and immovable, our education, our childhood, wisdom, domestic environment, heart, and chest. If there are good planets in the fourth house we will be happy.

Fifth House

The fifth house represents creativity, children, past life tendencies, recreation, love affairs, courtship, romance, artistic talents, tastes and fancies, interest in religion, wisdom. This stands for our waist, stomach, and pancreas. What our past life is having an influence on our present. How spiritual a person is can be determined by the fifth house.

Sixth House

The sixth house represents the diseases, loans, competition, enmity, dietary habits, employees, servants, industries, public health, separation from partners, pets, etc. The sixth house stands for our lower abdomen, intestines, etc.

Seventh House

The seventh house represents our marriage, life partners, business partners, contracts and dealings, foreign affairs, public image, etc. This stands for our reproductive organs. The seventh house does represent death as well.

Eighth House

Eight house throws light on our cause of death, legacy, will, insurance, inheritance, psychic talents, history, scandals, theft, flood, fire, famine, drought, accidents, the approximate age of our life, etc. This stands for our excretory organs, scrotum etc.

Ninth House

This represents luck, teacher, father, spirituality, long-distance travels, higher learning, and charity. The ninth house represents our thighs.

Tenth House

The tenth house represents our career and its direction, superiors, government, name fame, etc. This stands for our knees. This is the means of our livelihood.

Eleventh House

This represents monetary gains, unearned wealth through profits, well-wishers, elder brothers, uncles, admirers, daughter-in-law, unearned wealth through profits, opportunities etc.

Twelfth House

This house represents losses, sleep, dreams, intoxications, higher consciousness, imprisonment, foreign travels and stay, expenses, wastage, misfortune, inferiority complex, fear etc. This stands for the feet part of our body.

How to Get Free Janam Kundli?

The most prevailing way of making Janam Kundli is to go to some Vedic astrologer and ask him to build one. Astrologers use their knowledge to construct the Vedic Kundali and charge some fee for it. But with the advancement in technology, there are several websites where you can make free Kundali online. Online Kundali making is a very profitable business for astrologers also as their cost of setting up this business is much lower than that of the offline one. Hindi Kundli is prepared for most of the purposes but you can get Kundli in English also.
Birthastro is the most appropriate website where you can get your free Kundli. Birthastro not only provides the exact kundli and planetary positions, in addition to this, they provide personality traits of the person and predictions related to wealth, lucky stone, health, education and travelling etc.
Free Kundli is not developed by any astrologer but it is constructed using free Kundli software. The Kundli making software provides an edge over human astrologers in the fact that they can never have any human error which plays a very significant role in Kundli making and matching. Even a slight error can lead to a very different prediction which in turn may spoil the life of the person.

How to Use Free Janam Kundli Software?

Our online Horoscope Software gives an in depth analysis of your life supported by your birth chart instantly. You will receive your complete Vedic Astrology report with precise predictions. By reading a Horoscope, one can predict numerous life events and details from birth to death.

Online Janam Kundli Software is straightforward to form read, and understand. All you would like is to place the proper information in the relevant information boxes and drop downs and click on on the submit button.

Kundli prediction has its roots back from the Vedic era. We've made sure that our free Kundli chart does every justice to giving you a clear picture about your life.

How to Get Free Janam Kundli?

Many astrologers make your kundli and charge you a fee for it. We believe in giving our users the best experience when they visit our website. This Website page provide a free online kundli generating software which helps you get this information free of cost. Once you have your kundli we can advise you on the planetary positions, and details of your chart.

What Details you will Get from Your Kundli?

The main details which are mentioned in the Kundali are the positions of various heavenly bodies and planets which are normally not interpretable by common people. But astrologers can use this information to predict a lot about your future. Even free Kundali reading online is also available on many websites. Kundli matching is the most important part while checking the astrological compatibility during the marriage. Even several websites provide online Kundali match free. Kundali horoscope can also be deduced by the Vedic birth Kundli. Most of the free softwares construct only partial Vedic birth Kundli and to make complete Kundali, you may have to pay some charge.

Other Applications of Kundli

Apart from Vedic horoscope, Vedic Kundali patrika can be used for many other purposes. Astrologers can also find doshas in someone’s Kundali and suggest measures accordingly. Doshas are some faults due to unwanted positions of one or more planets. These doshas are believed to bring bad luck and astrologers suggest many specific upay which are used to eliminate these doshas. Kundli can be used to predict the personality of anyone and their future career aspects where they are likely to excel and much more. Even Kundli can also predict how our health is going to be in the future so that we can be careful about it.


What is Janam Kundli?

‘Janam kundli’ is your natal chart. It is prepared to take the place date and time of birth of an individual. The chart has various signs and planets, the moon and the Sun positioned in various places. A kundli prediction has a detailed analysis of all the events in life and all about the person.

How can I make my Kundli free?

Our free Kundli Making Software on our page enables you to make your kundli so you can consult a learned astrologer. Once you enter the relevant fields you can click on The Get your Horoscope bar so your kundli will get displayed

Can Kundli predict the future?

Your kundli is a snapshot of your life now and in the future. Your kundli cannot predict every minute detail in your life. It gives you an overview of the various aspects of your life and how planetary positions affect your future. It can help you understand the scientific, logical, and spiritual aspects that are going to govern your life.

Where can I get free astrology?

All our free software will give an analysis of various planetary and Vedic aspects.

How can I check my Kundli online?

You can check your kundli online by entering your place of birth, time of birth, and date of birth on our website https://www.birthastro.com

How can I know my kundli? How can I get Kundli?

You can take a print of your kundli, and analyze it. You consult a learned astrologer for any suggestions and remedies. You can access this in our Free Kundli Making Software.

Can your birthday predict your future?

Your date of birth along with your time of birth can give you a snapshot of your life events. Your birthday along with the time of birth indicates the planetary positions at the time of your birth. This determines your ascendant sign, Nakshatra, your Yoga, etc. The planetary positions indicate what family you are born in, what the future holds, your education, career, health, married life, old age, etc. Your kundli is the blueprint of your life.

Which is the most accurate Kundli software?

If you want to check the accuracy of the software you can check with a learned astrologer once you get the result.

You can be sure that Birthastro gives you the best results for your kundli.

What horoscope site is best?

Our website is extensive, cohesive and holistic. If you are looking for:

• Consistent reports

• Free Software for reports and charts

• Extensive information

• Accurate forecasts

• Personal touch with experts

Birthastro is the best website for astrology.

Is online astrology true?

The online software helps you get a result online. In earlier days, the astrologer would manually calculate the chart based on the date and time of birth. You can also check your horoscope. But, now this is all automated. With a click of a button, all the data gets fed into a mechanism and results are given.

The only difference being the personal touch with the astrologer is missing and deep interpretations is what the astrologer will understand

Is Birthastro free?

We provide you an extensive range of free services so you can have access to your charts. Most of the reports you can download free of cost. Some of the detailed reports are at a charge.