Personality and Characteristics of Chinese Zodiac sign

General Characteristics

Snake people are supposed to be most intuitive and determined to achieve their goals and dislike to fail. They tend to act as per their own judgments, even while remaining the most reticent and private. Snake represent the symbol of wisdom. They are wise and intelligent and good at communication, however say little. That’s why they are regarded as great thinkers. Since they prefer to work alone, hence get stressed easily. In this time, it is best to allow them their own space and time to return to normal.

Personality and Characteristics

Possessing the sixth position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Snake symbolizes such character qualities as intelligence, beauty and realism. With regards to choice making, Snakes are amazingly logical and accordingly, they don't hop into circumstances. They are successful at getting the things they need, regardless of the fact that it implies they need to plan and plot along the way.

Snakes are extremely materialistic animals; wanting to encompass themselves with the finest that life brings to the table. This is particularly apparent in the home, where rich decorations and environment help Snakes look for the peace they require so as to flourish. Snakes are exceptionally inventive and to a great degree determined.

Jobs and Career for Snake

Snakes do work hard, however they tend to be job hoppers as they turn out to be effectively exhausted. Their passion and dedication for work paved way for a bright future. Their quiet laid-back state of mind causes them to be erroneously categorized as slackers; however nothing could be further from reality. The great profession decisions for Snakes include: researcher, expert, painter, analyst, potter, dietician, jeweler, astrologer, magician, scientist and sociologist.

Relationships with Snake

Snakes are magnificent seducers so they never experience difficulty drawing in others. But, they'll be the ones to choose when a relationship has potential and when it doesn't. Once they've picked a partner, a Snake's unstable side will start to appear on the other side. Snakes guards their picked accomplices much like a prized belonging, getting to be envious and even over the top. Snakes like to remain quiet about their emotions.

How healthy Snake are?

Snakes lean toward carrying on with a life of serenity, inclining toward quietness over clamor and a sensible workload instead of a timetable that is excessively reserved. Snakes turn out to be effortlessly pushed when their lives aren't tranquil or all together. This way of life can shorten the life of a snake to a great extent.

Lucky things for Snake

Lucky Color: Yellow, Red and Black

Lucky Numbers: 2, 8 and 9

Lucky Directions: East, west and southwest

Effect of five elements on the personality of Snake

Metal- Determined, gutsy, certain, and a born pioneer.

Water- Clever, imaginative, energetic, and informative, yet wistful.

Wood- Orderly, clever, with a present for welcoming human expressions and a refined taste.

Fire- Smart, canny, informative, dynamic, and enamored with the spotlight.

Earth- Calm, with solid discretion, yet not resolute and sufficiently persevering in work.

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