Personality and Characteristics of Chinese Zodiac sign

General Characteristics

Among all the zodiac signs, Goat symbolizes altruism and female persona. Individual who born under this zodiac sign are generally believed to be amicable, sympathetic, stable, shy and brimming with a better sense of justice and kindheartedness. You are likely to be fashionable and refined, like charming and quiet social settings like art museum or little restaurant. They have strong creativity, delicate thoughts and perseverance and attained professional skills. Though, they seem gentle on the surface, they are tough on the inside and always insisting on their opinion in their minds.

Personality and Characteristics

Goat is the eighth zodiac sign in Chinese astrology. The year of the goat include 1919, 1931, 1943 and 1955 and so on. They have special sensitivity to beauty and art and a special fondness for peaceful living. According to nature, they are gentle, wise and compassionate and can cope with circumspectly and business cautiously. In their day-to-day life, they try to be economical. They strive hard to take good care of others; however they must avoid hesitation and pessimism.

They love to be in groups but never want to be the center of attention. Being the quiet and reserved, they love to spend time in their thoughts. Goats like to spend their money on stylish and elegant things that offer them a first class appearance. They are dreamers, sometimes becomes hesitant, pessimistic and over anxious worriers. Due to their faltering nature, they like to well-built the esoteric to know more about the unknown.

Jobs and Career for Goats

Goats usually prefer to work in a team. Instead the goat will make a good craftsmanship or artist or writer and can confidently take up any career demanding creativities and artistic talents. Good career choices for them are illustrator, musician, editor, hair stylist, interior designer, daycare teacher, florist and pediatrician etc.

Relationships with Goats

Goat people are very sensitive, romantic, sweet and darling. When they are in relationship, they could be sometimes a little bit lazy and bossy. Due to their caring and gentle nature, it will be hard to resist goat. They are insecure and need to feel protected and loved.

How healthy Goats are?

Individuals born in the year of Goat are very calm and serene. Thus, they tend to have fewer faith problems. If goat people are in emotional and mental good spirits, it must have positive effect on their physical health. They must have a regular schedule for meals and keep their waking and sleep times consistent.

Lucky things for Goats

Lucky Color: Purple, Red and brown

Lucky Numbers: 2, 7 and the number containing 2 and 7

Lucky Directions: North

Effect of five elements on the personality of Goats

Metal- Motivated and kind hearted with a strong sense of responsibility in work, sometimes too stubborn.

Water- Always prepared to help others and can give up their own interests for others.

Wood- Gentle, amicable and passionate.

Fire- Honest, frank and always making everything tidy and clean.

Earth- Straightforward, righteous, sincere and will never harm their friends.

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