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Vedic Horoscope 2022


2022 Sagittarius Vedic Horoscope

Sagittarius Vedic Horoscope 2022


In Sanskrit, Sagittarius is known as “Dhanu.” In the zodiac signs list, Sagittarius is at number 9. Above this, it is also known as the sign of an archer & its key element is fire. The ruler of this sign is Jupiter which is the mentor of the universe.

This year is going to bring many progressions and bigger changes for the people who belong to the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

For Sagittarians, this year in their career life will be going to give you mixed results. There are possibilities to grow higher at the workplace as Mars will influence your first house at the beginning of the year.

Talking about your financial status, it can be said, as per the Vedic horoscope, this year will be fruitful for you, as this year will open many resources for you to get money. But be careful with your expenses from the beginning of the year.

We can say that people who belong to the Sagittarius zodiac sign are loyal to their relationship with their friends and families. This nature will be going to make a Sagittarian love life better than the average one. But all you need to do is make yourself calm and composed while having a conversation with your beloved; otherwise, it will mend some differences between you two.

If we talk about the family environment, their favourable planetary ruler, Mars, will bring peace and prosperity to the family. Those natives who are understudies need to consider more honesty and dedication to perform well in the assessment and great secure marks.

Sagittarius Vedic Horoscope 2022: Financial Life

Discussing the financial aspects of Sagittarians, your Vedic horoscope predicts, this year 2022 will be positive. Although the journey of your planetary ruler Mars in Sagittarius in January will fortify your kind of revenue, you are recommended to control your expenditure. Otherwise, you will face some big financial crises.

In the period from April onwards, you will get immense success in getting your money from various sources. Particularly, the government sector area will play an important role with the same concern because both the planets will angle your 10th place of specialists.

During this period, you need to avoid all sorts of illegal adventures, and in any case, there can be mental pressure. Other than this, there are huge chances to get unexpected money advantages because of the transition of Mercury in your 10th house in August and September.

After this, you are advised to control your expenses over the most recent two months (November and December) since your 11th house ruler will be in their own home and afterwards will travel through the twelfth house and Lagna during this period.

Sagittarius Vedic Horoscope 2022: Health Life

For Sagittarians, this year, you will experience some positivity considering your health. However, the existence of Saturn in your second home will make you go through some minor medical issues but not critically. You will not be supposed to face any major and serious problem due to that.

It is suggested, as per your Vedic astrology report, from the middle of April month till the end of June, you must take some time for yourself from your busy work schedule.

As your twelfth house lordship, Mars will view your place of illnesses and mother, as she might face some health-related problems that create mental stress for you during this period. Other than this, the travel of Venus in your 6th house, the place of sicknesses, may place you in issues because of disease in the period from June to August.

If you drive any vehicle, it is suggested to be extra careful in November and December, as there are chances to face some mishap due to the presence of mars in your 6th house during that time. Nonetheless, leaving all these small issues aside, this year will be favourable for your health.

Sagittarius Vedic Horoscope 2022: Career Life

For all Sagittarians, who are concerned with their career life, the year 2022 will give you mixed results. In the beginning months, Mars will be making its position in your zodiac house, which ultimately helps in your growth at the workspace.

In the period from mid-April- September, you will conquer everything you indulge yourself in. Moreover, you will get all the appreciation from your seniors in your workspace.

After October, you quite possibly visit abroad, which would be favourable for you because the 12th house lord of a foreign land will be in your 7th house of travel. Meanwhile, you will be supposed to make new contacts and get success in terms of earning.

Your last phase of the year will give you an immense opportunity to get success, and for all business concerned people, this time will be rewarding for you.

Sagittarius Vedic Horoscope 2022: Education Life

As per Vedic astrology reports, this year will give the best results in the education field. In the beginning, you will get good marks in studies as the lord of studies will be in your 4th and 5th house.

However, after June till August, you may face some problems in your studies and so will not be able to focus on your studies, but it is advised not to lose hope and patience.

The last months of September-November will give great results for the students who are pursuing higher education. As the 12th lord of competition and examination will influence your sign. If you are likely to study abroad, you may get some good news in this aspect.

Sagittarius Vedic Horoscope 2022: Married Life

In the year 2022, the married life of Sagittarian will be average. The appearance of Mars in your zodiac and the sun's co-exist with Saturn in Capricorn will try to make the distance between you and your partner from January till mid-February. To avoid this situation, try to have a conversation with your partner and keep yourself calm and composed.

However, the problem won’t last as per the astrology, the period from June to July, the feeling of love and adoration will return as the 7th house lord will be transiting on its own in July.

The last phase of the year will surely bring happiness and love, care in your married life, as Jupiter will be present in your 4th house. Some people might visit some holy place with their spouse.

Sagittarius Vedic Horoscope 2022: Family Life

Due to some family disputes, you need to be extra careful with your mental health at the beginning month of the year. It may happen because of the influence of Mars in your 4th house of domestic comfort. 2022 will bring peace and prosperity to Sagittarians family life and sort all problems running in the family for a longer period.

On the same, the mars in your 7th house will sort all things in a short period. Some family members may part their ways due to the transit of Saturn in its zodiac sign-Aquarius, in April. And undoubtedly, this will increase the stress level, and you can feel alone.

But all these will not stay for longer as Jupiter will impact your 4th house, which keeps your bond stronger with your family. And you will spend some quality time with your family and your kids even more.

Sagittarius Vedic Horoscope 2022: Love Life

The love life of Sagittarius is going to be fruitful, and they may have the chance to tie the knot with their beloved as the house lord will influence your marriage house twice this year.

Though, the existence of mars in your 1st house will cause some clashes with your lover at the beginning of the year. This situation may emotionally break you and cause problems for your partner, so you should be positive about your behaviour.

Above this, you will wish to take your partner to a beautiful place and sort all your two issues. All such small efforts will deepen your relationship from February till mid-April. However, you should be careful with the 3rd person’s interference in your love life as it may spoil your relationship.

Lastly, you may decide to let your family interact with your partner in the last quarter of the year. In this time, some people might get approval from their families, and their love relations will reach heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

As your career will get mixed results this year, it is suggested that jobseekers hold some patience and attempt more opportunities. And you will surely get success since this year is favourable to you.

This year will undoubtedly be fruitful for you, as the transit to Mars in January will strengthen your financial status. But it would be best if you kept an eye on your expenses. Otherwise, you will face some financial loss.

Apart from some minor health issues, this year will be smooth for you in terms of health. And if you are over-concerned with this, add turmeric to your bathing water. This remedy will help you to get rid of health-related problems.