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Planet Combustion

Planet Combustion

In astrology, studying planet combustion is of primary importance. If we don't think about them, we might not accurately identify the advantages and undesirable outcomes of their presence in your horoscope. How a planet's combustion occurs depends on its specific and asymmetrical location.

We are all aware the sun's rise brings hope to the world, and when it sets, it signals the beginning of darkness. In the same way, the presence of an explosive planet is a sign of trouble since it loses its power and causes a decrease in its functions. In this blog, we'll discover more about combustible solar systems and their impacts.

There is a reason why the sun is the supreme of all planets. His impact is extremely significant, and, consequently, any planet that gets closer to the sun loses its energy and natural elements and is referred to as the burning of an entire planet. The influence of the explosive planet is diminished despite its existence in the highest position or Mooltrikona sign, etc.

In reality, the planet is close to the sun within a certain degree and gets obscured by its light, and as a result, it's not visible to the horizon. Its primary objective is lost and is referred to as planetary combustion.

This is precisely why the combustion of the planets in the horoscope isn't considered a sign of good fortune because the planet is unable to fulfil its task on time, and one must confront various difficulties in life. In addition, if the planet in which the fire is emitted is in a weak spot or a debilitated state or comes into contact with a sinful planet, it is more negative.

What happens When a Planet Gets Combust?

In the horoscope, when the planet is located close to the sun within 8 degrees, the planet is considered combusting. There are different planets with various degrees of combustion, and each one is unique in its effects:


When Mercury is in combust; the person is vulnerable while making demands. The self is equated as a speech-making entity and is hurt and resentful when requests are ignored. After a while, the person is irritated and not fulfilled, anger and resentment start to manifest. They usually cannot express their wishes and desires more clearly by hints or in-jokes.

Combust Mercury presents the most issues in relationships with people, in which clear communication of desires and needs is essential to maintain harmony. It is also essential in business situations where money is required to be asked for. When Mercury is in a combustion state, the person is angry because they cannot sustain an equitable exchange with other people.


When Venus is in combust the person may be drawn to beauty or creativity. A man's chart may lead him to become extremely creative and attractive. He might marry a beautiful woman but discover that a portion of the potential in love and love has been lost. He may work tirelessly and believe that if he shines sufficiently in what he does, he'll eventually find the perfect love and affection he desires.

Therefore, the general tendency to be in a state of combustion is that the external characteristics of Venus are often quite obvious; however, the inner manifestation of these attributes is diminished. The Venus that is combusting in transit is not exactly the Venus in your birth chart, but it is Venus that is floating through the sky. It can affect all of the world.

It is a time for showing love and affection to others. This is the time to connect with people and express kindness, compassion, love to charm, friendship, and love. One negative aspect of this effect is that it may result in a tendency to show these amazing characteristics more externally, yet not getting to the real heart of the character.

This can lead to an attitude that emphasises the external appearance over the true essence. A bit of self-reflection can help combat this tendency and make the combust phase of Venus an exciting, relaxing, and enjoyable time of creativity.


The combustion of Saturn, is completed at a temperature of 15 degrees. If Saturn is combusted, the person thinks that they can achieve any goal at any time. Because of their ego, they don't spend a lot of effort or time on their tasks. Saturn is combustible when it is within 15 degrees on both sides from the sun.

While it is true that a planet that goes through a combustion will surely lose some of its power, however, the amount of strength it will lose is contingent on various aspects of a horoscope and isn't decided by the combustion just.

If it is positive in nature, the conjunction of the sun and combustion Saturn in the 10th house of the chart under the constellation of Capricorn could bless the native with positive outcomes in the areas of marriage or profession as well as fame, authority, and other positive outcomes based on the overall vibe of his horoscope.


Mars gets combusted within 17 degrees. At this point, the Martians get physical and mental breakdown. This is why they are able to live in a bubble, where they can beat any person in the world. Mars is a symbol of strength and fighting and anger in us as well as courage, willpower and the principle of discipline. When Mars is in combust, it displays excessive aggressiveness.

Combust Mars feels frustrated as it isn't powerful, tough, or brave enough. The person is extremely sensitive and argumentative and is prone to having a "win at any cost" attitude. The relationships with brothers are also affected. One person may not treat your brother respectfully, and the brother may get angry at you.


The combustion of Jupiter is completed within the range of 11 degrees. When Saturn is combusted, their self-confidence is enough to start believing that they can be the best in the world with no assistance or advice. Jupiter symbolises faith, morality, money, wisdom, luck, and higher education. It also represents husbands in the women's birth chart, children, imagination, spirituality, religion, and spiritualism. Jupiter is a significant planet since it influences the many aspects of our lives.

If Jupiter is in a state of combustion, the person is affected in numerous aspects of their lives. People may feel depressed because of a lack of faith and a feeling of unworthiness and insecurity. The person becomes strict in his beliefs and very doctrinaire. The person may have problems with children, marriage, higher education, and even in the field of finance.

Effects of Combustion on the Zodiac Signs

In the realm of astrology, the combustion of planets can have profound effects on the life of people living in the area. Particularly when you are hoping for good outcomes from any planet and when the planet is in a state of combustion, it can impede your tasks and create challenges that affect your day-to-day activities.

The level of combustion on each planet's state is determined by location and distance to the sun. The closer any planet is to the sun, the more negative effects.

When a planet explodes the atmosphere, it loses its strength and unique properties. In houses controlled by the planet and where it is located, the effect is diminished, or the results are delayed for the houses. For instance, if Mars occurs to be in a weak place in Aries, there is a chance one could be angry but could be a coward as well.

However, when Jupiter is located in a weak spot within the 5th house in the horoscope, then there is a chance that one will not be able to apply their knowledge positively and could face challenges in love and education. In addition, they may encounter problems when blessed with children.

In this way, If the Lord who rules the fourth house becomes weaker and is put in the eighth or the sixth house of the horoscope, then these people are not able to enjoy the comforts with regards to their property and vehicles, and their mother may also be faced with various difficulties.

The burning of every planet is a sign of its weak spot. If the planet is located in its zodiac signs, Mooltrikona sign, or exalted sign, this reduces the impact of their influence. If the lords ruling these three houses, i.e., sixth, eighth, and 12th combust or the combust planets, are within these houses, the inhabitants are blessed with prosperity, peace, and tranquillity.

Frequently Asked Questions

If it does that the planet is getting closer to the sun in a more secure way, distance is likely to weaken because the sun could be able to burn some of its energy out. This planet, which is losing some of its power due to its proximity to the sun, is called the combustible planet.

Yes. The weakness caused by combustion causes low and high tides in life. These tides require astral energy for the planets to help them fight.

The typical maximum of the influence of transit is about four months when the axis of Rahu/Ketu is stationary.

Yes. A debilitated Sun may cause burning.

If two of them, the sun and the Combust world, are benefic planets connected, it is important to consider their roles as the gods in the houses they govern. The meanings of both these houses will be thriving and linked to each other, except temporary malefic effects of transits that will affect the combustion world greater than that of the sun.