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Pisces Scorpio Compatibility

Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility

Your sun sign is Pisces
Your partner sun sign is Scorpio
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Pisces                 Scorpio

Match Percentage  83%

Both Scorpio and Pisces have personalities with key matching features that make them perfect for each other. 

Scorpio tends to be extremely passionate as a personality and driven by emotions. It can make them extremely irrational and bound to outbursts that many other personalities wouldn't understand. 

However, this is where Pisces is so effective as a personality because they understand the core of Scorpio. A Pisces is probably the only zodiac sign that can understand their inner turmoil, making them bond with each other. Both sides will require adjustment for this relationship to be successful.

The compatibility of Scorpio and Pisces is incredibly high and will prove fruitful to each other.

Pisces and Scorpio Love Compatibility

Love is the necessary emotion that is built on top of all the other features of zodiac signs. Let's go over the features of their relationship and see what makes their love so strong-

Sexually they both will immediately feel a strong connection physically. However, their emotional needs for sex are quite different and will need a little bit of adjustment to be extremely strong. Once they make those changes love will blossom, and their intimacy will improve.

When it comes to values, both will connect with each other because they fit into their imagination. The idyllic image of one another will prove to be the necessary push for their relationship to become even stronger. It will create infatuation, helping them get through some of the rough stages of relationships.

Emotionally Scorpio will never meet any other personality who understands them better. Both will fall in love with one another because they emotionally understand one another. They cannot hurt each other because they see the real emotion in one another.

Even their trust problems are a form of love, and possessive behaviour will bring them closer. Their love compatibility with each other is incredibly strong, and they will fall deeply for another one.

Pisces and Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

Scorpio and Pisces are extremely sexual in nature, but the way they approach things are fairly different. Scorpios tend to be fairly driven by their sexual nature, but they also struggle to be true to their nature. An individual of the zodiac sign can have sexual attributes of either a beast or the virgin Mary. However, regardless of their past nature, when they expel sexual energy, it can be quite rough for Pisces.  

Pisces is a sign of eccentric sexual deviance and repression that might scare any other zodiac sign. On the surface, they might seem quite fragile, but they hold greater strength than many might assume. 

When they both get deep into the sexual activities, there are quite a lot of differences between them-

Scorpio is fairly unfazed by any sensuality and the wide imagination Pisces tries to integrate. They would rather get into the physical act with not that much foreplay and more energetic action. At the same time, Pisces has a highly imaginative personality and finds physical pleasure by building stories around it.

For their sexual compatibility to be extremely high, they need to find common ground in it. Scorpio cannot change Pisces as an individual; subsequently, they need to give in to their more feminine and imaginative side. The future of their sexual future depends upon Scorpio's willingness to change their personality.

Pisces and Scorpio Frienship Compatibility

Pisces and Scorpio Trust and Communication Compatibility

Scorpio is a personality that tends to be suspicious and controlling of their partner. They have severe Trust issues, constantly fighting over little things that mean nothing. One thing that keeps them close to one another is the ever-present need for the perfect love. They are hopelessly romantic in nature, and that creates trust between them. 

However, due to their need for pure love, they can immediately walk out of their relationship if dishonesty is present. They have put their relationship to such a high bar that none of them can manage to pass through. Pisces needs to stay realistic about relationships, and Scorpio needs to relax with mistrusting eyes.

The conversation between Scorpio and Pisces is like a fight in a cage match where one is bound to get hurt. There is no room for normal talk or conversations that are balanced in nature. Scorpio will be excessively aggressive with Pisces, and there is kindness in their approach. 

At the same time, Pisces will be sensitive that even a minor miscommunication can set them off badly. A healthy dynamic where there is a healthy discourse and exchange of ideas is not possible between these two.

If they can calm down, the Trust and Communication between Scorpio and Pisces will be high. 

Pisces and Scorpio Emotions Compatibility

Scorpio's value system is of a person who is extremely realistic, idealistic and determined by sheer strength. They search and adopt value systems of revolutionaries fighting for equitable justice in society. Pisces personality is of great sensitivity and caring about the world through empathy.

They both will find some form of connection and shared love for one another on the common values. Pisces likes to live in a world of fiction intermixed with reality. They will see Scorpio as a knight in the shining armour born to save them. Pisces will mold the Scorpion into their dream hero, further enhancing their relationship. 

Emotionally Pisces has incredible insight into the Scorpio's mind state and understands who they are. The zodiac sign's intuitive nature will help them see through the hard shell that Scorpio puts on. Another reason they both connect emotionally with each other is because of their strong water element. 

Even if Scorpio wants to hurt Pisces emotionally, their energy will quickly dissipate in front of them. The bond between these two will be extremely beautiful and refreshing for them.

In terms of Values and Emotions, compatibility will be extremely high, and they will flow within each other.

Pisces and Scorpio Relationship Compatibility


Pisces is a zodiac sign with emotion and imagination out of the world. They live in a fairytale world that is quite complex and intricately woven to internalize the world. To win the heart of a Pisces, you need to be part of their imagination. The best you can do is gauge their wants and tailor yourself towards them.

Pisces are highly intuitive personalities and can detect the deeply emotional aspects of people. They are so good at seeing through the faces of Scorpio and seeing their real selves. Pisces are deeply connected to the universe and gain energy from their surroundings.

Scorpios tend to be highly emotional as individuals, making them assertive and confident. However, their whole persona of confidence is an artifice built to hide their deep insecurities. When Scorpios meet somebody they love, it brings anxiety and panic. This is a negative aspect of their personality that they need to let go of to be in healthy relationships.

As a Pisces gaining intimacy with Scorpio can be quite a difficult and intimidating task. They need first to let Scorpio be themselves instead of immediately steering towards your ways. Scorpio has to be slowly guided towards being intimate and connecting with their sensitivity.

Yes. Scorpio and Pisces can be soulmates because of their deep emotional connection with each other. Having similar values gives them far more longevity in the relationship and builds strong connections. However, the trust factor is a big issue they need to fix before their relationship can be truly fixed and sorted.