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Pisces Cancer Compatibility

Pisces and Cancer Compatibility

Your sun sign is Pisces
Your partner sun sign is Cancer
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Pisces                 Cancer

Match Percentage  78%

Cancer and Pisces form a truly vindictive match, and they are immediately attracted to one another. The first interaction is all it takes for them to get attracted to their partner. After that, they form an emotionally rich bond and are naturally nourishing to one another. If they can put in a bit of effort and change certain aspects of their personalities, they can become an ideal pair. 

Both Cancers and Pisces are known to be emotional and intuitive, and they tend to care about their near and dear ones, and they do everything in their power to make them happy and keep them satiated. This is one of the main reasons why Pisces and Cancer bond with each other immediately. 

The main challenge that the couple faces is that Pisces tries their level best to hide their dynamic nature and prioritize different types of love in their lives. If Pisces doesn't receive sexual and sensual love from their partners, they will rarely be satiated with the love they receive from their partners. Since Cancer finds themselves depressed without a family, it can lead to a distancing of the couples. To create a balance, the Cancers must offer their Pisces partners some incentive to build a family of their own. 

Pisces and Cancer Love Compatibility

Both these water signs can easily overlook each other's flaws, and they are both very compassionate and considerate. Cancers have a practical mind, and they offer their Pisces partners a path to fulfil their idealistic dreams. 

They form an extremely effective match, and both the partners create an ineffective understanding over time. As time passes, their bond grows more robust, and they become more and more comfortable with one another. 

But their difference in perspectives in terms of contentment can be a significant drawback in their relationship. The Crabs look for stability, and they find comfort in their daily routines, whereas Pisces are adventurous and love to be surprised in life. As a result, Pisces are always searching for a new mystery or adventure, and they can't live a monotonous life.

So if the duo wants to create a working relationship, they need to strike a balance and make sure that it is affordable for both partners. Cancers generally encourage their Pisces to speak their minds in case of a disagreement. But they also expect that the words that come out of their mouths match their actions. So in case Pisces says something and does something else, then it may not bode well for the couple. The main reason why this couple may drift apart is the cancers tend to suffocate their Pisces partners with constant pressure and demands. 

Pisces and Cancer Sexual Compatibility

Cancer and Pisces are always romantically attracted to one another, and their sexual connection is built on emotions. Pisces are generally kinky, and Cancers look for something more tender. But they have enough feelings to enrich their sexual relationship. 

Cancers can help bring the required intimacy into their sex lives and offer to mean to their lives. Pisces, on the other hand, can fill it with creativity and inspiration and sensuality. Cancers generally nurture their partners, care about their pleasures, and offer them a healthy and safe approach to sex. The main attraction in this relationship is the deep emotions they share and cherish and their respect for each other. 

The only issue that arises in their sex lives is the differences in thought processes when it comes to sex. Cancer is traditional, and Pisces partners are never able to comprehend this trait. Pisces are more sensual, and they require boundless love in their relationship. But in most cases, their delicate nature can help to inspire their Cancer partners to let go of their rigid nature and shame that can help them have a hot and steamy sex life. 

Pisces and Cancer Frienship Compatibility

Pisces and Cancer Trust and Communication Compatibility

Cancers are usually not very aggressive or pushy, which helps their Pisces partners stay loyal to them. However, if Pisces feel that their Cancer partners are trying to create intimacy or a happy home, they could respond to dishonesty. 

Pisces are generally not all in for the concept of marriage, and they don't partake in a fairy tale ending. Still, on the other hand, Cancers always look for the perfect wedding and the most loving relationship. So, at some point, Pisces may feel pressured and start creating a distance with their Cancer partners. 

When Pisces is intimidated, they refrain from the truth and feel the need to create a distance. But it is good that Cancer understands their partner's nature, and they can separate lies from intimacy. But in most cases, these pairs have enough patience to create a trusting relationship that will last for a lifetime. 

Due to their dynamic nature, Pisces always tend to have something to talk about, and they can both inspire and irritate Cancer with their need to share information and knowledge with their partners. Therefore, Cancer generally prioritizes partners who have clarity in life and offer a practical aspect in everything they mention. 

They can create an excellent and harmonious relationship with one another if Pisces can be more silent and rely on their feelings. However, as Cancer is an opposing sign, their partner's actions must follow their words. 

Pisces and Cancer Emotions Compatibility

Cancers understand Pisces' sensitive nature as they are also an emotional sign of the zodiac. But everything generally has a negative note in Pisces world, and Cancers can feel this that helps them offer compassion to their partners. When they have a perfect understanding of one another, the Pisces partner can offer absolute tenderness to their partners and open up to them. 

When these pairs find the true meaning of their relationship and can find a shared point of intimacy, it can fuel their fairytale endings. The main difference between this couple comes with their values in life. Even though both values are loved and cared for, Cancers look for a more emotionally stable partner and a cosy home to share. On the other hand, Pisces prefer emotional rollercoasters. And even though Pisces tend to idealize their partners, their lives get boring with a beautiful love life that is thrilling and adventurous. They tend to run away at the first sense of a dull and monotonous lifestyle.

Pisces and Cancer Relationship Compatibility


Pisces and Cancer and  have a great match, and they tend to understand each other very well. They tend to overlook each other's flaws and accept their partners for who they are. Pisces are natural martyrs, and they can not only offer commitment when they genuinely fall in love with their Cancer partners, but they can also offer the love and affection they care for. They form the perfect pair as long as Cancer doesn't burden their Pisces partner with their demands and as long as the Pisces doesn't keep their feelings to themselves. 

Cancers are self-driven, and they are incredibly homely. So they take the first chance to settle down with their partners. On the other hand, Pisces are always looking for adventure and tend to carve their paths. But irrespective of their differences, their emotions attract each other, and once they fall in love, it is tough for this pair to drift apart. 

Cancers and Pisces are both water signs, and this helps to create a special connection between them. They are both extraordinarily compassionate and intuitive, and nature and they share deep emotions. They also have a relatively soft heart and are incredibly loyal to one another. 

Both Pisces and Cancers are emotional as they are both water signs and are driven by sensitivity and intuition. But Cancers tend to be more expressive, whereas Pisces tend to be more sensitive. Their similarities in nature tend to understand each other very well, which helps them build a strong bond. 

Both being water signs attract each other. They are both highly compassionate to their near and dear ones and can go to any extent to keep them happy and protect them. Both of them have a soft nature and are loyal to each other, and their deep connection over emotions also tends to attract them towards one another.