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Aquarius Cancer Compatibility

Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility

Your sun sign is Aquarius
Your partner sun sign is Cancer
aquarius match cancer
Aquarius                 Cancer

Match Percentage  25%

Cancers and Aquarius both care about the people they are committed to and extremely loyal to their partners. In certain aspects, this pair helps to complete each other. For example, cancers help Aquarius connect their softer side with affection and compassion, whereas Aquarius helps inspire Cancers to love themselves.
These zodiacs generally do not form a very conventional pair, and they might have a very difficult relationship. But they can find certain attractive aspects in their relationship and can form a connection that they can build on. So even though they are completely different from each other, there might be an undeniable link between them.

But their relationship will never be void of hurdles and hardships, and it will be very hard for them to cope with each other and form a harmonious relationship. 

Aquarius and Cancer Love Compatibility

Some couples are just not meant to be with one another, and in most scenarios, this is the case with Cancer and Aquarius couples. Cancers are overtly emotional beings, and they have an affectionate, nurturing and traditional nature. Whereas Aquarius are logical, intellectual and unconventional, and they require freedom in their relationship. 

In most cases, several incompatible zodiacs can find their way through their differences. Still, when it comes to the crab and the water bearer, they generally have a really hard time coping with one another. The main issue with this couple is that they don't understand each other, and there might be no chemistry between them. 

When looking at the basic differences between these two zodiac signs, we can see that Cancer is a cardinal earth sign, whereas Aquarius is a fixed air sign. So Cancers can easily embrace changes, and they tend to stay in touch with their feelings for others and are known to be initiators. But, on the other hand, whereas Aquarius tends to be fixed on their goals, they only move forward once they have succeeded.

Aquarius and Cancer Sexual Compatibility

A sexual relationship between a Cancer and Aquarius leads to stress. Cancers are known for their sensitive and emotional nature governed by the Moon, and thus they can easily create distance with their partners if they feel the need to create strong boundaries. 

On the other hand, Aquarius is known to be innovators, but they are a pretty fixed sign simultaneously, and thus they are set in their ways. 

In most cases, when the Cancer partners are scared that their Aquarius partners will not be able to mould themselves based on their partner's needs, the Cancers generally create boundaries. This is because Aquarius is filled with energy, and they need to ground it, and one of the ways to ground their energy is through sex. But Cancers, on the other hand, are not very convinced with the situation, and they feel that they only need to have an emotional bonding with their partners. 

But if Aquarius can slow themselves down and Cancers can bring down their boundaries, they have an exciting sexual experience together. They can form a perfect match if they can get over their shortcomings as Cancers will help offer tenderness and emotions, and Aquarius will help keep up with exciting sex life. 

Aquarius and Cancer Frienship Compatibility

Aquarius and Cancer Trust and Communication Compatibility

Cancers are extremely loyal to their partners, and they respect honesty in a relationship. The only time they don't share everything with their partners is when they are scared of their aggressive reactions or start hurting from inside out. 

In most cases, the overly sensitive crabs find it difficult to see their feelings with Aquarius, leading to trust issues between them. Aquarius have a very liberal nature which their Cancer partners do not understand. But one of the most complicated aspects of their relationship is that both are strictly against lying to their partners but still do not trust each other enough to share their feelings. 

Intellectually speaking, Cancers and Aquarius can join activities as Cancers are sensitive enough to pay attention to every detail when Aquarius fails to do so. When they are together, they can help each other to succeed with their grand ideas. But the main issue remains that they have trouble communicating with one another as they don't have a great deal of understanding between them. 

Mars rules cancers, and even though it is one of the fastest heavenly bodies, they are not very fast when reading between the lines. Aquarius generally find it difficult to express their innermost feelings, and Cancers can't read their minds.

The only way they can have a guaranteed relationship is if Aquarius can see their Cancer partners as an adventure that needs to be explored. This helps to offer them enough space to explore each other and influence various aspects of the relationship. 

Aquarius and Cancer Emotions Compatibility

Aquarius has an unconventional nature, whereas Cancers require peace, which is hard for them to reconcile. Aquarius are generally rebellious, and the cosy and homely Cancers are disturbed by their nature. Aquarius can stress up their lives, and they can offer too much information that might seem overwhelming to them. Aquarius are fond of a fast-paced life, whereas cancers look for something subtle and deep empathy. 

The way this pair expresses their love is completely different from one another, but they are both family-centric, so it can easily be based on kids and family. Cancers are predestined to be family-centric, and thus when they come in a relationship with Aquarius, they can take up all the responsibilities. 

In most cases, when this pair falls in love, they try to build on it. However, Aquarius takes it as a challenge and tries to understand their partners' love and stability. 

Cancers value knowledge but not as much as Aquarius, But this can help form a connection between them. If they can nurture this bond and set apart their other differences, they can pave a long-term path for their relationship and eventually help it grow. 

Cancers value stability and intimacy, whereas Aquarius values freedom and intellect, so certain differences between them might be very hard to overcome. Still, if they have true feelings for one another, they will try their best to break the boundaries and stay together. 

Aquarius and Cancer Relationship Compatibility


Aquarius and Cancer generally do not make a very compatible couple. They are poles apart, and they have several hardships to stay together. But both the signs are extremely committed and loyal to one another, so if they can find common ground like their family-centric natures, they can hold on to their relationships and help them flourish. 

Cancers can be hopelessly attracted to Aquarius, but Aquarius doesn't feel the same way, and thus this creates an extremely toxic equation when it comes to satisfying each other's needs.  

Cancers and Aquarius have completely different beliefs in life. Even though they are always worried about taking care of their loved ones, the need for freedom and intellect becomes a turn-off point for Cancers when it comes to a relationship. 

Cancers have a higher developed intuition than Aquarius, and Aquarius aloof nature initially tends to attract them most mysteriously, but generally, they tend to drift apart with time. 

Cancers and Aquarius have an extremely incompatible sex life. They cannot seem to understand each other's needs, and until Aquarius can slow down and change according to their partner's needs, it may be very hard for them to have a satisfying sex life.