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marriage-alliance Another bunch of questions that are very frequent to say the least are questions about buying vehicles or property. Both are expensive propositions and financial stability – both of the individual and the family are involved. This is particularly so in metropolitan areas, which is far more status conscious. A lot of them ask me questions like :-

- Will my property ever fetch me money by way of rent?
- When will it be possible to sell my property?
- Where will my future property be located?
- What will the standing of the property be?
- Will I be able to retrieve my stolen vehicle?
- Will my vehicle ever be stolen?
- Will it be possible to successfully claim insurance on my vehicle?
- Will I be able to afford a luxury car or will it be an economy one?
- Will I actually be able to purchase a vehicle or property?
- Will I be able to afford cash to make a downright payment or will ?
- Can I get another bit of property or vehicle?
- Will my property be commercial property?

If these factors are preying on your mind, then just contact and let us start the ball rolling! Should inordinate delays be troubling you, then get going – if you come to me I will suggest easy and very much doable remedies – that won't burn a very deep hole in your pockets. Once you know the correct time to make a start on these issues, you will be able to achieve what you want without too much of an effort.

Get a report especially tailor-made for you; it will be created only after analysing your horoscope and seeing what is best suited to you in every way. There is no associated negativity that will trouble you later on – you can relax about total safety.

Special prayers, incantations or wearing of gems – make a choice of whatever is most convenient for you. A Yagna can be organized specially for you or you can have it done by some pundit of your own choice.

Delivered: Phone or by email – as per client convenience.
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