Marriage Or Matrimonial Alliance

marriage-alliance In a nutshell what this all important word "Marriage" is all about? Yes, you are an adult and surely know the dictionary meaning. However, there is a slightly different point of view prevalent in the west about this institution. Itis a growing belief that the desire to live together coupled with some kind of emotional bonding suffices. The need for a formal ceremony is not always there. In India the outlook is slightly different. Down the ages there has been a firm belief that it not just two individuals that get married – the two respective families also come to be fused in an alliance.

A few words more about this august institution - since marriage as we see it is an union of two souls, it is extremely important that the right connection is made and only those who are truly meant to be husband and wife are united. In the course of the ceremony, when the priest or the pundit utters aloud the sacred chants or words, it concentrates the psychological maturity and thus brings about a better ambience for this new and important step in life that is to be taken. Once the marriage has been solemnised such strong bonds have been forged that even if circumstances force the couple to stay at physical distance for a while, it does not make any difference at all to their feelings for each other.

Astrology is not a cut and dry profession. A visit to will allow you to choose among the various astrological services offered, a total and precise analysis of your Horoscope. This will give a new dimension to your marital happiness and conjugal life. Certain elements have to matched and compared using methods that have come down to us through the ages, from one generation to the other. Thus you can take a gigantic leap forward in deciding whether or not you and your intended 'significant other' are meant for each other.

Speaking from experience, one question that crops up – usually right at the start is – When will I get married?

The answers that you will get in are simple and uncomplicated. Usually between 24 – 28 is believed to be the perfect age to get married. Of course in this instance the legal bindings also have to be taken into consideration. If we take India as an example – for a girl, the legally permissible age is 18; a boy has to have attained at least 21 years of age. It is of course not mandatory to happiness in a marriage that if the marriage takes place when the partners are beyond the 'ideal age' for marriage, they will not be joyous.

Suppose you want to know at length about all the nitty gritties of your marital life and all the hurdles and glitches have a look at! There are suggestions not just to warn you of what might happen, but also suggest remedies which will help you sail through any bad patches. The remedies are not expensive – because to juggle finances is difficult. It will help if you know what is the best time to get married; the compiled Marriage Report will detail your romances and also give you pointers about the future. Whatever question you ask will be answered to your satisfaction.

Another very common question that is asked is – Why is it taking me such a long time to find a suitable partner?

There is a likelihood that some problems might arise if the marriage is delayed to a large extent. What are some of the issues that might arise out of a late marriage?

If you are to think logically and calmly, you yourself will realise that getting along or fitting in with each other's life style becomes that much more difficult. After all, you have become used to living in a certain way and keeping to a certain kind of routine. Mutual acceptance could become difficult. A late marriage usually results in an age gap – if there is no understanding, generation gap could rear its ugly head. Child birth could become another problem. It is not just conception that could be a problem, but also having a problem free pregnancy and giving birth to a healthy child.

Astrology can help you to successfully overcome all problems associated with a late marriage. You will feel that a good compatibility will make your marital life overflow with happiness.

If you are worried about your prospective marriage or have questions to ask – why not try Kundali or Horoscope matching? Positive energies that are so important are brought to the fore. You will even find an answer to a question like whether an arranged marriage or a love match is in store for you.

Horoscope matching is not restricted to the pinpointing of Milan and Mangalik Dosh. There are five fundamental points that play a vital role :-

- Good health plays a vital factor. It is important that both – the girl and the boy should be free from any debilitating disease or any major looming accident.
- Mentality of the partners concerned. A compatible wavelength is very important. If both are hot-tempered, quarrels will abound and there are very good chances of a separation.
- Longevity is another vital factor. If there is a wide gap, then it does not make much sense to proceed.
- A tendency or propensity to separate could turn out to be another crucial factor. If such a sign is present in either horoscope, it could mean a slow march towards the dreaded divorce.
- The promise of progeny: There should be the promise of at least one child – whether male or female; or else it is not truly a good match.

Merely consulting a good astrologer will not dig out the problem from the very roots and uproot them totally. It then becomes that much more easy to bring about positive changes in a troubled marriage and offer solutions that will actually work.

Some other questions that are often asked are ---

- Is there any chance that my engagement will ultimately not result in marriage?
- Does my husband/to be husband have any hidden mistress or is he having affairs elsewhere too?
- Is there any likelihood of a divorce?
- Is remarriage written on the cards for me?
- Will I remain a spinster/bachelor throughout my life?
- Am I likely to get involved in a lot of pre-marital affairs?

This site offers you remedies – like Poojas (or worship following particular norms) and of course taking recourse to the effect gemstones are likely to have. The latter will bring about a correct perspective and certain prayers performed in a certain manner will prevent evil spirits from taking possession and also negate the malefic effect of planets.

What is of essence is astrological help be sought at the right time. This will nip in the bud all negativity from the very outstart. You will be given an absolutely personalized report that is affordable and not difficult to perform. Another concern that will be redressed – any remedy is safe and has no side effects that will trouble you.

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