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marriage-alliance On completion of academics, any young man or woman starts looking for a job that will win him name and may be fame too. In short almost everybody wants a fruitful and positive career. It must be admitted that what he does or the business he chooses to follow depends largely on the kind of background he hails from, contacts and educational qualifications etc. Sometimes the situation such is such that a person has to cry halt to education midway and opt for whatever jobs he get. There is no choice because there are personal obligations and commitments that cannot be ignored – at any cost. If there is lack of confidence, that tends to grow and there is bound to come a point when he starts sliding in a downward direction. In a similar situation some of the questions that I have to field are:

- In order to be successful, what profession should I opt for?
- Should I give up my job and opt for some kind of business?
- Is there a better job in store for me?
- Are the chances of promotion good for me?
- What kind of job will I get next?
- Should I get out of business and instead start working somewhere?
- Are there chances of a transfer for me?
- Will my business venture be successful?
- When will I get a good job?
- Is there really any need for a job change for me?
- When is a favourable time to invest in my new venture?
- I have been suspended from my job. Are there any chances at all that I will get it back?

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