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Durga Ashtami - 13th October 2021 ( Wednesday ) 

Navratri is the auspicious time for religious work. Durga Ashtami is the 8th day of Navratri. Durga Ashtami is also celebrated every month and it is known as Masik Durga Ashtami. Durga Ashtami is the day when people break their fast of Navratri and give Bhog to young girls. Giving Bhog and gifts to young girls is known as Kanya Pujan. Kanya pujan is mainly done on Durga ashtami but some people do it on Navami which is the ninth day of navaratri. It is belief that Durga Ashtami is the best time for Kanya Pujan. The pooja of durga ashtami is very important. People worship Maha Gauri on Durga Ashtami. Maha Gauri is the wife of lord Shiva and the mother of lord Ganesha. Worshipping of Maha Gauri makes everyone free from their sins. Durga Ashtami is also very important in the view of Tantra-Mantra. People try to chant mantras on this day and try to get Siddhi on any kind of mantra.

Some Mantras for Durga Ashtami

1. Om Maha Gaurya Namah.

2. Om Navnidhi Gauri Mahadevarya Namah

Vidhi of Puja on Durga Ashtami

People should get up early in the morning. They should bath and wear clean clothes. Then they should decorate the idol of goddess durga. They should decorate it with new clothes and all weapons. Then read this mantra, “Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu, Shakti Rupenu Sansthita. Namas Tasye Namas Tasye Namas Tasye Namo Namah.” Then offer flowers and sweets to the idol. They should do Aarti with Diya and Kapoor, at last and follow all the rituals. People should offer Halwa and Kheer to goddess and then should distribute the Prasad among family members.


Kanya Pujan

First of all, they should complete the worshipping of goddess. Then they should offer the Prasad and save it for Kanya. First they should invite nine girls who are the significance of Durga’s nine forms. Then they should clean the feet of girls and apply Aalta on their feet. After that, they should give this Prasad to the girls as Bhog. After that, they should give gifts or Dakshina to these girls and take blessings from them. All the girls’ age should be in between of 2-12 years age group. According to Hindu Shastra, Kanya Pujan is very auspicious. According to Hindu belief, Kanyas or girls are the Roop of goddess Durga , therefore people worship Kanyas on Navratri too.  

Durga Ashtami is the day of power and peace. People should worship the source of Shakti on Navratri days. Durga Ashtami is a great day and people should try to get blessings from goddess Durga.

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