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"29 March, 2020 Panchang for New Delhi, India".

Panchang in Hindu Astrology or Indian Vedic soothsaying is a kind of Hindu Almanac. Actually it signifies "Five Limbs (parts)". It is a prophetic journal that gives valuable mysterious data required by a celestial prophet. It is counseled for finding and choosing a proper and promising time for critical events, functions or activities like marriage, instruction, travel, beginning new business or undertaking, examination, meet and so on.

In this way, fundamentally, Panchang is utilized to coordinate the present position of planets with the position of planets in a man's visionary graph in order to discover and if required, to look forward to discover prophetically great days and times for that individual. It is an antiquated technique to synchronize our activities with great circumstances in order to decrease hindrances and increment our odds for progress. As such, it helps in realizing what days and times are useful for an individual and which ones may cause issues to stay away from them. Plainly Panchang is a useful and useful utilization of Indian Vedic soothsaying and with its assistance; we can know the nature and nature of any day ahead of time. The conviction is that time is a vitality having one of a kind qualities which can be gotten control over for our far reaching change.


New Delhi , India
28:36N, 77:12E
Sunday, 29 March, 2020
Panchang for New Delhi, India
Sunrise 06:16 Sunset 18:35
Moonrise Moonset
Sunsign Meena Moonsign Vrishabha
Inauspicious Period
Dur Muhurat 16:57 - 17:46 Varjyam None
Rahu kalam 17:03 - 18:35 Gulika Kalam 15:31 - 17:03
Yamaganda 12:26 - 13:58    
Auspicious Period
Amrit Kaal 12:39 - 14:24
Lunar Month
Shaka Samvat 1942 Sharvari Chandramasa Chaitra - Amanta
Chaitra - Purnimanta
Vikram Samvat 2077 Pramathi    
    Paksha Shukla Paksha
Tithi, Nakshatra, Karna, Yoga
Tithi Panchami till 26:00+ Nakshatra Krittika till 15:17
First Karana Bava till 13:12
Second Karana Balava till 26:00+ Yoga Priti till 18:17

Purpose for Panchang

Panchanga is a prepared instructional booklet. With the assistance of Panchanga soothsayers figure the sidereal development of planets, the correct time of shrouds, the days on which individuals ought to watch fasts, the days for religious celebrations and yatras (journeys) and the favorable time or muhurata for exercises like starting and shutting business endeavors, relational unions and all the sixteen samskaras et cetera, and in addition for watching burial service rituals and shraadh, the unique functions for the left. Panchanga depends on profoundly exact numerical estimations on an exact moment level.

Why take after Panchang

The possibility of panchang's utility is at base the old conviction or the law of nature as per which each activity brings an equivalent and inverse response. In this way, when we act in agreement with our condition, our condition thus practices an amicable effect on us. The product of acting in such form is the making of amicability, peace and security in our lives. Thinking about that time is an inestimable asset, the information of panchang empowers one to comprehend the nature of a specific minute or time and in this manner help one to live tuned in to nature or time.

How is Panchang Calculated?

Hindu Panchang is an antiquated Indian Calendar framework in light of Astrological actualities and galactic information. Counts are done in view of the position and development of the planets, stars, nakshatra and groups of stars. The real throwing of a Panchang includes expand numerical work including abnormal state of circular geometry and sound comprehension of cosmic marvels, for example, sidereal developments of eminent bodies. The counts in the Panchang are utilized to decide the best or promising vaar, tithis, yogas, nakshatras and karan ordinarily called the Muhurat, for doing different exercises like vivahmuhurat or marriage, grihapravesh, beginning a puja and so on. Indeed, even ayurvedic cures and herbs when regulated under a specific nakshatra are best. The Panchangam/Ephemeris is additionally a readymade control that gives us the dates of vital hindu celebrations, every day nakshatras and Moon's travel. A Panchang gives the correct time when a specific errand can be embraced to receive most extreme rewards.

The time between two back to back sun rises is the Solar day and the time between two successive moon rises is Lunar Day or Tithi. The panchang measures time in lunar months whose names depend on stars and groups of stars. The new moon is called "Amavasya" and it introduces the new month. The main fortnight of the full moon is known as Shuklapaksha or "the brilliant half" as the moon waxes; while the dull half fortnight of the month is called Krishna paksha amid which the moon disappears. Poornima marks the finish of Shuklapaksha.

Is Panchang a need?

A Panchang tells about the five components – Tithi, Vaar, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karan. Any new pursuit began on a shubhtithi/muhurat will bring success, a deed done on the correct day of the week – shubhvaar will upgrade life span. Any deed done on a day with a positive star or shubhnakshatra will demolish a wide range of sick impacts on the individual; maladies will vanish if deeds are performed during a period of shubh yoga and goals will be accomplished without obstacles if began amid a shubhkaran.

Panchang is an online mysterious journal, in view of arrangement of planets in the zodiac, day by day moon position and nakshatra. Panchang is an antiquated science that encourages in knowing when to synchronize your activities with great circumstances and causes you increment your odds for progress. It is a prepared reckoner to comprehend what days and times are beneficial for you, and which ones may cause issues. It is antiquated Vedic crystal gazing connected to the down to earth needs of your everyday life.